This video was designed to inform new AEG users of the basic initial set up of AEG guns. This includes what to look for when you first open up your brand new airsoft electric gun. This includes battery charge times, and what to do do if your gearbox or mech box locks up. It also tells you how to use different types of AEG magazines. For diagrams of how airsoft guns work, please visit our diagrams page. To prevent malfuncitons and problems with your airsoft guns, be sure to maintain them regularly. Check out our maintenance page for more information.

Gun does not cycle, and makes a clicking sound
First, make sure that your battery is charged FULLY. Whenever a gun starts shooting slower in terms of rate of fire, and trigger response. STOP, and recharge the battery. Continued use of the depleted battery will result in a condition known as a locked gearbox. The internal mechanisms are engaged halfway, and are stuck. This means that the motor cannot move the gears to engage the firing mechanism. Sometimes, fully charging the battery will give it enough juice to unlock the gearbox, allowing it to break free from the stuck position. However, if it does not work in the first few attempts, stop. Never hold the trigger for more than one second when trying to use a battery to unlock the gearbox as it may burn out the fuse. The next easiest thing to try is to move up to a higher voltage battery to see if the extra torque generated from the motor will be enough to release the gears. A Lithium Polymer battery will work well for this. Please keep in mind, this technique is a last resort technique and is NOT covered under warranty. If the gun is covered under warranty, contact our support department to send it back!

Pressing trigger with no response?
1. First, inspect the motor, has it overheated? If the motor has overheated, please allow the unit to cool sufficiently. If not ( Fig 1 ), try a different battery, preferably a known fully charged battery. If you can detect resistance within the motor like it's trying to turn or can hear faint humming noises, disconnect the battery immediately to prevent further damage to the AEG.
2. If motor diagnostic turned up negative, like the motor was dead. Please check the battery connections( Fig 2 ) and motor connections ( Fig 3 ). Also check the fuse and see if it has burned out. ( Fig 4 ).
3. If the fuse appears to be good, remove the fuse, and connect both leads directly to each other, bypassing the fuse entirely. This will tell you if you have a bad fuse, even if it's not visible.
4. If everything checks out from above and it is still "dead". Then there could be other problems inside the AEG. Contact our support department for repairs.
Airsoft M4 HandleAirsoft M4 Battery
Airsoft AEG MotorAirsoft AEG Electric Fuse
This video will show you how to adjust your motor engagement on your airsoft AEG gun rifle. We show you different motor adjustment screw positions for various airsoft guns. It also shows how to remedy basic problems like loose motor plates and general adjustment to ensure optimum performance of your airsoft electric gun.

This video is designed to show you how to fix a loose selector switch or select fire on your airsoft AK47 or AK74 airsoft electric gun. This is a common problem with airsoft AK variants and is very easy to fix yourself.

My AK style AEG has a loose selector switch
A common problem with AK style AEGs is that their selector switches become loose either from the factory, or from use. This is normal, and for most cases, it is a simple fix. First, locate the selector switch screw cap, at the pivot point on the selector switch. (1) Next, pry off the cap, it is made out of plastic, make sure not to break it! (2) After that, Locate the screw (3), and tighten it down. (4) Be careful when doing this. Make sure the selector switch is aligned in whatever position it is stuck on. For example, if the gun is on semi-auto, and cannot be put into safe or full auto, set the selector switch to the semi-auto position (all the way down). Be extra careful since there is a bearing that you can strip if done wrong. Afterwards, just put the cap back on, and you're done!

1. Use the unjamming tools that came with you gun. Insert it into the barrel (Fig 5 )and push gently until the jammed BB comes loose. Note: Barrel does not need to be removed from gun before unjamming BB. Afterwards reverse the tool and attach a clean strip of cloth, spray lubricant/cleaners on the cloth and then insert into barrel to clear dust or dirt from the barrel (Fig 6). Spray some silicone through it and wipe residuals one more time.
2. Don't use any poor quality BB's, especially in tight bore barrels!
3. If the AEG still will not feed or fire. There could be a problem inside the unit or maybe in the gearbox. If you are new to Airsoft or not experienced in repairing Airsoft items, please send the item to one of our designated repair facilities.
Airsoft BarrelAirsoft Electric Gear Box / Mech Box

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