1. Read the users manual before playing. Each AEG will have different operating characteristics.
2. After playing, remove the magazine and switch to single shot mode to release the spring within the mechbox. Finally disconnect the battery (Fig 1). Clean and lubricate your AEG before storage, as needed.
3. Clean the inner barrel (Fig 2) and spray some silicone onto the hop up after heavy use.

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Basic gas operated Airsoft Gun Maintenance & Repair guide.

This guide is intended to help Airsoft gas gun owners with maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing gas blowback, non-blowback, and CO2 airsoft guns & pistols

1. Read the user manual before playing, each pistol will have different operating characteristics. For general operating instructions, see our gas guns page.
2. When filling gas magazines, the proper way to do it is with the gas inverted. See user manual for your gas pistol for illustrations.
3. A 2 - 3 second charge with any type of gas is sufficient (Too much gas will damage the magazine and/or the seals and thus cause leakage.)
4. After repeated use the magazine may be very cold. This will cause a decrease in power due to the gas not expanding correctly, please wait 5 - 10 minutes to allow the magazine to warm up.

GBB are most commonly known as Gas Blowback Airsoft guns that require the use of green gas (HFC22), duster gas (HFC132A), red gas, propane or CO2 cartridges in order operate.  Most of these Airsoft Gas Blowback guns can propel 0.20 gram 6mm BBs at velocities exceeding 300-500FPS.
The gas blowback action is activated by a burst of gas from pulling the trigger which in turn driving or pushing the slide/bolt back mimicking the “recoil” of real steel firearms.  Not only do they offer realistic feel, most of them actually disassemble the same way as real guns.
Nowadays, most commonly used green gas contains a small amount of lubricant, but it isn’t enough to keep the Airsoft gun or its magazine well lubricated.
However, just like any other Airsoft guns, wear & tear can and will occur with use.  Proper maintenance will prolong the service life of the gun & its vital parts.
Airsoft Gas Blowback gun magazines:
The magazine consist of several parts: the magazine body, floor plate, follower & follower spring, lip, fill valve, flow valve, release valve & gas chamber.
The reservoir, floor plate, fill, release & flow valves are constructed with soft expandable O-rings.  These O-rings are designed to keep the gas from leaking & needs to be well lubricated so they can maintain their original size.
Airsoft Gas Blowback Guns:
Critical parts in an Airsoft Gas blowback gun are its hop up bucking, nozzle, nozzle O-ring, nozzle return spring, hammer spring, sear spring, plunger, plunger spring, and blowback assembly unit.
DO NOT EVER USE WD-40, Cleaning Solvents, or any other petroleum based oil or lubricant on your Airsoft gun.  Doing so will cause permanent damage & prematurely deteriorate the O-rings.
Use only 100% Airsoft approved silicone spray or oil to lubricate your Airsoft guns.

Proper places to lubricate your Airsoft guns:
Airsoft Gas Magazine
Fill Valve

Airsoft Gas Slide
Flow Valve

 Airsoft Gas Magazine Valve
Release Valve

Nozzle in Slide
Nozzle in Slide

Blowback Chamber
Blowback Chamber

Hop up Chamber
Hop-Up Chamber

Slide and Frame Contact
Slide and Frame Contact

Function Check
Function Check

DOs & DON’Ts.

DO keep a habit of leaving a small amount of gas in the magazine to keep the O-rings lubricated if you plan on not using the Airsoft gun for a long period of time.
DO clean & lubricate your Airsoft gun every 1 to 2 months or after an Airsoft game or match.

Don’t release all the gas in the magazine by pressing the release valve.  This will cause the O-rings to freeze & deform permanently causing leakage.  Instead, release the gas in slow burst.
Don’t slam the magazine into the gun.  This will cause the mag lips & the nozzle in the slide to break or deform thus causing mis-fire.
Don’t keep the magazine full of gas.  This will also cause the O-rings to deform under high pressure.  A small amount of gas is good enough.
Don’t leave the slide fully retracted for a long period of time.  This will weaken the recoil spring.
Don’t leave the magazine fully load w/ BBs for a long period of time.  This will weaken the follower spring.
Don’t rapid fire.  It will freeze the O-ring.  Give a second or two between shots.  After a full magazines worth of BBs has been fired, let the gun “rest” so the magazine can return to its normal operating temperature.
Don’t operate an Airsoft gas gun in cold weather.  The cold temperature will cause the Airsoft gun to perform poorly.

A properly maintained & lubricated Airsoft gun will not only perform at its best all the time, it also ensure that the Airsoft gun will last a long time.

General Maintenance
-Clear / Unjam the inner barrel
A. Turn the hop up all the way down. (See internal anatomy)
B. Use the unjamming end to clear the debris.

- Clean / Lube the inner barrel
A. Use the cleaning end of the rod.
B. Cut cloth / paper towel. Put it through the slit of the cleaning end and wrap it around.
C. Spray it with silicone oil.
D. Run the wrapped end of the rod through the inner barrel.

- Lube the Hop Up
A. Turn the gun upside down.
B. Spray a small amount of silicone oil into the Hop Up.

-Lube the magazine (Optional but recommended)
A. Spray a small amount of silicone oil into the feeding nozzle of the magazine.

Proper use of AEG's

1. Excessively long firing in full auto will cause premature wear inside the gearbox. ( Do not empty a hicap in one long burst! )
2. Firing in bursts is better for your gearbox, squeeze trigger straight back, do not push trigger sideways for it will damage the gear box.
3. After playing, please put AEG in safe mode or pales engage the safety ( Fig 16 ).
4. Do not over charge your battery. Over changing batteries will result in reduced battery life and or battery damage. Click here to see example. For more information on airsoft battery
If you are having trouble with your AEG, check out our troubleshooting page.
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