These are general guidelines or instructions for Gas Airsoft Guns (pistols only). For instructions of various airsoft guns.
For a diagram of gas guns, please see our diagrams page.


1. Remove the magazine from the pistol by pushing on the magazine release.
 Remove Airsoft Gas Gun Magazine

2. With the magazine removed:
 Gas Airsoft Gun Magazine

3. Fill the magazine below with the gas canister. Make sure the can is ALSO upside down. Make sure they are both perfectly in line and completely vertical. Do not tilt sideways at all or angle the green gas canister or the gun magazine. Make sure the nozzles get a firm seal and proceed to fill the "Liquid" into the mag by pressing firmly down with the airsoft gas canister. Filling time depends on the mag capacity. A normal handgun mag is generally about 3 seconds. A 50-round mag is usually about 5-6 seconds. This will insure you get a full charge of gas for the amount of BBs.
 Putting Green Gas into Magazine

4. After loading the green gas into the magazine, load the BB's. Simply pull down on the magazine follower and insert BB's as illustrated below:
 Loading Airsoft Magazine

5. Next, simply reinsert the magazine into the gun. After the gas has been loaded, magazine has been loaded with BBs, simply cock the gun as shown below and you're set to go!

If you fill the mag and gas begins to spill, STOP. Let the magazine warm up to room temperature before attempting again. This is usually about 5-6 minutes. If you are able to form a tight seal and fill correctly, allow the magazine to warm to room temperature. Tapping the big metal button on the top-rear side of the mag will discharge the GAS from the gun magazine. Do NOT do this! It will prematurely wear out the seals and also cause the O-rings to freeze, damaging them permanently. Instead, fire the gun until out of gas. This is the safe way to discharge a gas-gun.

Fire the gun in WARM weather. Use during the cold seasons is not advised. They will not cycle completely or fire well and will use more gas than normal. Rapid-firing of the gas-gun will also cause the gun to freeze up, resulting in damage to the magazine or gun. These problems are not as prone to occur during the hotter seasons or warmer weather.

Use HIGH grade BBs for your guns. Lower quality BBs will tend to jam in the magazine well, preventing proper firing. Marui, Excel, Airsoft Elite, or AirSplat BBs are are highly recommended. These are all models which we carry, Airsoft BB. Using .12 is not advised for higher end airsoft guns . Use of .12 BBs in electric or gas guns will VOID THE WARRANTY and may cause permanent damage.
Gas-gun care: Be sure to keep your slide and all moving parts lubricated with SILICONE oil which can be purchased on our website or at your local hardware store. Do not use anything else such as petroleum based lubricants. ONLY 100% pure silicone oil is required. Other lubricants are not safe for use on plastic and rubber parts. Do not use Hoppes #9, WD-40 or other petroleum based lubricants as will damage the guns permanently.

Be sure to also spray silicone oil into the top nozzle of the magazine well every 5-6 magazines uses. This is done by pressing the top release valve on the the mag while putting a quick spray of silicone into the top rubber exhaust valve. This will keep the seals and O-Rings properly lubed for a lifetime of use. For more details illustrations on how to maintain your gun, please refer to our Maintenance . If you continue to have problems, check out the troubleshooting page for tips.

Recommended gases for gas airsoft guns:

KWC: use HFC 22 or Green Gas only for these guns. Use with Red Gas will void the warranty.

KSC/KWA: use HFC134a gas unless equipped with a metal slide. If equipped with metal slide upgrade use HFC 22 or Green Gas. Use with Red Gas will void warranty.

Western Arms: HFC 134a gas is recommended. Use with any other gases (such as HFC22 or Green Gas) will void warranty.

KJW, Y&P, STTI, HFC, other Taiwanese guns: HFC22 or Green Gas is recommended. Using HFC134a is not powerful enough. Use with Red Gas will void warranty.

Maruzen, Marui: HFC 134a gas is recommended. Use with any other gases (such as HFC22 or Green Gas) will void warranty.

Marushin: HFC 134a gas is recommended. Use with any other gases (such as HFC22 or Green Gas) will void warranty.

Tanaka: HFC 134a gas is recommended. Use with any other gases (such as HFC22 or Green Gas) will void warranty.

Storing your gas-gun magazines: After usage please leave or insert a small amount of the appropriate gas, enough for 2 - 3 shots is recommended. Do not keep them in storage while fully charged or completely empty. This will allow the O-Rings of the magazine to remain properly lubricated while in storage.

In this video, AirSplat shows how to do basic preventative maintenance on airsoft gas guns, pistols, grenades, and magazines. The correct lubricants should be used. This solves minor leaking issues, but heavy leaking or fully discharged gas upon filling should be sent back in for repair.