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Airsoft Gearbox
M4 Airsoft Rifle
Airsoft Hop Up Assembly
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AEG: AEG stands for Automatic Electric Gun. The electric powered mechanisms usually incorporate a battery powered motor, gear box (with assortment of gears), and circuit board which controls the the air piston assembly and mech box. These can be very complex. Are considered the highest end rifles and most powerful airsoft rifles.

Electric airsoft rifles or AEG's work in a similar fashion to other airsoft guns, except the power is derived from a battery and motor. It changes a rotary torque into a liner movement.

For airsoft electric gun troubleshooting, visit our troubleshooting page.
Check out our maintenance page for AEG gun maintenance.

Airsoft Battery Adapter Airsoft Battery Charger Instructions
1. Charge airsoft battery for AEG
2. Install battery into AEG rifle
3. You're ready to have fun

1. Locate the top latch of the magazine. Open the latch on the top of the magazine. Pour the BBs through the latch until the BBs reach the top. Close the latch. (A large amount of BB's are necessary for the High Capacity Magazines to function correctly.)

2. Wind the wheel, which is found on the bottom of the High Cap Mag. It will take numerous rotations to properly fill the feeding tube. When it is filled, the wheel will give off added pressure as well as the sound of a "double-click".
NOTE: When firing your AEG, you must keep winding the wheel to keep a constant feed from the magazine to the gun.
- When you are done using your AEG, take the mag out of the gun. Then, pull the release tab back to allow the BB's to escape from the feeding nozzle.
* Trap door, release tab, and winding wheel are ONLY found on High Capacity Mazines. 

Airsoft Gearbox Piston
Airsoft Gearbox Piston
Battery: For AEG's or Electric Airsoft Rifles, airsoft batteries are the driving force which move the gears in the gear box which moves the piston and the spring to shoot the BB out of the gun. There are mainly two types of batteries used for AEG electric airsoft rifles.

NiCd: Standing for Nickel Cadmium. NiCad batteries are great economic choices for your average AEG or electric airsoft rifle. They can be charged quickly and have a high discharge rate, allowing for high performance. Their two main shortcomings are (1) the limited capacity of the battery, as well as (2) battery memory. Please keep in mind, the ROF (Rate of Fire) will slowly go down as the battery power drains away. It is highly recommended that you discharge NiCd's completely before recharging them to avoid "memory" (which is when a battery will not charge above a certain point ... laptops and cell phones do this too). If properly conditioned, a NiCad battery can have a very high capacity and a high discharge rate, resulting in the "Perfect Battery".

NiMh: Standing for Nickel Metal Hydride. NiMh batteries generally have a higher mAh (milli Amp Hours) or capacity than Ni-CD Batteries and don't develop "memory" as easily as NiCd Batteries. Rather than providing a large spike of energy at the peak of charge and then slowly dropping, NiMh batteries will provide you with a more consistent RoF (rate of fire), all the way until the battery has little to no charge left. Remember that with NiMh batteries you will need a COMPATIBLE charger for them (MRC Super Brain or Kong Power). Please keep in mind, NiMH batteries can not be as quickly charged there must be charged accordingly. Not doing so will fry or ruin the battery!

For more information on Airsoft Batteries Breakdown page.

BB: The ammo used for airsoft guns are referred to as Airsoft BB, plastic projectiles, or equivalent to Airsoft Pellets. These pellets are mostly 6mm in diameter and composed of solid plastic.

Bushings: A removable cylindrical lining for the gears in the mech box (as of a mechanical part) used to limit and resist abrasion and friction between gear and airsoft gear box.

Cylinder: It allows better air flow and compression. Port allows for efficient and complete decompression of chamber prior to next cycle.

FPS: FPS stands for Feet Per Second. It is the velocity, a measurement of speed, which the gun can fire a BB. The higher the FPS the faster the airsoft gun or rifle shoots. This can be affected by the types of BB's used.

The pellet velocity of automatic electric guns is determined in large part by the tension of their main spring and so there tends to be a stratification of values. The most common airsoft velocity limits are between 300 to 400 ft/s (90 to 120 m/s) for AEG's and 400 to 500 ft/s (120 to 150 m/s) for single shot guns (sniper rifles). Here are some common levels of airsoft gun pellet velocity.

Pellet 76 84 85 91 100 107 115 122 137 152 168 (m/s)
velocity 250 275 280 300 328 350 377 400 450 500 550 (ft/s)
0,12g 0,35 0,42 0,44 0,50 0,60 0,68 0,79 0,89 1,13 1,39 1,69  
0,15g 0,44 0,53 0,55 0,63 0,75 0,85 0,99 1,11 1,41 1,74 2,11  
0,20g 0,58 0,70 0,73 0,84 1,00 1,14 1,32 1,49 1,88 2,32 2,81  
0,23g 0,67 0,81 0,84 0,96 1,15 1,31 1,52 1,71 2,16 2,67 3,23 Energy
0,25g 0,73 0,88 0,91 1,05 1,25 1,42 1,65 1,86 2,35 2,90 3,51


0,30g 0,87 1,05 1,09 1,25 1,50 1,71 1,98 2,23 2,82 3,48 4,22  
0,36g 1,05 1,26 1,31 1,51 1,80 2,05 2,38 2,68 3,39 4,18 5,06  
0,43g 1,25 1,51 1,57 1,80 2,15 2,45 2,84 3,20 4,04 4,99 6,04  

Gas Airsoft Guns: Gas gun requires the use of some kind of gas propellant (usually Green Gas or HFC 134a). Both are driven by gas that is stored in the gas chamber, usually in the magazine or clip. Sub-categories of gas powered airsoft guns include "non-blowback" and "blowback" models. In a non-blowback (NBB), the gas only serves as pushing the bb forward. Also, the slide is in the fixed position. In a blowback (GBB), the gas pushes the slide as well as the bb. Here is a small clip of a G17 blowback and a USP blowback . Non-blowbacks are more efficient than blowbacks because they require less gas to push the bbs. These are great side arms during skirmishes or even as primary weapons in some games. Check out our maintenance page for gas gun maintenance.

Airsoft Gas Gun Instructions
1. Load Pistol Magazine with Gas
2. Load Magazine into Pistol
3.Hold Airsoft Gas Pistol with Right Hand
4. Charge, Cock, or Chamber First Round
5. Ready to Fire! Shoot Away!

Airsoft Gas Gun Blowback
For more information on gas guns, please see our gas guns page.

Gears: Increases rate of fire, durability under stress, and decreases noise level. Different airsoft upgrade gears will provide various results. For example the AS Tactical High Speed Gear Set will increase durability due to its helical gears instead of flat gears. The SiegeTek Revolution Gear Set will allow for more torque to pull a higher tension spring while still allowing for durability. Of course this will decrease ROF (Rate of Fire).

Green Gas: Standard gas that most people use for gas airsoft guns. Green gas is in a liquid form when stored under some type of pressure, such as inside the can or inside the gas chamber of an airsoft magazine. However, once its released in the atmosphere, it turns into gas.

134A Gas: Another form of propellant for gas airsoft guns. Although very similar in purpose, this version is slightly less powerful than Green Gas. Therefore is not as popular as Green Gas with airsoft players.

Heavy Weight: This term is referring to the weight of the airsoft gun. Heavy weight airsoft guns usually are more realistic in feel due to the weight compared to plastic guns. This can make an impressive difference in feel from a light airsoft to a heavy airsoft.

Hop-Up or HopUp: When a bb is shot from an airsoft gun, there is a friction placed on the upper side of the bb while exiting the barrel. This friction causes the bb to "spin upward" or a backwards / under spin. This mechanism is called the Hop-Up. The Hop-Up configuration determines the range of bbs or extend the effective range of an airsoft rifle. Most spring airsoft guns come equipped with "built-in" Hop Up which is not adjustable nor calibrated. However, higher end models, such as gas airsoft pistols and electric airsoft rifles can be adjusted or calibrated both to the type of BB being used and the flight path desired. The below diagram illustrates the effects of hopup and how to callibrate your airsoft gun correctly. Towards the bottom of diagram it coveres the bernoulli's principle and it's effect on the path of a BB with hopup. 

Airsoft Hop Up Directions
Magazine, Mag, or Clip: This is the component of the gun where the ammo or ammunition (BBs) are stored and fed into the gun. Usually, extra magazines can be purchased separately and are very useful during game play. Standard capacity airsoft magazines are 10 to 50 round capacity. Where as high capacity airsoft magazines are 250 to 400 rounds per magazine.

Motor: The main unit in an AEG or electric airsoft gun which moves the piston back. This exists in the highest end models as well as the lowest entry level mini electric models. It is responsible for turning the gears, which in turns drives the piston, which in turn is pushed forward by the spring.

Piston Head & Piston: The piston head attaches to the front of the piston in the airsoft gear box. The piston head can improve performance by allowing better air flow and compression while allowing for more efficient decompression of the airsoft cylinder chamber. The piston sits between the piston head and the spring. It engages the gears in the mech box which drives the piston and piston head back compressing the spring.

Spring Airsoft Guns: Spring guns require the user to cock back the spring for every shot. It does not require any batteries or gas. These models are usually the most durable and best entry level models. Although not extremely powerful and effective for "spray and Pray" techniques, great for everyday shooting.

Spring Airsoft Gun

1: Airsoft gun magazine is inserted into gun, similar to real firearm
2: BB or pellets are stored in magazine to be fired
3: The spring allows the top of the gun (7) to slide back, then foward to load (chamber) one pellet or BB.
4: A chamber holds the loaded pellet before the gun is fired. This is also where the hop up, if equipped with, is located.
5: A gun safety switch can prevent the gun being fired
6: When the trigger is pulled, the compressed spring pushes a piston foward which cause air to rush into the chamber and pushes the pellet (BB) out with great force.

Airsoft Spring Gun
1. Grab the slide of the spring airsoft gun with the left hand while holding the lower frame of the gun with right hand 2. Cock or charge gun by pulling back on slide of spring airsoft gun 3. Return the slide to the original position and let go of slide 4. Pull trigger and the BB pellet will shoot out


Steel Spring Guide Rod: Bearing Spring Guide for quicker and more efficient spring compression as well as guaranteed performance under combat stress

Upgrade Spring: Internal upgrades which allow for a higher tension spring which pushes the piston forward at a faster rate. In the end resulting in higher FPS.

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