WELL VSR-10 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

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WELL VSR-10 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle
- 380 fps (0.2 g BB) / Range 200-250 feet
- Barrel Length: 17.5 inches / 44 cm
- Magazine Capacity: 30 Rounds
- Integrated top and front rails
- Adjustable Hop-Up
- Bipod and Scope NOT included
- Made in China

WELL VSR-10 is a bolt action, single fire sniper rifle. The top rail on the gun allows for mounting of a 3-9x40 scope (not included). The front rail allows for installation of a bipod (not included). This is a compact sniper rifle ideal for a scout sniper. It allows for long range shooting, while keeping the gun compact enough for constant movement, even through urban environments.

Well, it's almost fall project time, so I guess I'm starting this one a bit early. Someone posted a thread on scout rifles a while back, but I can't find the thread so I can't give credit to the person that got this idea in my head.

Here is the more or less finished project, read the thread for details on its buildup:

Basically, I wanted to build a proper scout rifle, based on (but not following to the letter) Jeff Cooper's ideology.

The rules are simple:

1. Must be short, 39" or less.
2. Unloaded weight of less than 6.6 lbs (too random, I'll stick with sub-7)
3. Forward mounted low magnification scope (I'm not doing it for his reasons, which I'll get into later)
4. Ghost ring BUIS
5. Accuracy - 12" @ 180' is my goal. Not really high, but just what I need.

Now, this isn't designed as a sniper rifle. This is going to be designed as a scouting rifle, something light, maneuverable, easy to cock quickly, and accurate to the distance I need it to be.

My starting weapon is the Well. I have had loads of luck with the TSD SD700/MB03, which has become my "race" bolt action rifle. I was blown away by the performance, especially when considering the price. This is just the short barreled version of the MB03, so I would feel right at home.

Airsplat was kind enough to contribute a brand new Well to this build. The gun is available HERE priced at $79.95, including a scope and a bipod. Once you see what this thing can become, you'll be pretty amazed with the price as well.

Here is the gun bone stock:

Not much to look at now, but we'll fix that in a bit.

The first thing I needed to do is

Additional Information

FPS Range 301-350 FPS
Manufacturers Well Bell Galaxy
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