UHC Super X-9 Spring Airsoft Rifle

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Manufacturer:UHC (Unicorn Hobby Corp)


UHC Super X-9 Spring Airsoft Rifle


UHC Super X-9 Spring & Gas Airsoft Rifle
- Gas Bolt: 550 fps (0.20 g BB) / Range 200-250 feet
- Spring Bolt: 450 fps (0.20 g BB) / Range 150-170 feet
- Barrel Length: 21 inches / 53 cm
- Magazine Capacity: 25 Rounds (stick) 5 Rounds (Rotary)
- 10 Shells Included
- 1 Cart Magazines included
- Bipod Included
- Includes Both Gas & Spring Bolt
- Bolt Quick Relese for easy swapping of bolts
- Accuracy Proven
- Made in Taiwan

UHC Super X-9 Spring Airsoft Rifle Manual

Super X-9 is the tactical model of the Super 9 and also features the ejecting shell function. When using the shells and rotary magazine, each pull of the bolt ejects the spent casing of the previously fired round. Sending the bolt back forward chambers your next round. With the use of an adaptor, the rifle can be converted to fire from a stick or cart magazine. The benefits of the stick magazine are that it does not cause you to loose any shells, and the capacity is 5 times greater! The rifle is as powerful as it is accurate. You can also add on the scope for additional accuracy.
UHC Super X-9 Double BoltSystem

When the guys at Airsplat asked me to take a look at this airsoft gun my first feeling was apprehension. At the same time, I__�e been itching to get my hands on a bolt-action and this looked like the perfect opportunity. I__�e also been considering a gas-powered bolt-action but have heard horrible problems about their performance in cool weather. This I felt was a great time to give a bolt-action a shot, and this one comes with both gas and spring bolts too!

First Impressions

The box art work is great and the box itself is well designed. If you__�e planning on storing the airsoft gun in the box when it__� not in use, then the box seems up to the task.

For this price, you seem to be getting a lot of airsoft gun. The package includes 2 bolts (a gas and a spring bolt), 10 cartridges, a spring-loaded tripod with rails, hop up adjustment tool, a pack of bbs , rail for mounting a scope, 1 mag for use with the cartridges, and a second 25 round mag for use without the cartridge system.

Materials And Construction

The tripod is metal and has springs to assist flipping the legs down, as well as extending the legs. It includes two rails on either side for mounting accessories and is secured to the airsoft gun via a short piece of rail and a screw. It seems pretty solid with only a slight bit of wobble.

The cartridges are made from plastic with a rubber o-ring inside to retain the bb. They are not very realistic in size or material, but they do look like they would be fun for playing with. The plastic they are made from seems durable as it doesn__� flex or crack under moderate impact with a small brass hammer. The o-rings do appear a bit loose inside the cartridges although I do not believe they would fall out. We will test retention in a bit.

The magazine for the cartridges is a rotary design much like you

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