Green Gas 8oz Can Airsoft Gas

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Bestek Lightening Green Gas 1000 mL
1000 ml Green Gas (HFC22) for Approx. 3500 Rounds Per Can
- DOT Approved at 115 +/- 5 psi at 70 F
- Smaller Higher Pressured Cannister for more compact solution for Airsoft Guns
- 750 mL canister of HFC-22 Green Gas for Taiwanese GBB and NBB (KWC, KJW, HFC, KWA). Use in other gas guns at your own risk as green gas is more powerful than HFC-134a gas and may cause permanent damage to airsoft guns that are recommended for use with HFC 134a

- Compressed gas / air cannot be shipped out via priority shipping methods (Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, 3 Day Select)
- All orders with expedited shipping which contains compressed air WILL BE CONVERTED TO GROUND without further notice
  • Made In USA
  • For gas airsoft guns only
  • DOT Approved at 115 +/- 5 psi at 70F
  • Contains silicon oil to keep airsoft gun lubricated properly with every shot. It not only keeps the gun the good condition, but it also reduces it's inflammability.
  • Power Green gas is higher in purity than Propane and Butane, which are NOT for airsoft gun use only. High Purity gas will keep the gas guns in good condition, and it also is more powerful compared to Propane and Butane.
  • Highest purity in airsoft gas equivalent or better than high grade HFC 134A used in Japanese airsoft guns.
  • Gas contained and the canisters are applied to US transportation regulations and are certified by U.S Department of Transportation. The canister itself equipped a safety valve, whenever the inner pressure in the canister exceeds a certain safety level, the valve will release the gas automatically to avoid explosion risks.
  • Please be very cautious on how and where you store the green gas. Avoid keeping the gas in tight living spaces such as automobile and small apartments. Avoid excessive heat.
  • Our warehouse in CA is applied to the safety regulations as well.
Competitors vs. UHC Power Green strength (over them) are as below.
  • Butane or Propane Adapters: The adapters are easy to use and to apply to any kind of gas with gas guns. However, the gas out there is not for airsoft gun use and it can damage gas guns dramatically and the whole industry potentially. Power Green gas is only for airsoft gas gun use and it is high in purity.
  • Taiwanese illegal and cheap gas: Power Green gas has outperformed those Taiwanese cheap gas in power level and safety concerns, which is the most important point.
  • Green Gas (already in the market): Power Green gas has higher power level than those green gas already in the market in a more compact and safe packaging
  • Propane: Does not contain impurities often found in propane or butane.

Conclusion: Don't cheapen or ruin your gun because you wouldn't pay a few dollars more for Power Green. The only real "Green Gas" for airsoft guns.

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