Supernova Spy Camera 4.5CH 2.4GHz RC Drone

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Manufacturer:World Tech Toys



The Supernova Spy Drone is ready for action!

The Supernova Spy Camera 4.5CH 2.4GHz RC Drone is ready to fly for all skill levels. This RC drone is made for outdoor flying and has a built-in video camera so you can record what it sees to the included 2 GB memory card with just a push of a button. Flying with 4.5 channel control with built in gyro makes flying the Supernova a breeze and with flip stunt mode you can show off some fancy maneuvers and look like a pro. The transmitter is designed to be easy to use with more precise operation, in addition the 2.4GHz transmitter that will allow you to always be in complete control of the Supernova with no crossover or signal interference, full 3D flight at your fingertips. This product is ready to fly, there is no assembly required! Just put 4 AA batteries (Not Included) into the transmitter and charge the helicopter with the included rechargeable battery pack and charger! The Supernova Spy Camera 4.5CH 2.4GHz RC Drone is ready for high flying drone fun!

4.5 Channel Flight Control

Fly with all of the functions of a 3.5CH Helicopter (Up, Down, Forward, Back, Rotate L/R ) with the addition of side-to-side strafing movement made possible by a 4th channel of control. With gyro you never have to worry about flight stability again!

RC Controller

4.5CH 2.4GHz Transmitter

The 2.4GHz Frequency gives you an interference-free connection between you and the Supernova. With a dual-stick layout, you'll be in control and be able to take video and perform stunts with the push of a button!

2 GB Memory Card and USB Reader
Take as much video as you want because its a breeze to export to your computer with the included USB card reader. Simply take the memory card out of the Supernova after a flying session, put the card into the reader and find all your footage ready to view.

Battery & Charger Included!

This quadcopter is ready to fly and comes with its own rechargeable battery pack and wall charger. All you need is 4 AA batteries to take control with the transmitter.



  • Electric Powered
  • Easy To Fly
  • Built-In Gyro
  • 4.5 Channel Radio Control
  • Flip Stunt Mode
  • 720p Video Recording
  • 2.4GHz Transmitter
  • Durable Foam Body Construction
  • Ready To Fly


  • Supernova Spy Camera 4.5CH 2.4GHz RC Drone
  • 2.4GHz Transmitter
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Wall Charger
  • 2 GB Memory Card
  • USB Card Reader
  • Spare Blades
  • Screwdriver
  • Manual


  • Length: 16 Inches Diagonal, 12 Inches Across
  • Height: 6.5 Inches
  • Rotor Length: 7.5 Inches

Battery Requirements:

  • Vehicle: Rechargeable Battery Pack (Included)
  • Transmitter: 4 AA Batteries (Not Included)

The FAA requires drones that weigh more than .55lbs to be registered. You will need to go to here to register your drone.