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King Arms Thompson M1928 Chicago Special

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King Arms Spring Kalash Sniper Rifle WD

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King Arms FN P90 AEG Tactical ACU Camo

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AirSplat Airsoft Team Sponsorship

We at AirSplat are happy to inform you that we have a new opening in our sponsorship program. We have received a huge number of requests for sponsorship. Therefore to select the most appropriate team for this opening, we will be holding auditions or tryouts. We are located in California and we realize that many of you are hundreds, if not thousands of miles away. Therefore we have devised a way to gauge performance and ability of a team without holding an actual audition here in California.

If you choose to participate, preliminary sponsorship for just trying-out will be $20 coupon code for orders over $150. This can be used by anyone on the team or any affiliates of the team. However it is limited to one coupon per team. Auditions will span 3 months, after which, one team will be selected and be fully sponsored for all gear, guns, and apparel.

All teams must fulfill these basic requirements to be considered for the sponsorship position:

1. team must have their own team website, cannot be a personal website.
2. team must play on a regular basis of at least once a month in a public arena or field with other participating teams or individuals who are not of the same team
3. team must provide lists of all field(s) team has played along with opposing team’s information
4. all members must be able to provide identification of full name, addresses, date of births (if under 16 yrs of age, a copy of passport will suffice; if over 16 yrs of age, a driver’s license is needed or if not available, some form of official documentation with the above listed information along with a picture)
5. team members must be able to provide position in team, weapons used, years of experience
6. provide list of tournaments competed in, including awards if any.
7. provide any photos of the games you played (if available)

Thank you for your time and interest. If you are interested in getting started, complete the application and fax to (626) 851-4700.

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