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Sword of the Spirit Airsoft (SOS)

Steven Walker - Assault/Captain - Preacher
Kaleb Harwell - Assault/Tech - Lumen
Adam Propst - Sniper/Pyrotechnics - Griz
Malachi Pearson - Spotter/Recon - Red

Our former team, Christian Tactical Airsoft, began to hit rock bottom. God was not the priority in our team, in which He should have been. No ONE person is to blame, we ALL take fault. We felt it was time to wash our hands of the mess that was made, and start anew. Prayers went up to the Lord and peace entered our thoughts, as we began to ponder "which path should we take." So many Likes and shares were put into our CTA page. we did not want to throw that away, but what were people liking... a facade.

Now, "Sword Of the Spirit Airsoft", will pick up the cross and follow Jesus Christ. Ministering to people in need of hope, and salvation. We are not going to just SAY we'll do better and greater things, we WILL do better and greater things, with the help of our Savior and our AMAZING sponsor, Airsplat!

People will read this and say "you have given up, you have quit, you have lost." We thought so too... but that's not the case. This team has VICTORY in JESUS! We will sling plastic at local fields and in other states. We will reach out our hands to the hurt and lost. We will be more than just some airsoft team... We shall rise as men of GOD, we areWARRIORS, and with the sword of the Spirit, we will fight the evil that comes our way, in the name of YESHUA HAMASHIACH (Jesus Christ)!

"And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God."
-Ephesians 6:17

SOS Preacher SOS Griz SOS Lumen
<td >Preacher KWA CQR MOD2 WE G23C<td >
<td >Griz
L96 Sniper
Dboys M4 <td >
Elite Force CQC
WE G23CSOS RedName
JG G36
HFC Sniper
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I enjoy your selections and very happy with my first purchase
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My experience so far has been 110% very impressed!
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Awesome products and the best prices, will always order from AirSplat!
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I have gone to them at least a dozen times both for personal purchases, gifts, or for planning events. Their prices are exceptional, and their selection is unmatched. I recommend to all my friends.
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I recently joined AirSplat's Elite program and I am not disappointed. I bought an M4 that was on sale from the Guns of Grand Theft Auto and I got 30% off! Not only that, their customer service was extremely helpful!
Amanda L.
I had a great experience at airsplat, I would recommend this to all airsofters and paintballs. they have great customer service, great deals, also great monthly sales.
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Gotta hand it to AirSplat Seattle, they have really helped out the airsoft community up here in a big way. Looking forward to helping out with events and flying your banner at battles!
Charlie P.
This message is for Airsplat customer service rep who helped me out with my RMA for my son. You were so helpful and I will definitely be coming back to you for business!
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AirSplat is awesome. Great service at their Los Angeles store. Way better than other retailers in the area as they greet you, talk to you and help you out right away. No customer numbers, no cold shoulders, no elitism. AirSplat you have my business.
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