AirSplat Mega Month - Huge Airsoft Discount and Savings

AUGUST IS AIRSPLAT'S MEGA MONTH! MEGA MONTH at AirSplat! We are offering the LOWEST prices on the market too good to be true--just take a look at our website and see for yourself! That red price you see is what you get. Exclusively at AirSplat! No Coupon Code required.
Are you an Elite Member? Sign up now for the yearly AirSplat Elite Membership to reveal HIDDEN DISCOUNTS too low to show! For the entire Mega Month, our awesome AirSplat Elite Members will get to reveal exclusive items with a hidden discount that retail customers do not see. These prices are too low to show! Sign up for the yearly AirSplat Elite Membership, login to your account, and discover your Hidden Discounts! No coupon code required.

Don't forget about AirSplat's 110% Price Match Guarantee! We are offering the lowest prices on the market--GUARANTEED.


- No Coupon Code required.
- Price advertised in red is the Guaranteed Lowest Price.
- Sign into your AirSplat Elite account to reveal hidden discounts!
- Promo applies only to in-stock items. Does not apply to back-order & pre-order items.
- Back-ordered items will be automatically removed.
- Cannot be combined with other specials, promotions, or clearance items.
- Free Shipping not valid with Mega Month items.
- Your order will be automatically adjusted if needed.

- While supplies last.

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AirSplat 70% OFF Clearance Sale

AirSplat 8 Unbeatable Guarantees
Customer Testimonials
I enjoy your selections and very happy with my first purchase
Had almost everything I was looking for to update my arsenal!
Michael W. - Shopper Approved
My experience so far has been 110% very impressed!
Timothy H. - Shopper Approved
Awesome products and the best prices, will always order from AirSplat!
Ethan S. - Shopper Approved
Easy to find what I need. Even found a manual for a old airsoft pistol I have!
Scott R. - Shopper Approved
I have gone to them at least a dozen times both for personal purchases, gifts, or for planning events. Their prices are exceptional, and their selection is unmatched. I recommend to all my friends.
Daniel B.
Awesome company, shipped promptly and safely. Overall good service.
Chad H.
I have gone to them at least a dozen times both for personal purchases, gifts, or for planning events. Their prices are exceptional, and their selection is unmatched. I recommend to all my friends.
John H.
I recently joined AirSplat's Elite program and I am not disappointed. I bought an M4 that was on sale from the Guns of Grand Theft Auto and I got 30% off! Not only that, their customer service was extremely helpful!
Amanda L.
I had a great experience at airsplat, I would recommend this to all airsofters and paintballs. they have great customer service, great deals, also great monthly sales.
Steven L.
Gotta hand it to AirSplat Seattle, they have really helped out the airsoft community up here in a big way. Looking forward to helping out with events and flying your banner at battles!
Charlie P.
This message is for Airsplat customer service rep who helped me out with my RMA for my son. You were so helpful and I will definitely be coming back to you for business!
Rachel W.
AirSplat is awesome. Great service at their Los Angeles store. Way better than other retailers in the area as they greet you, talk to you and help you out right away. No customer numbers, no cold shoulders, no elitism. AirSplat you have my business.
Jerome L.
I was curious about AirSplat's Elite Membership, so I called their store to inquire. The rep was extremely helpful and set me up with an account. So far we have been coming back to AirSplat for our extra 10% off and free shipping deal. I really have not seen any other loyalty type programs with airsoft companies. This one trumps them all!
Petyr L.
AirSplat knows whats up. Airsoft guns for cheap and sales all the time. More airsoft = more players out there in the community! You have my support!
Derek L.
I drove out to AirSplat's LA store and was treated like royalty. I told them I drove from Nevada to see the store and they hooked me up with an AirSplat T-Shirt and Hat!
Michael W.
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