AirSplat Sponsored Team Skeleton Crew


The minimum number of personnel needed to effectively operate and maintain an item at its most basic operating requirements and, at the same time, to keep vital functions operating.

Skeleton Crew was established in 2012 by Munky, Outlaw, and Pike with the common goal of pursuing fast-paced, objective focused, and tactically driven gameplay. We run a small force of individuals that have proven to thrive on their own, but excel when combined as a team. No one member out ranks the other. Our goal is to keep each other honest, play with honor, practice often, play more and to have our brother's back. Skeleton Crew selected Barracuda and Boondoc to join and we became a force of five known throughout the northwest. Grim, Toast, and Creighzy Creigh were already exceptional players with upstanding moral codes; which is why the Founding Five chose them to make up Tier II of Skeleton Crew.

Our goal has and will always be to play fair, with honor, and to always do what we believe is best for the airsoft community.

We Run and Gun, and Get S*** Done!

Crew Member Designations:
Bone Crusher: Assault style player, aggressive, doesn't back down, gets the job done, kills a lot of enemies.
Skull Collector: Proven sniper, stealthy, knows how to provide support and over-watch for Bone Crushers, kills a lot of enemies.


On a weekly basis you can find Crew members at a number of fields around the Pacific Northwest. While the majority of time we are playing in the greater Seattle area, adventures across the state and over state lines are not uncommon. Our main focus is just to get on a field and sling plastic, hone our skills, learn to work better together, and have a great time. We participate in any and all styles of play, from extreme CQB at The Airsoft Center to military simulation games with groups like Operation Lion Claws and MilsimWest to the plain old tried and true skirmish days at the local and regional field such as Paintball Station, T.A.G.G.S, Maple Valley and N.B.R. )

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