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Pimp My Gun AirSplat
Every month AirSplat gives a lucky customer the opportunity to let AirSplat pimp their gun. We have the customer ship us their tired old gun completely free. We then diagnose any problem areas our customer is having and make sure that during the process we prevent any further issues.

Our tech experts then get to work picking the internal and external upgrades that are the most compatible with the gun and the needs of the customer. Once all the internal and external upgrades are selected AirSplat's Techs get to work.

The finished product is usually unrecognizable to its owner. Sometimes all that is left of the original gun is a lower receiver or a grip.For the opportunity to get your gun pimped, record a video and post it onto the AirSplat's Facebook page. If you would like to know more about AirSplat's Upgrade Service CLICK HERE.

Gun Upgrade 1
Gun Upgrade 2
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