Paintball Squeegee & Swabs

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  1. Valken Infinity .68 Orange PaintBall 500

    This is a MAP Controlled Item.
    Valken .63 Cal. Premium Orange Paintball
    - 500 Round Paintball Bottle
    - Bright Yellow Paint Fill
    - Breaks on Impact not in your Marker

    Infinity paintballs have a thicker shell which makes it very durable and perfect for the entry level marker. Infinity paint was designed and priced to be straight-shooting and affordable; it's the best paintball you can get for the price!
  2. BT Battle Swab Paintball Swab Squeegee

    - Folding Design to Stow Away in Pants or Molle Webbing
    - Absorbent Synthetic Fleece Pile to suck up Paint and Shell
    - Great for Barrels and Feednecks

    Its thick, absorbent synthetic fleece material quickly rids your barrel of any unwanted, broken paint. The barrel swab design of a soft material coupled with a stiff internal construction allows you to spend less time unscrewing your barrel while in the battlefield, and more time shooting at your opponents.

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