We at AirSplat.com sincerely apologize for the delay in fulfilling your shipments. It is
our utmost intention to process your order as soon as we receive it. We hope that the
information below will help to resolve any questions or concerns that you may have, and
assure you that we are doing our best to expedite your shipments.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Order Status:
Once again, we at AirSplat.com apologize for any inconvenience that these unforeseen
delays may have caused. We want to assure you that we are working diligently to fix this
problem and to prevent it from happening again in the future. We thank you for your
patience and your continuing support of AirSplat.com.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at:
sales@airsplat.com (626) 539-3900

Why is the shipment of my order being delayed?

There are various reasons why your particular order may have been delayed. One of the possible reasons for us having to backorder your item is that it is currently out of stock. We are the largest online airsoft retailer and work directly with the manufacturers, so if we are out of stock, most likely that particular item is out of stock on a national level. Another possibility for shipping delays is that due to circumstances currently beyond our immediate control. For example, some of our overseas inventory may have been held up by U.S. Customs for examination. Unfortunately, this process may take up to a few months.

What are you doing to fix this problem?

To make sure that we can always provide our customers with in-stock products, we are actively looking for a variety of manufacturers to keep our most requested items constantly in-stock. We are also continually working with customs officials to clear up any misunderstandings so we can receive our shipments (and therefore, your orders) in a timely manner. The outcome of this situation will hopefully be an acceptable set of customs regulations that we can use to prevent this interruption from happening in the future.

Why am I being billed for an order that hasn't even been shipped yet?

When we receive an order, we authorize the customer's credit card for that item's given price. By authorizing your card, we are basically checking that the purchase price is indeed available on your account. An authorization does NOT remove any funds from your account. It is only after the item has been processed and packed (ready to ship out), that we finally charge the customer's credit card. If an order is placed for multiple items but one of the items is out of stock, we charge the customer for the entire order, even though we have only sent out a partial shipment. We do this to save the customer any additional shipping charge that he or she would incur if we were to separate the one order into two. We basically do this to save you the second shipping charges and to show you that we appreciate your being patient when we have backordered items. Now, if an order is placed and the entire order is currently out of stock, we do NOT charge your credit card. We merely keep the authorization on file in anticipation of our receiving the inventory so we can process your order. For items that are delayed for an extended period of time (as is the situation with the products that are being held at customs) we keep your authorization in our computer and do NOT charge you for your order until we have the items ready to ship. When we receive the shipment, we will notify you to see if you would still like to proceed with the order; and if so, we will re-authorize your card and proceed with the order fulfillment.

Can I cancel the authorization so I can access those funds until the time that my order is actually ready to ship?

Yes. After 7 days the authorization is automatically removed. If you would like the funds available earlier, you can contact your credit card company and request that the authorization be cancelled. Canceling the authorization does NOT cancel your order.

How can I prevent AirSplat.com emails from being deleted by my junk mail or bulk folders?

There are three ways to make sure that AirSplat.com email is not deleted before you have a chance to read it. The best way is to add that particular address (i.e. info@airsplat.com, sales@airsplat.com, support@airsplat.com) to your accepted mail or contact list, which will allow the mail to be sent directly to your inbox. The second way is to open your junk mail or bulk folder and classify our email as acceptable for your inbox. By clicking on the settings or button in your bulk mail folder, you can change the category of the AirSplat.com email from bulk or SPAM to acceptable email resulting in any incoming email from us being sent directly into your current inbox. The third way to make sure you won't miss out on receiving our emails is to lower your SPAM settings (usually found under Personal Preferences) which will most likely allow AirSplat.com email to successfully reach you.