The Story So Far

Still reeling from the events of the Acquisition crisis and with Western Inc. in possession of Warped Energy tech, Eastern Corp has begun preparing their private force for a last ditch raid on the highly secured WI headquarters compound.

Holding Warped Energy's CEO captive in their offices, Western Inc. has increased the security detail within their compound anticipation of possible EC actions. The CEO is being treated well but has been "compelled" to sign over controlling shares and provide inside information into state of the art Warped Energy tech.

Using a paid informant inside the Eastern Corp staff, AirSplat Contractors have learned of the impending raid. Determined to rescue their benefactor, The Contractors intend to use the chaos of the raid as distraction to slip in a small team and extract the CEO from the Western Inc. compound.

Eastern Corp. and Western Inc. are in a recruiting race to grow their forces as fast as possible. Who will finish first?

Vital Intel

  • Saturday, June 3rd @ 9am
  • Warped Ops, Castaic, CA
  • $25 for Play, Raffle, & Lunch
  • Official Rules & Registration
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  • Field Information

  • Download the Warped Ops Field Waiver HERE
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