NXE Tournament Harness 3+2+2

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Product Code:PH-NXE-TP32

Manufacturer:Paintball Guns, Markers, Barrel, Hopper



Pro Pak Plus, 3+2+2 Harness w/S2 Technology Holds up to 9 Pods in Ejector Sleeves and Elastic Loops. The NXe Pro Pak Plus is built by professional tournament players for the most extreme conditions imaginable, and are designed for three main goals comfort, ease of use, and performance.


- Friction Reduced Pod Ejection System
- Non-Slip Elastic Ejector
- Body Wrap Design Wraps the Body for Maximum Fit and Comfort
- Non-Slip Friction Pad Reduces Pak Movement During Play
- Sure Grip Pull Tabs Ensure Minimum Slippage During Play and Easy Removal of Pods.
- One Size Fits All
- Holds Up to 9 pods in Ejector Sleeves, and Elastic Expansion Loops.

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