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The airsoft Soldier is a forum in North Carolina.
   Task Force 16 was formed in 2006 as one of the premier Airsoft teams in Central North Carolina. Based out of Winston Salem, the team has members from all over North Carolina, ranging from Cary to Concord. In the beginning, Task Force 16 was a small three man team, and over the course of the following year, grew to thirty members, and to date has drastically grown to approximately 50 members. 
  Turning N.C. to Airsoft
  We are recruiting new members for the team and we want you.
This team has been created to honor the men and women that gave their lives for this country and for those who are protecting you as you read this right now.
The SSAT believe that honor, safety and fun are the most important things in any Airsoft game. We believe that honorable and enjoyable game play is the only way to advance this hobby that aggravates our families, depletes our wallets and gives us chicken-pox all over again, weekend after weekend.
  Welcome to the 1st NC Tactical Division website. The 1st NC Tacial Division is a program of the airsoft team 1st NC located in North Carolina. The Tactical Division concentrates on military professionalism and excellence through the study of four essential military studies for the milsim oriented team. Please see the Regulations page for an outline of our military leadership studies.

Cane Creek Airosft is Asheville North Carolina's only dedicated airsoft field. Located on 160 acres Cane Creek will offer a safe place with challenging terrain for the sport of airsoft to grow in Buncombe county. Our main focus is to get backyard airsoft game away from neighborhoods and to a safe enviroment. 
  Cool Combat is North Carolina's 1st and only Indoor Airsoft Arena ... It switched from being NC's 1st "Airsoft Only" Outdoor Field to being its 1st Indoor Airsoft Arena in 2012. The new Indoor Arena is now located near the middle of the State in Lexington. The new Cool Combat Indoor Airsoft Arena has over 50,000 sq ft. of playing space with more room to expand. Currently, this makes it the Largest Indoor Airsoft Arena on the East Coast!
  At Xtreme Kombat we pride ourselves for having the best customer service, the best equipment deals and try our best to have outstanding facilities! We love paintball, and we are very passionate about it so we put all our energy into making a better place for you to come play and have fun.  
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