AirSplat's No Sales Tax Special! - Tired of Sales Tax?

Seems like Tax is an on going topic and issue for everyone. Like with Sales Tax, taxes only seem to be ever increasing and more of a burden on all citizens. Here at AirSplat we are commited to helping our loyal customers and giving back to them. The good news for all you AirSplat shoppers is: NO SALES TAX! That makes us the only airsoft retailer to offer NO SALES TAX NATIONWIDE!

That means no matter where you live within the United States you will not have to pay any sales tax. Now you'll not only save on shipping thanks to AirSplat, but you will also be saving money you would've spent on taxes. In same states sales tax is as high at 10%, it could be the difference in getting that extra bag of BB's you wanted. We at AirSplat understand that this tax increase can put people in a financial burden and we want to help in as many ways possible!
States where Sales Tax is applicable (CA & WA)
Below is an image of your AirSplat checkout showing our "no sales tax" . As you can see, we just charge Handling and Insurance and then we take care of the rest! Under the 'Item Description', you will see a tax has been removed from the item amount but is later added in the "Summary Total" to zero out the sales tax!
We hope to improve your shopping experience at AirSplat and where everyone is starting to charge sales tax, even Amazon, our goal is to help all our shoppers have a great shopping experience from browwing our site (clean and organized site with advanced search), checking, out (2 step check out), delivery of product (industry record leading shipping times of 24hr Guaranteed), and after sales support (60+ Day Warranty).