MRC Super Brain 960 Delta Peak Charger

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Manufacturer:MRC Battery Chargers


MRC Super Brain 960 Delta Peak Charger
- Max Voltage: 9.6V
- Max Amperage: 4.5A
- Compatibility: NiCD, NiMH
Connectors: :
- Large Tamiya

Complete control. Select the current and delta peak voltage threshold. Then monitor status as the LCD displays voltage, current, time, battery status and peak setting. You’re in full charge, coaxing every last bit of power out of your battery.
Or enjoy hassle-free plug ‘n play by taking advantage of its simple “set it and forget it,” operation. The 960 will make all the right decisions for you. It’ll sense battery status, trickle charge when the quick charge is finished, and shut down if left unattended.
- Total versatility-- AC and DC for home and field use
- Handles NiCd, NiMH, 1-8 cell AA to C packs, 1.2V single-cell Ni Starters
- Charge currents from 0.5A to 4.5A
- Adjustable delta peak thresholds

MRC's original Super Brain was one of the first chargers to combine reliable peak-detection circuitry with foolproof, one-button operation at a truly affordable price. Now MRC is hoping to repeat that success story with the new Super Brain 959, which adds a digital display and NiMH compatibility to the list of features-among other things. Here's what the 960 has to offer.


* AC/DC operation. Most users will plug the 960 into a wall, but the DC compatibility is welcome.

* Adjustable charge amperage. The 960 can be set to charge at 0.5 to 4.5 amps, and it can charge 3- to 8-cell AA and sub-C packs.

Single-cell charging capability. Use this setting to juice up your glow starter.

* Adjustable deltapeak voltage threshold. This feature changes the voltage drop the 960 must sense before it considers a pack to be peaked, and can be set as low as 5 millivolts, or 10- to 5omV in 10mV increments.

* "Plug N' Play" operation. Although the 960 brings new adjustability to the Super Brain family, you can still operate it as easily as previous models. Just plug in your pack, press start, and the 960 will automatically determine the best charge settings for the pack and then go to work.

* LCD display. In addition to a battery graphic that "fills" as the pack is charged, the 960's display shows battery voltage, charge current, voltage threshold and charge time.

* Automatic trickle and sleep modes. After peak charging, the 960 enters a o.iA trickle-charge mode for 50 minutes. If the pack is still connected after 50 minutes, charging stops and the 960 "sleeps."

* Tamiya-style connector and alligator-clip adapter. Given the 960's versatility, the inclusion of an alligator-clip Y-harness (in addition to the industry-standard connector) is a welcome touch, and makes it easy to clip the 960 into an adapter for a receiver pack or a glow starter.

Charge stand. A simple wire stand is included to elevate the 960 for increased ventilation and easier viewing of the LCD screen.


The Super Brain 960 was tested with 3000mAh NiMH packs, 2400mAh Ni-Cds, 1100mAh NiMH receiver packs, 600mAh Ni-Cds receiver packs and single sub-C Ni-Cd cells. After hooking up a battery and pressing "start," the 960 takes about 30 seconds to diagnose the needs of the battery and set the voltage threshold accordingly. The default charge amperage is always set at 3 amps, which is fine for sub-C packs but higher than most receiver packs like to be charged. When peak charging is

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