MRC Instinct 825 Delta Peak Charger

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Product Code:AC-BC-MRC-RB825

Manufacturer:MRC Battery Chargers


MRC Instinct 825 Delta Peak Charger


MRC Instinct 825 AC/DC Delta Peak Charger
- Max Voltage: 9.6V
- Max Amperage: 4A
- Compatibility: NiCD, NiMH
Connectors: :
- Samll & Large Tamiya

With it's built-in, light weight, switching AC power supply, the new Instinct 825 charges 1-8 cell NiCd and NiMh batteries on the bench or unplug the AC line cord and take it to the track or field.

MRC's U.S. patented Micro Peak technology keeps batteries cooler, ensuring optimum charge and extending battery life. Auto battery type, size detection and auto trickle charging is standard, eliminating guesswork. Selectable 2A or 4A charge rates give the hobbyist the best possible choices for his needs. The intelligent LED indicators display charge rate and charge status. Fast charging starts as soon as the battery is connected, followed automatically by trickle charge mode. And, to make things even easier for instant use, the Super Brain Instinct 825 comes with an industry standard Tamiya connector and includes a separate Traxxas adapter, plus the standard mini adaptor for Airsoft use, expanding the Instinct 825 plug and play versatility like no other charger in its class.

The Instinct 825 takes charging efficiency to new heights, continuously and accurately reading the condition of the battery during the fast charge cycle without having to pause periodically to detect delta peak�so it fully and quickly charges the battery and avoids over charging. Not only that, but its heat management ability allows it to be used immediately after each charge.

All-in-all, this versatile 5 x 1.5 x 1.75 feature rich, rapid charger is the most proficient and adaptable go-to charger for NiCd & NiMh batteries.

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