MODIFY M4-A1 Hi-Speed Complete Gear Box

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Product Code:AC-UPI-MOD-804

Manufacturer:Modify Airsoft


MODIFY M4-A1 Hi-Speed Complete Gear Box


MODIFY M4-A1 Hi-Speed Complete V2 Gearbox
- M100 Spring
- Rotary Spring Guide
- Tappet Plate
- Modular Gear Set (16.32.1)
- Seletor Plate
- PolyCarb Piston
- PolyCarb Piston Head w/ Bearing
- Air Nozzle w/ Oring
- Steel 8mm Bushings
- Anti-Reverse Latch
- Modify 8mm Torus Mechbox Shell
- Aluminum Type 1 Cylinder
- Aluminum Cylinder Head
- Cut Off Lever
- Low Resistent M4 Wiring Harness
- Front Wire Switch Assembly
- T-Connector (Not Installed)

- Fluted gearbox casing increases strength, reduces weight & dissipates heat more efficiently, allowing Torus to run cooler than conventional gearboxes.
- Inspection ports allow for instant visual checks of the gearbox internals & enable lubrication without disassembly.
- Oversized, high-torque screws ensure a secure fit & prevent loosening of gearbox & components.
- Torus gearbox features unique internal & external reinforcement to address the problem of front-end cracking previously encountered in V2 gearboxes.
- Perfect lubricant fillister along the side of the tappet plate will ensure a smooth operation inside the gearbox.
- Redesigned grooves on the front-end of the tappet plate gives an absolutely flawless performance inside the gearbox.

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