Ep 0: Introduction of Jake,James, and Max

Welcome to Max-Splat Training, where we get authentic airsoft and milsim training, in a lighter flavor. Meet the crew, three guys with over 100 years of airsoft experience under their belts, and enough facial hair to challenge -not beat- Chuck Norris.
Ep 2: Basics of Communication and Cover

Jake and Max go over the basics of communication and cover in an airsoft scenario. They'll perform check drills, reloading, leapfrogging, and calling out targets. Follow along with the scenario and after action report. Communication and teamwork beats out high end gear any day.
Ep 3: How to rig, customize, and run airsoft AK47 variants

Hello fellow Comrade in Arms! the trio go over greatest weapon ever built, from greatest fatherland of all, Mother Russia! Watch as we go over many style of venerable AK47 aeg rifle, from custom build to how to run your chest rig, to some fancy reload. then we show you difference between airsoft AK and Real AK. Long live AK47!
Ep 4: MaxSplat Training and playing at Tac City Bootcamp

Maxsplat has a day of fun at Tac City bootcamp. Every summer Tac City holds a summer bootcamp for kids, and Maxsplat is one of the teams from the area that went and trained the kids on basics of cqb play. It's AirSplat's way of helping nurture and foster the local airsoft community. Also, you can watch some game footage from that day of MaxSplat running and gunning.
Ep 5: Basics of Zombie Encounters in the Zombie Apocalypse

Greetings fellow zombie hunters, for a very special episode of MaxSplat. Today's episode deals with the prevalent and very real threat of the undead horde and their blight upon mankind. Learn the basics to survive a zombie encounter, from zombie tpyes, to basic defense. Remember, stay clean, stay sharp, stay alive!!
Ep 6: Maxsplat Gives Tips and Tactics for Support Weapons 

Maxsplat reviews and shares tactics for airsoft support weapons. Maxplat interviews Booligan from Airsoft Retreat. Airsoft support weapons include the Echo1 M249 MKII, A&K M60 and the RK03. We also show you how to run different rigs and counter attacks. Enjoy!
Ep 7: Airsoft Pistol Tactics and Training Strategies

MaxSplat goes over some real steel shooting drills that are also very useful in an airsoft training application. Topics covered are Basic Stances, Two Shooting Drills, and muscle memory for reloading. These drills help with target acquisition and on the fly decision making in a firefight situation.
Ep 8: Airsoft Pistol Night with SPARTAN117gw
On this episode of Maxsplat Training, SPARTAN117gw joins the Maxsplat crew for some airsoft action at Tac City. Get an inside look on some matches played and some of the players! Hope you enjoy!
Ep 9: Entry Level Airsoft Guns - AEG Rifles and Spring Shotguns

In this special edition of Maxsplat Training, the guys try out some entry level AEG rifles and spring shotguns. Max, Jake, James and Throbby test them out on a SHOOTING COURSE, PAIN TEST and a Mario Kart BALLOON BATTLE! So take a look at what the guys think of these guns in this hilarious episode!
Ep 10: Airsoft Sniper Rifle Competition

In this edition of MaxSplat Training, the guys test out three different type of snipers: spring, gas, and AEG. Max uses the CYMA M14 SOCOM16 Sniper Rifle AEG OD, James uses the UTG L96 They set up 10 poppers and test to see which sniper takes them down the fastest. Watch the video to see which sniper reigns supreme.
Ep 11: Airsoft CQB Series Pt 1 - Reflexive Shooting

In this edition of MaxSplat Training, the guys show you some reflexive shooting skills. You will learn different stances and drills you can use in a CQB environment. Max demonstrates the "low ready position" and Jake demonstrates the "high ready position". Watch this video to get some useful airsoft tips from MaxSplat
Ep 12: Airsoft CQB Series Pt 2 - Room Clearing

In this edition of MaxSplat Training, the guys show you different tactics to clear a room, moving down hallways, and pieing corners. Jakes demonstrates "Clear fatal funnel" , "Clear Corners", "Get to your point of dominance" and Max demonstrates "How to clear the field by yourself".
Ep 13: Airsoft Safety Week Edition

In this special episode of MaxSplat Training, the MaxSplat crew will be sharing some do's-and-dont's of airsoft safety for AirSplat's Airsoft Safety Week! Jake, Max and James will show you some safe airsoft practices on and off the field to better keep yourself, others and the sport of airsoft safe. So take a look at this hilarious yet informational episode of MaxSplat Training!
Ep 14: Airsoft Olympics Edition

In this episode, the MaxSplat crew welcome Spartan117gw, who paid a visit prior to his deployment to Japan. The crew participated into a very competitive shooting competition, in which each of them were able to bring their own set of guns. Watch this video and find out who wins! Let us know your thoughts on this competition and we want to know who is ready to challenge the winner!?
Ep 15: Tac City Airsoft Games and More!

In this episode of MaxSplat Training, Max and the gang give us a look at some of their fun escapades at Tac City! The MaxSplat crew frequently visit the Tac City Airsoft Field and give away tons of AirSplat promo items! They also play a couple of games with the local airsoft players, including some unique airsoft challenges. Take a look at some of the footage we have from their hilarious visits.

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