Modify Airsoft

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  1. *MODIFY Airsoft Modular HighSpeed Gears

    Modify Torque Up Modular Gear Set
    - Modify torque up modular gear set with tempered stainless bushes
    - Anti-Reverse Latch
    - Synthetic Lub for 7MM V2/V3 Mech Box. 21:6:1 (GB-09-13)
    - For Tokyo Marui
    Out of Stock
  2. *MODIFY HighSpeed Gear Modular Set TM

    Modify High Speed Modular Gear Set
    - Manufactured by: ECHO1 USA
    - Gear Ratio: 16:32:1 (
    - Anit Reverse latch
    - Synthetic Lub for V2/V3 Mech Box
    - Designed For the Tokyo Marui Gearbox
    - MOD GS HS TM (09-14)
    Out of Stock
  3. MODIFY Airsoft Stainless 8mm Bushings

    Modify Airsoft Stainles 8mm Bushings
    - Durable StainlessConstruction
    - Convex surface design
    - Ready to use out of the box
    - Suitable for most 8mm metal gearbox AEGs

    The Modify 8mm Replacement Stainless Bushings are durably constructed, and perfect for replacing worn or broken metal gearbox bushings. These bushings are a step up & perfect upgrade from standard stock polymer bushings, and can withstand more stress than basic plastic bushings.

    Out of Stock
  4. MODIFY M4 7MM Steel Bearings Set

    Modify 7MM Steel Bearings Set
    - Manufacturer: Modify
    - 7mm diameter
    - Steel Bearings
    - Smoother movement than bushings
    - Set of 6
    Steel Bearings made by modify for all compatible 7mm bushing gearboxes. Helps your gears move smoothly, and freely for frictionless gearbox operation. A great replacement for plastic bushings or broken bearings, these bearings are made of steel and work flawlessly to increase your gearbox's efficiency.
    Out of Stock
  5. RA Tech Hi Capa Steel Recoil Guide Tube

    RA Tech Hi Capa Steel Recoil Guide Tube
    - Compatible with the TM Hi Capa
    - More Durable than Stock Recoil Guides
    - Smooth Action
    Out of Stock
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