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  1. Airsoft Gun Pistol Rail Top Bottom Set

    Airsoft Gun Pistol Upgrade Rail
    - Great Upgrade for any Airsoft Pistol
    - Additional 4 Rails onto any Airsoft Pistol with lower rail
    - Allows for laser sight, RIS Vertical Grip, Red Dot Scope, etc.
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  2. CYMA Airsoft Full Metal Spring Gun ZM02

    CYMA Airsoft Full Metal Spring Gun ZM02
    - Velocity: 190 fps (0.12 g BB) / Range 30-40 feet
    - Barrel Length: 4 inches / 10 cm
    - Magazine Capacity: 10 Rounds
    - Overall Length: 6.5 inches
    - Full Metal Construction
    - Detachable Magazine
    - Authentic WWII German Trademarks
    - Made in Taiwan

    CYMA 1911 Metal Airsoft Spring Gun Pistol G13 Manual

    This is a spring gun and the slide must be cocked for each shot. It requires no gas or batteries to operate. Due to this feature, the costs of spring guns are significantly lower, as well as maintenance. They are the most durable of all airsoft guns because they have less pieces that can break. Spring guns are very reliable, affordable and handsome guns.

    Disclaimer: AirSplat is happy to offer entry level products such as this one to help those just starting in the sport of Airsoft. However due to the low cost of these items, AirSplat is unable to offer refunds on this specific model. We will still honor our 60 day warranty on manufacturer defects so you may buy with confidence! If any issues arise with this product, please contact us at

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