Blade Drones

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  1. Blade 180 QX HD Camera 4CH RC Drone

    This is a MAP Controlled Item.

    Image capture on the fly
    With the included EFC-721 flight camera, 180 QX HD pilots can capture video and still images while flying. This intuitive camera can be activated at any time during flight and be switched seamlessly between video and still image capture. This functionality is pre-programmed on the included 5-channel transmitter.

    Equipped to thrill
    The 180 QX HD comes equipped with three SAFE enhanced flight modes. High and low angle flight modes were specifically designed to deliver stable video and image capture while the agility mode setting allows pilots to experience aerobatic flight with the assistance of the AS3X® stability system.


    • Exclusive SAFE technology
    • E-flite® EFC-721 camera with transmitter functionality
    • Small enough to fly indoors and powerful enough to fly outdoors
    • Flight battery and charger included
    • Durable lightweight airframe
    • Potent 8.5mm brushed motors with protective drive gear guards
    • Agile enough to perform loops, rolls, tumbles and more
    • Sleek, low profile body


    • EFC-721 flight camera
    • full set of replacement blades
    • Flight Battery and Charger


    • Kit / ARF / RTF: RTF
    • Motor Size: (4) 8.5mm brushed
    • Length: 11.5 in (292mm)
    • Recommended Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
    • Assembly Time: Less than 1 Hour
    • Experience Level: Beginner
    • Flying Weight: .21 lbs
    • Is Assembly Required: Yes
    • Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
    • Type: Quad-Copter
    • Rotor Diameter: 14.0 in (355mm)

    The FAA requires drones that weigh more than .55 lbs to be registered. Registration of this drone is Not Required by the FAA. If you would like to register your drone anyway, you will need to go to here.

  2. Blade Chroma CGO2+ 1080p Camera RC Drone

    This is a MAP Controlled Item.


    • Captures smooth, steady aerial video in brilliant 1080p definition
    • No-distortion camera lens eliminates fisheye effect
    • Easy to fly - no experience necessary
    • Everything in one box
    • 30 minute flight times (Dependent on flying style and/or wind conditions.)
    • Live video and telemetry info on controller display
    • Uses GLONASS and U.S. GPS for greater accuracy and reliability
    • Mast-mounted GPS antenna for superb signal reception

    SAFE Plus Technology
    SAFE Plus technology gives you several flight modes that have been specially programmed to make smooth, steady image capture easy. In fact, it can make you look like a pro even if you've never flown a camera drone before! All flight modes feature self-leveling and use GPS and altitude sensors to precisely hold position. SAFE Plus technology will even land the aircraft for you if you activate the Return Home function.

    This version of the Chroma drone gives you the added benefit of Follow Me and Watch Me flight modes that let you focus on getting the shot while the drone does the flying.

      Smart Mode
      Perfect for first-time drone flyers.

      • Stick Relativity moves drone in whatever direction the control stick is pushed, no matter which way the nose is pointed
      • Creates a SAFE Circle barrier that prevents the aircraft from flying too close to you
      • Auto-holds position and altitude when control sticks are released

      AP Mode
      For more experienced drone pilots.

      • Responds like a conventional drone without Stick Relativity
      • Gives you greater control authority by turning off the SAFE Circle
      • Keeps control response smooth so panning and tracking shots look great
      • Auto-holds position and altitude when control sticks are released

      Follow Me Mode
      Your built-in copilot.

      • Frees you to focus on lining up the perfect shot
      • Pan and tilt the camera while the drone follows
      • Drone follows at an altitude and distance you set

      Tracking Mode
      Be the Star.

      • Drone follows and keeps the camera pointed at whoever holds the ST-10+ controller
      • Drone follows at an altitude and distance you set
      • Resume full control at any time

      Return Home
      Safe landings with the flip of a switch.

      • Returns the drone to its start-up point and lands it for you
      • Great for first-time flyers who aren't ready to land themselves
      • Easy way to regain visual contact if you lose sight in flight
      • Resume full control at any time
      • Activates automatically if controller signal is lost

      Adjustable Flight Boundaries
      Stay legal. Stay safe. Fly responsibly.

      • Keeps the drone within altitude and distance limits you define
      • Easily adjusted using the Chroma programmer
      • Helps you avoid sensitive airspace...and neighbors

    CGO2+ Camera
    The included CGO2+ combines a high-definition camera and 3-axis stabilization gimbal into a single unit that captures steady aerial video and stills in brilliant detail. All camera controls are placed within easy reach on the included ST-10+ controller.
    Camera features include:

    • 1080p/60fps video
    • 16MP photo
    • No-distortion lens - eliminates fisheye effect
    • Integrated, 3-axis brushless stabilization gimbal
    • Adjustable resolution and frame rate
    • Streams live video to the ST-10+ controller from as far as 600 meters
    • Streams live video to multiple mobile devices within 90-120 meters (Requires a compatible mobile device with the CGO app.)

    ST-10+ Controller with Touch Screen Display
    You don't need a separate smart device with the ST-10+ controller. Everything you need, including the camera controls and a touch-screen video display, is built right in.

    • Large, 5 1/2 inch touch-screen display with intuitive Android interface
    • Displays live video and real-time telemetry info like speed, altitude and battery voltage
    • Clearly marked switches and buttons
    • Super-simple flight and camera controls
    • Slider switch for adjusting camera tilt
    • Slider switch for adjusting drone speed


    • Blade Chroma Camera Drone RC with 1080p CGO2+ and ST-10+
    • CGO2+ 16MP 1080p/60 3-Axis Stabilized Camera
    • ST-10+ Controller with Touch-Screen Display
    • Long-Lasting 5400mAh LiPo Flight Battery
    • Flight Battery Charger
    • Extra Set of Propellers
    • ST-10+ Display Screen Sun Shade
    • USB Programmer Cable
    • Micro SD Card for Camera


    • Approx. Flying Time: 30 Minutes
    • Battery: 11.1V 3S 5400mAh LiPo
    • Motor to Motor Distance: 400 mm
    • Height: 9.50 in (242mm)
    • Flying Weight: 45.9 oz (1.3kg)
    • Motors: 780Kv Brushless Outrunner
    • Prop Diameter: 260 mm
    • Flight Control Link: 2.4GHz
    • Video Link: 5.8GHz
    • Approx. Video Link Range: 1,970 ft (600m)
    • GPS Receiver: GLONASS and U.S.
    • Completion Level: Ready-To-Fly
    • Recommended Environment: Outdoor

    Battery Requirements:

    • Vehicle: 11.1V 3S 5400mAh LiPo Rechargeable Flight Battery (Included)
    • Charger: LiPo Battery Charger (Included)

    The FAA requires drones that weigh more than .55lbs to be registered. You will need to go to here to register your drone.

  3. Blade Glimpse FPV Camera 4CH RC Drone

    This is a MAP Controlled Item.

    Integrated 720p Camera
    The built-in camera shoots 720p HD video, can take 1.0 megapixel photos and store them on the included 8GB microSD card. Access is also available via the micro USB port. The adjustable camera lens pivots for a variety of vantage points.

    First-Person View (FPV)
    The Glimpse drone allows you to stream live 480p video via 5.8GHz WiFi downlink - supporting a range of up to 80' line-of-sight. A bracket is included allowing you to attach a mobile device up to the size of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (5.7" display) to the transmitter.
    Note: An iOS or Android mobile device with 5.8GHz WiFi is required.

    SAFE Technology
    The Glimpse drone features Blade's SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology, an electronic flight envelope protection system that designed to make it easy for beginners just learning to fly. Its intuitive capabilities allow the drone to battle windy conditions so that performance is consistently smooth. Pitch and roll limits are locked to help ensure flight stability is maintained at all times. Furthermore, electronic self-leveling brings the drone into a hover attitude the instant you release the sticks for stable image and video capture.

    Durable Design
    A flexible airframe and lightweight construction allow you to become a drone pilot even if you bump into a few obstacles along the way. The configuration means the rotors are clear from camera view and the enclosure offers extra protection.

    Battery Included
    A 500mAh flight battery is included, and provides typically around 6 to 8 minutes flight time.


    • Fully assembled, no building necessary
    • SAFE® technology makes learning to fly a drone easy
    • Acclaimed reliability of Spektrum DSMX® 2.4GHz technology
    • Integrated HD camera (installed)
    • High-definition 1280 x 720p video and 1.0MP photo capability
    • Effective 80-foot (24m) live video downlink range
    • Live FPV video via 480p WiFi downlink to multiple smart-devices (not included)
    • 8GB Micro SD memory card and SD adapter included to record your photos and videos
    • Tough yet lightweight airframe with durable blade guards
    • High-contrast trim scheme helps maintain orientation
    • Potent motor system offers great performance with low noise
    • Replacement rotor blades (included) keep you flying
    • 500mAh 1S LiPo flight battery and USB charger (included)
    • Enjoy 6--Å“8 minute flight times indoors or outdoors


    • 2.4GHz 4-Channel Transmitter with Spektrum DSMX® Technology
    • Smartphone Holder
    • 500mAh 1S LiPo Flight Battery
    • 8GB microSD Card
    • USB Battery Charger
    • 4 x Green Rotors
    • 4 x White Rotors


    • Completion Level: Ready-to-Fly
    • Main Rotor Head Type: Multi-Rotor
    • Main Rotor Diameter: 60mm
    • Main Blade Material: Plastic
    • Main Motor Type: Brushed
    • Main Motor Size: 8mm
    • Battery: LiPo
    • Length: 160mm
    • Height: 50mm
    • Width: 160mm
    • Main Frame Material: Plastic
    • Canopy/Body Material: Plastic
    • Flying Weight: .12 lbs
    • Approx Flying Duration: 6--Å“8 minutes
    • Recommended Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
    • Is Assembly Required: No
    • Radio System Frequency: 2.4 GHz
    • Number of Channels: 4
    • Protocol: Spektrum DSMX
    • Video Resolution: 720p
    • Photo Resolution: 1.0 MP
    • Video Streaming: 480p via WiFi downlink
    • Recording Media: MicroSDHC
    • Video Transmitter: 5.8 GHz WiFi downlink
    • Range: 80' / 24 m

    Battery Requirements:

    • Vehicle: 500mAh 1S LiPo Rechargeable Battery (Included)
    • Transmitter: Batteries Not Included
    • Charger: USB Battery Charger (Included)

    The FAA requires drones that weigh more than .55 lbs to be registered. Registration of this drone is Not Required by the FAA. If you would like to register your drone anyway, you will need to go to here.

  4. ImmersionRC Vortex Race Quad 2.4GHz 4CH Camera RC Mini Drone

    This is a MAP Controlled Item.


    • 285-sized Foldable Mini-Quad Kit
    • Carbon Fiber and Custom Injected Plastic Design
    • Tiltable, Vibration-Free Camera Mount
    • Integrated Flight Control and Full-Graphic On-screen Display
    • Integrated 40-channel NexWaveRF 5.8GHz Video Transmitter
    • Flexible Camera Mounting Options
    • Tight Interface with EzUHF Receivers

    Integrated 5.8GHz Video Tx

    • An on-board NexWaveRF 5.8GHz video transmitter, with 40 channel support, ensures compatibility with any 5.8GHz AV Rx on the market. ImmersionRC's exclusive RaceBand allows 8 pilots to fly together, while being 100% legal for US resellers to distribute. All channels fall within the legal US Ham band. The on-board OSD allows video transmitter channels to be chosen using the RC transmitter, no more dip-switches to flip, and no more frequency lists to remember. Full compatibility with all ImmersionRC/FatShark, Boscam, Team Black-Sheep, DJI, and ImmersionRC RaceBand channels.

    Flexible Flight Controller

    • The integrated flight controller, with 3 axis Gyro, 3 axis Accelerometer, and barometer, is pre-programmed with CleanFlight, and is future-proof, supporting future updates. A direct, high-speed interface to the full-graphic OSD, and a USB port on the back of the quad for programming and updates, complete the package. PIDs are adjusted on-screen, in easy-to-use menus, driven directly from the RC Tx.

    Flexible Camera Options

    • The flexible Vortex camera mount supports both a flight cam, and an HD camera such as a GoPro, or Mobius. The flight cam is protected from impacts, and is suspended from a vibration-dampened carbon-fibre plate. An adjustable bracket allows the camera to be tilted to ensure a good forward view during high-speed racing. As the icing on the cake, a monster 3A switching regulator allows any HD cam to be powered from the flight pack, allowing unnecessary camera batteries to be left at home.

    Pro-Tuner, In The Box

    • The Vortex includes an industry-first, tuning parameters from Pro-Racers right in the box. Just select the racer, prop size, HD camera choice, etc. and the Vortex OSD will setup the flight controller for you. Some of the biggest names in FPV Quad Racing have abused countless LiPos tuning the Vortex for peak performance, and have produced some stunning videos in the process.

    Lights!, Music!, Action!

    • Ok, there is no music, we'll leave that to the post-processing, but there are lights, and plenty of action! A set of 8 24-bit RGB LEDs sit on the tail of the Vortex, sandwiched safely between the upper, and lower frame plates. These LEDs, controlled by a dedicated 32-bit ARM processor (yeah...what were we thinking!), can show something as mundane as the pilot's favorite color, just about anything else we decide to roll into the user-upgradable firmware. Brake lights?, Shift to white for max. acceleration?, Indicators for polite left/right turns?, or just a pattern to remind you of 80's Discos. Since Airgonay's now-famous "Star Wars" video, rear lights on miniquads have become not a 'nice to have', but a 'no fun without 'em'.

    Custom 32-bit, 12A ESCs, with OneShot125

    • Custom 12A ESCs (16A Peak), with OneShot125, and regenerative braking, for crisp-responsive flight using CleanFlight. A 32-bit ARM processor runs each ESC, ensuring plenty of processing power to drive even the most fussy brushless motors. These ESCs are the first worldwide to use our unique rotorSENSE, which programs prop direction with the flick of a finger. No more swapping motor wires. ESCs so thin, that they fit completely into the arm tubes, protected from the elements, and the occasional passing tree.

    Recliners, and Incliners

    • As racing quads approach race-speeds, HD cameras have a habit of recording very high definition footage of...the ground. Two optional kits available for the Vortex provide a recliner for the GoPro, or an incliner for the Mobius camera. These kits are shipped with the appropriate rubber dampers, and in the case of the GoPro kit, also a plug-and-play power cable, to allow the GoPro to be powered without an internal battery (and it's unwanted weight).


    • An on-board 3 Amp, 5V switching regulator keeps the electronics fed with a clean supply, with enough left over to power a GoPro, Mobius, or any other camera which requires a clean 5V supply.

    Full Graphic OSD, with EzOSD pedigree

    • An on-board full-graphic OSD provides in-flight updates of critical parameters, and sports a menu which allows all options to be programmed in the field using the RC Tx, and a set of goggles, or an LCD screen. A real-time interface with the flight controller enables artificial horizons, F-18 style displays, and exchange of flight parameters.

    Seven! 32-bit ARM processors

    • There are not many drones out there with that claim to fame...the Vortex sports no less than seven 32-bit ARM processors, all working together for maximum fun-factor. A dedicated ARM for the flight controller, another for the full-graphic OSD, even another for the LED board at the back of the drone, and then four high performance ARMs for the custom ESCs.

    Custom OSD Layouts

    • Several OSD layouts are included in the package:
      • A classical EzOSD-type layout, with all critical parameters available on-screen.
      • A Heads-Up display which would be more at home in a fighter-jet, with artificial horizon and altitude indicator.
      • A Race layout, with just the critical parameters, tucked around the edges of the display.
    • All OSD layouts include screen-center alerts for critical warnings, such as battery voltage, EzUHF Link Critical, etc.


    • ImmersionRC Vortex Race Quad 2.4GHz 4CH Camera RC Mini Drone


    • Size: 11.8 Inches x 4.3 Inches (300 X 110mm) - 283mm between diagonal motors
    • Flying Weight: 1.1 lbs without battery, or HD camera
    • Power Requirements: 3s-4s LiPo (typical)
    • ESCs: Full Custom, 12A cont. 16A peak, rotorSENSE, OneShot125
    • Flight Camera: FatShark 600TVL CMOS (std), FatShark 700TVL CMOS, and 900TVL CCD optional
    • HD Camera: GoPro Hero, Hero 3/4 (Optional power from onboard BEC), Mobius, Runcam
    • Receiver Compatibility: CPPM Input, with S-Bus, and Spektrum Satellite converter cables optional
    • Flight Time: Highly dependent upon battery, and flying style

    Battery Requirements:

    • Vehicle: 1300mAh 3S 45~90C, or 1300mAh 4S 45~90C LiPo Battery (Not Included)

    The FAA requires drones that weigh more than .55lbs to be registered. You will need to go to here to register your drone.

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