Magpul Airsoft PTS AFG 2 Foregrip BLK

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Magpul Airsoft PTS AFG 2 Foregrip BLK


Magpul PTS AFG Angled Forward Grip 2 - Black

Magpul PTS version of the Magpul USA AFG:

Low-profile forward grip/hand stop takes advantage of natural body mechanics to give the shooter more precise control, faster pointing, and less operator fatigue. The Magpul AFG (Angled Fore-Grip) positions the support hand close to the centerline of the bore for maximum recoil control to aid in fast, accurate follow-up shots. Provides a consistent reference point for finding the correct hand position quickly when mounting the weapon under stress.

The natural, ergonomic hand position with the palm facing up results in better blood flow than the "clenched fist" stance often used with vertical grips that leads to fatigue and loss of sensation during long periods in the ready position. Improves on the "thumb break" hold often used with standard vertical grips by allowing the thumb to rest comfortably alongside the top rail, pointing forward, with the rest of the hand in full contact with the forend. Heavy-duty reinforced molded polymer construction stands up to the hard knocks of tactical operations, and deep, molded-in grooves help you maintain a firm grip even with wet hands.

Magpul PTS AFG (Angled Fore Grip) review by Booligan

Table of Contents:
First impressions/Packaging
General Information
Proper Use

Magpul PTS is the airsoft/training division of Magpul, which makes them one of a handful of firearms companies that actually has an interest in our fine sport! They keep making new products that make the shooter more effective, and the AFG is one of the latest from their factory. This unique accessory will be finding its way onto more and more guns in the future, but you can check it out now in this review!

I was sent the AFG from Airsplat, who recently started carrying Magpul PTS products at competitive prices. The AFG is available at $36.99. It was shipped out right after ordering, and arrived two days later using Airsplat's UPS Ground free shipping. Airsplat now carries pretty much everything that Magpul PTS makes, so if you're looking for Magpul goodies, they're a great place to check first!

First impressions/Packaging:
The Magpul PTS AFG comes packaged in a strong plastic bag, with the AFG itself, an interchangeable finger shelf, as well as a basic manual. It's not the most sturdy package I've ever seen, but it stood up to the shipping test just fine, and arrive to me in one piece.

Everything all packaged up

Everything included


Info on the AFG

General Information:
So, what the heck is this weird looking thing? It is a foregrip, but not a vertical model that has become standard in the field. It is angled, and is usually installed much farther up the rail than a normal VFG. This allows for a more natural shooting posture, as well as reducing fatigue and increasing accuracy. It also is much lower profile than a VFG, meaning it is much less likely to get snagged on things.

The AFG itself is made of a high strength polymer, with metal screws and nuts keeping the thing held together. The interchangeable front strap gives you the option of running it with or without a middle finger rest. I personally prefer to run it with the rest, but others may feel differently.

AFG overview


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