Kong Power 11.1V 1900mAH LiPo Batt 22C

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Manufacturer:IB (Intellect Battery)



Kong Power 11.1V 1900mAH LiPo Batt 22C


Kong Power 11.1V 1900mAH 22C LIPO Battery
- Size: 102mm L x 34mm W x 5mm H
- 22C (41.8A) Continuous / 40C (75A) Max Bursts
- Lithium Polymer Cell
- 16 AWG Wire
- Airsoft Battery Review & Video Review Available - Click More Info
- ONLY compatible with LiPo chargers and balancers. Usage of standard wall chargers or any non LiPo chargers could cause damage and battery to overheat resulting in fire. LiPo batteries for advanced users only. Usage of lipo balancer and lipo charger is required. Any damages as a result of misuse is not AirSplat's responsibility.

Kong Power 11.1v LiPo Batteries review by Booligan

Table of Contents:
Ordering/Company Info
Basic Information
First impressions/Packaging
Proper Use

LiPo batteries have started to take the market by storm, with several companies releasing new models every month it seems. I’ve been using these Kong Power battery packs for the last 6 months or so, and I’m happy to report on them in this review! I’ve been quite pleased with them over other packs that I’ve used, and I’ll cover the good and the bad aspects of them in the next sections!

Ordering/Company Info:
These batteries were sent to Airsoft Retreat directly from Kong Power in order to have them reviewed. Kong Power is a Taiwan based company that specializes in LiPo batteries and accessories, and I have previously reviewed their KP50W charger, and their LiPo balancer. I’ve been VERY happy with my Kong Power products thus far, and these batteries are no exception! The small battery is currently available at Airsplat, priced at $39.95

Basic Information:
I am reviewing two separate batteries today, the 11.1v 15C 1100 mAh "small" pack, and the 11.1v 22C 1900 mAh "big" pack. These batteries are small compared to large cell battery packs, but are on the larger end of LiPo packs. They are still compact enough to fit in damn near any gun you’ll come across, however, so you shouldn’t really worry if they’ll fit, just pick the right size for your needs. The smaller pack works quite well for stick battery applications (but does not fit in all stick battery guns) or nunchuck packs, and the large is a good substitute for 9.6v mini batteries.

First impressions/Packaging:
The batteries came packaged in plastic baggies with cardboard tops. The tops have the KP logo as well as a hole for hanging them on retail hooks. My first thought with the blue multiple cell design was that it looked like I was sent some Laffy Taffy with wires installed, but a quick burst firing out of my nearest gun showed me that these are serious batteries!

"Small" pack (not counting wires)
Cell Length: 125 mm
Cell Width: 20 mm
Height: 20 mm (all 3 cells together)
Power Output: 16.5A Continuous/19.8A Burst


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