KJW USP P8 Compact Gas Airsoft Gun Metal

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Manufacturer:KJW (Kuan Ju Works)


KJW USP P8 Compact Gas Airsoft Gun Metal


KJW USP P8 Compact Gas Airsoft Gun Metal
- Velocity: 300 FPS (0.2 g BB) / Range 70-90 feet
- Barrel Length: 4 inches / 9 cm
- Magazine Capacity: 15 Rounds
- Overall Length: 7 inches
- Full Metal Slide
- Integrated Rail
- Airsoft Gun Review & Video Review Available - Click More Info
- Made in Taiwan

KJW USP P8 Compact Gas Pistol Manual

This KJW USP is a compact version of the full size USP. It is ideal for concealment or smaller hands. The gun is very solid and features a working safety and decocker. Additional magazines are the same as the full size variant, however, you will need to purchase a compact floor plate in order for the magazine to fit properly. (GP-KJW-USP-PLAT)
KJW USP P8 Gas Airsoft Blowback Gun


In this article, the KJW USP P8 gas blowback pistol will be reviewed and discussed. This article will explore the insides as well as the externals of the gun ranging from its first impressions to performance. It will give the reader an inside look of what KJW USP P8 is all about.

KJW USP P8 First Impressions:

What first impressions many people would have about the Gas Blowback Handgun KJW USP P8 is its heft. It feels great on the hand because it is not too heavy and nor too light. Its grip is also very comfortable to hold. Most of its weight is coming from the magazine, although true for many other pistols.

In comparison with the KWA G17 Pistol , the KJW USP airsoft gun is about 2 to 3 times heavier. Its grip is also much wider and feels better.

The slide color, however, is different from the gun as shown in the left image below. Its dark grayish hue makes it stand out from the gun color, but it does not look tacky.

At first glance, it is noticeable that the pistol is completely lacking of trademarks except for some markings on the side, such as the writing "9mmX19." This print is also present on the magazine along with two columns of indentation numbered 4 - 15 on the back side as shown on the right image below. There are markings on the trigger which is a little less noticeable. There is also one on the metal strip that is found under the barrel. It has numbers that has no known purpose, perhaps production count.

The Magazine for KJW USP P8 :
One important thing to note about the procedure when fill

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