KJW M700 Police Airsoft Sniper Gas Rifle

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Manufacturer:KJW (Kuan Ju Works)


KJW M700 Police Airsoft Sniper Gas Rifle


KJW M700 Police Airsoft Sniper Gas Rifle
- Velocity: 530 fps (0.2 g BB) / Range 200-220 feet
- Barrel Length: 27 inches / 68 cm
- Magazine Capacity: 11 Rounds
- Super Smooth Bolt Action
- Amazing Velocity!
- Iron Sights Included, No Scope
- Accuracy Proven
- Airsoft Gun Review Available - Click More Info
- Made in Taiwan

KJW M700 Police Sniper Gas Rifle Manual

The KJW M700 is based on the world renowned Remington Model 700. This Airsoft replica boasts an AMAZING 530 FPS right out of the box! It is gas powered, so you do not need to tug on a super tight bolt to achieve such an amazing velocity. On the same note, the bolt action is easy and silky smooth.

KJW M700 Takedown Version Review - Click for more reviews

This review is about the all new KJ Works (KJW) M700 sniper rifle. It's a really popular sniper rifle and often used by military and police. This KJW M700 series are actually a clone on Tanaka Works products and marketed with a much lower price. Build materials and design are more or less the same, and, fortunately or unfortunately, BB magazines between KJW and TW are not interchangeable! So let's see what we get for this lower price. A golden rule in airsoft is; "what you pay is what you get!". Will this also apply to the KJW M700 Take-Down version? We would also like to thanks Kent Wu personally from Airsplat.com who enabled us to make this review, thanks a lot! Now let's see and find out more about this sniper rifle

Facts and features
Let's start with the facts of this rifle. What is this gun able to? These are the stock specifications. Later on in our tests these facts will be verified.

Product Name: KJ Works M700 Take-Down Version
Model Number: KJW-M700TD
Weight: 3600 gram
Length: 1168mm
Barrel Caliber: 6.1mm
Bullet Capacity: 11 rounds
Bullet: 6mm BB
Initial Bullet Speed: 450-600 FPS
Hop-Up: Adjustable
Gas Type: Can handle up to 12kg/cm2 gas
Firing Mode: Single Shot Bolt Action / Gas

First Impression
Personally i am an Armalite fan and love modifications of the M16 and M4 rifle's. However this M700 gave me the change to feel and deal with a sniper rifle. I have to say it really is fun to be a sniper and often provides a real kick when hitting a person 50 meters away and he is still not knowing who has shot him :)

My first impression on this rifle was amazing. The size (size does matter! :)), feel, power and sound were all great! I really needed to go to Belgium and play with this rifle. When i received my scope and mounted it with some rings, installed the bipod and found i nice sling i was all ready to go. I only played in woodland environments so far, now I am really looking forward to play with it in a more city landscape sitting on a nice spot somewhere on the roof!

The gun came very well packed in the box with more than enough foam. So it arrived logically undamaged. Included are a manual (which not seems to be adjusted for the Take-Down version) and exploded drawing including english translations. The manual scans can be found below. Also included are a loading tube, some 100 roun

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