JG G36K 0838 G608-3 Airsoft AEG Rifle

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Product Code:ERM-JG-G36K-838

Manufacturer:JG Airsoft Guns (Jing Gong GB)


JG G36K 0838 G608-3 Airsoft AEG Rifle


JG G36K 0838 G608-3 Airsoft AEG Rifle
- Velocity: 335 FPS (0.2 g BB) / Range 170-190 Feet
- Barrel Length: 16 inches / 40 cm
- Magazine Capacity: 470 Rounds
- Folding Stock
- Integrated Sight
- Battery and Charger Included (Small)
- Accuracy Proven
- Airsoft Gun Review & Video Review Available - Click More Info
- Made in China

Please visit our Airsoft Maintenance page for information and videos

The JG G36K is the carbine version of the G36 with an 16" barrel. The side folding stock allows the overall length of the gun to be even shorter! This model features an integrated scope inside the carry handle assembly.

This airsoft gun is not to be misrepresented as a real firearm or gun that is manufactured by Heckler & Koch and is merely an airsoft gun that fires 6mm pellets. The manufacturer of this airsoft gun is JG.

Here's a simple guide on how to disassemble a JG G36C. Assuming that you already have a basic knowledge on the parts of an AEG and be aware that you will void warranty by doing so.

1. Basically, marked here are the only screws (philips & allen screws) that needs to be removed & nothing else. Remove the foregrip.

2. After removing all the screws, the first part to be removed is the 'magazine well' assembly. Remove the lockpin that holds the magazine well, then press the magazine release lever (1), then lift up the magazine well assembly (2).

3. Remove the Tamiya baby plug connector by pressing its lock from inside the magazine well.

4. Encircled are the 'bolts' that holds the barrel assembly in place, remove those & make sure you don't lose its matching 'nuts' on the other side. Next is for you to pull the barrel assembly outwards to give way to the gearbox assembly.

5. While pulling the barrel assembly, take a look inside your magazine well. Notice that the hopup assembly moves together with the barrel assembly, exposing & freeing up the air nozzle of your gearbox.

6. Now it's time to take out your gearbox assembly as shown.

7. Here's how the hopup assembly looks like.

8. Now that the gearbox is already out, take out the retaining pin (encircled) that holds the gearbox assembly & the

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