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AirSplat No Drama Just Airsoft T-Shirt

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AirSplat Tactical Holiday Stocking Tan

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KWA LM4 PTR GBBR Limited Edition Set

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Survival Gear & Emergency Prep

Some of the best Survival Gear and Emergency Preperation you will need! We've got you covered with MRE's, Knives, Bug Out Bags, and more!

Outdoor Accessories

Outdoor Accessories

From Avalanches to Zombie Outbreaks, any BoyScout worth his pocket knife will tell you to Be Prepared. With everything from pre made survival kits to individual components, AirSplat has the supplies you need for almost any situation, weekend outing, or MilSim Operation. Paracord Rope, Compasses, Utility Knives, Trauma Kits, Survival Kit In A Bottle, and many more accessories and essentials can be found here.


Rope & Paracord Accessories

Rope & Paracord Accessories

You never know what you will need rope for, but they always end up needing it. With military grade 550 Paracord, you can secure your gear for transport, make a basic weapon sling, set snare traps, create fishing line, and so much more. It's always a good idea to have some rope handy.


Canteens & Water Bottles

Canteens & Water Bottles

Clean water can mean the difference between life and death, or at least comfort and a dry throat. Canteens, Water Bottles, and Hydration Packs are excellent to have for extended Airsoft matches, as well has day trips, larger operations, and camp outs. Always remember to fill your bottle at a clean water source. If you think you have enough water to move on, double up your supply.


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