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UHC USP Gas Airsoft Non-blowback

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USP P8 Airsoft Pistols
Airsoft Manufacturers:
UHC (Unicorn Hobby Corp)
Stock: Yes & Ships w/in 24Hrs*
Model: USP P8 Airsoft Gun Pistol
Written Review  - Click on Picture of Airsoft Gun to Read Review Accuracy Proven - Click on Picture of Airsoft Gun for Target

UHC USP Gas Airsoft Non-blowback
- Velocity: 290 fps (0.2 g BB) / Range 70-90 feet
- Barrel Length: 5 inches / 14 cm
- Magazine Capacity: 15 Rounds
- On Frame Safety
- Hop Up
- Semi-Automatic
- Accuracy Proven
- Airsoft Gun Review Available. Click More Info
- Made in Taiwan

UHC USP Gas Pistol Manual

The replica of the USP pistol is capable of firing in semi-automatic mode. It is a 1:1 scale replica and has many of the same functions as the real thing. At this price, you won't be able to find another gas powered gun.

UHC USP Airsoft Gas Non-Blowback Pistol


Often times, beginner airsoft players, especially the ones who are transitioning from spring guns to GBB or Non-Blowback would find it difficult to transition since the prices of these airsoft pistols can range from $100 to $150. However, there is an alternative to that. The UHC, for instance, has gas guns and springers that are reasonably priced. The following are among some of the specific examples of Non-blowback guns. They are:

In this article, the USP P8 Pistol will be discussed and reviewed to give the reader a closer look of what this handgun can do.

First Impressions:

Upon first holding the UHC USP, it is noticeable that the gun seem light but a little heavy in the front. Primarily made with plastic, this gun looks decent with nice lean lines and only a few mold cast lines breaking the finish. Much like the steel version of it, the color is slightly gray. The grip has a raised textured surface on the front and back that is a bit coarse. This UHC USP spring gun essentially does not have any metal external parts, much like the real steel replicas in the USP line. This gun is also similar to UHC Tomb Raider Gas Airsoft Non-blowback.

The UHC USP airsoft handgun did a great job in putting in the functional details such as the partially functioning slide lock as well as the extractor detail. It does not, however, have any details on it in terms of trademarking. Therefore, there is not a single trademark on it, not even a 'mock' one.

Although there is a minimal rattling noise within the nonblowback magazine, this is relatively minor. Plus, due to its plastic construction, it is more quiet than many other guns in the market. This gun fits together neatly and well without exception. The field stripping of the gun involves spreading the sides of the slide to get it to release from the frame, which may be a drawback to some.

UHC USP Airsoft Gun Performance:

UHC USP airsoft gas gun fires at a about 100 fps when using 134a gas. It is not meant to reach targets of longer range. This gun can be competently used as a sidearm, therefore it is safe to say that the UHC USP gas pistols are likely to give someone the capability to shoot moving targets only for short ranges.

When using green gas, the muzzle velocity for the UHC USP airsoft gas guns improves. Due to its lightweight plastic construction, the gun does not seem to be durable enough to function reliably. Therefore the use of 134a and green gas would be rated similarly with this gun. The cycling of the gun is reported to be crisp and sharp. Although, the slide lacks a significant blowback since there is not enough mass to make any difference. This offers something to the shooter however. The lack of cycling and blowback allows easier firing of accurate shots in rapid sequence. Even though this gun can only fire at shorter distances, the accuracy is something to consider.

For added accessory to reduce the shooting noise of the handgun is to add a silencer. The Metal Universal Socom Silencer can be placed on the gun for a near-unnoticeable shots during skirmishes.


The UHC UPS's sight is the drawback for this pistol. It is molded onto the gun therefore, it is not moveable having the user adjust to the gun's point of aim instead of allowing it to be adjusted in terms of the user's target.

Shooting Note:

It is good practice to always fill the magazine with gas for maximum reliability. Most of the time, the gun may lose its optimum performance after the first round so recharge it with gas for every round.

4/5 - Lacks trademarks and markings.

Build Quality
4/5 - Durable build.

4/5 - Mediocre

Value for Money
4/5 - You can do no wrong

Overall Potential
4/5 - Perfect for the price.


The lack of trademarks is one of the complaints about the UHC USP gas guns. It does not bear a single trademark anywhere on the pistol. Also, while the slide is partially functional it does not cycle dramatically and is lacking of the crips metal sound that many metal replicas do when charged. However, the gun is fairly accurate in its details in several as mentioned above.


In conclusion, the UHC USP Gas Airsoft handgun is very economical for a gas gun. In skirmishes, it is not the best gun to have however it is definitely not the worst. Even though it does not have a great muzzle velocity, has a mediocre construction, and has a respectable magazine capacity, the gun is fairly decent for a low end gas gun. This gun looks sharp and reasonably effective as a sidearm.

This airsoft gun is not to be misrepresented as a real firearm or gun that is manufactured by Heckler & Koch and is merely an airsoft gun that fires 6mm pellets. The manufacturer of this airsoft gun is UHC.

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UHC USP Gas Airsoft NonBlowback Magazine

UHC USP Gas Airsoft NonBlowback Magazine

$16.99 Add with
Yes & Ships w/in 24Hrs*
AirSplat 320ml HFC 22 Airsoft Green Gas

AirSplat 320ml HFC 22 Airsoft Green Gas

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Airsoft Green Gas 3-Pack 8 oz.

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Airsoft Green Gas 6-Pack 8 oz.

Airsoft Green Gas 6-Pack 8 oz.

$79.99 Add with
Yes & Ships w/in 24Hrs*
Airsoft 6mm 0.2 g 2000 Pellet BB Bag

Airsoft 6mm 0.2 g 2000 Pellet BB Bag

$5.99 Add with
Yes & Ships w/in 24Hrs*
Airsoft Elite Precision 0.2g 4000 BB's

Airsoft Elite Precision 0.2g 4000 BB's

$11.00 Add with
Yes & Ships w/in 24Hrs*
Airsoft BB Pellet Magazine Speed Loader

Airsoft BB Pellet Magazine Speed Loader

$4.99 Add with
Ships in 8 Weeks
Airsoft Shooting Safety Eye Glasses Guns

Airsoft Shooting Safety Eye Glasses Guns

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ICS Silicone Oil Spray 200mL Lubricant

ICS Silicone Oil Spray 200mL Lubricant

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KJW USP P8 Compact Gas Airsoft Gun Metal

KJW USP P8 Compact Gas Airsoft Gun Metal

$109.99 Add with
Yes & Ships w/in 24Hrs*

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