Indiana Website Description

Blast camp is a decommisioned Nike Missle base.  As such it contains actual buildings including several barracks, administration buildings, a motorpool, and other structures.  Several other playing fields have been constructed including a speedball field.

The Indiana Airsoft Association was founded in 2005 to provide a common place for Indiana airsoft players to share information and ideas about airsoft. As well as to inform Indiana residents about up and coming airsoft games that their team may be hosting

Hell's Rangers is a smalltown based airsoft team. we have 5 members and are looking to expand. anyone can join our team but you got to take airsoft seriously and obey the rules. we don't go to much events but we make our own games. some are 3-day war, capture the flag, free-for-all matches.
  A North West Indiana based airsoft team that's looking to recruit new players in the area. Includes details about the team and contact information.
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