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Summit Lake Entertainment hosts all kinds of events, from Airsoft and Paintball, to BMX competitions and concerts... If it's a Summit Lake event, you know it'll be Fun and professional.
  Events organized by Midwest Airsoft Guerillas are hosted here.  Located about 30 minutes south of Joliet, IL.  Field size is massive with lots of varying terrain.
  CPX is a large paintball facility located in Joliet, IL.  Instead of one large field it is broken up into many smaller fields.  Airsoft play is allowed only on the last Sunday of the month.  Admission is currently $25.
  Has two speedball fields that can be used for airsoft, as well as 2 wooded maps, Frontier and Vietnam. A tank field is available. Speedball fields have cover contructed from mounds of dirt with concrete and stacked barrels respectively.
  AirsoftX is hosting Games, Tournaments, Challenges, Operations and Leagues in Peoria Illinois. A 25k Square foot, multi level, extremely realistic CQB facility dedicated to the sport of airsoft.  You might want to challenge yourself on The Gauntlet, a dynamic test that will push your limits on skill, speed and accuracy.
  2 Fields (CQB & THE FOREST) 10 Acres of airsoft Milsims, Nite Games, Winter Games Open year round. Strictly Airsoft. No paint ball. 

A Illinois based Airsoft Forum
  We are located in the Chicago area and attend the larger events in the Midwest, as well as all of the local games. Our motto is "Honor, Trust, Brotherhood" and that stands true on and off of the field.
  A traditional forum for statewide airsoft information
  Our team tries to attend games as often as possible. We have our own field which is only available to members of the team and we use it for training and team practices. We always try to attend games and events that are hosted by other airsoft groups.

A regional website for information on airsoft activities throughout the midwest. Midwest Airsofters is not a replacement for any event holders, Retailers, or organization. Its designed to help blanket all of these types of entities and help promote airsoft.
  We have +6 years of airsofting experience with physically and mentally fit members (2 are in Varsity Football and 1 in Varsity Vollyball). We have very good airsoft guns(pretty much Echo 1 and UTG)for the tournaments in our area.
  The Elgin City River Rats is a private group of tactical combat re-enactors based in Chicago land.  Our membership is comprised of more than forty individuals from diverse walks of life who share a passion for airsoft. 
  The WW2AA was formed in the spring of 2003 when it was apparent that both local airsofters and WWII re-enactors were interested in playing WWII themed scenarios using airsoft weapons.
  The Chicago Egg Heads is an Airsoft team comprised of skilled Airsoft players from The Greater Chicagoland Area.
  Airsoft team in NW Illinois
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