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ICS M4 Quick Detatch (QD) Silencer


For the past few years, ICS M4 has been having great reviews. To make the rifle more fun to play with, why not add a little accessory to it. In this article, the ICS M4 Silencer will be discussed in depth to give the reader an insight of how this nice little accessory is a must have for the ICS M4 gun.

One of the latest M4 accessories is the QD Silencer

The silencer is also called the "suppressor." The name is interchangeable, but to most people it is well known as the "silencer."

There are many QD silencers out there in the market, but questions about it always come up: Is it sturdy? Will it wobble when used? What will it keep it from moving around? And are they just for looks, or does it actually do what it is supposed to do? Further in the reading, the ICS M4 Silencer will be reviewed giving answers to these questions.

The ICS M4 Silencer's First Impression: The first noticeable thing when the package is opened and taken out of the box is its weight and quality. It has a nice heft to it and seems to be manufactured with a better quality metal than those found on the SOCOM Suppressor. Having the dimensions of 41mm X 177mm, the solid piece of metal is quite impressive.

Markings are visible on some parts of this ICS M4 Silencer. One of them is "M4 QD CAL. 5.556" as shown in the image above. The second marking is the serial number shown on the left picture below. Lastly, the markings of the manufacturer's name as well as its location which is inscribed. They are "KNIGHTS ARMAMENT CO. Vero Beach, FL." As shown on the right image below.

Attaching the ICS M4 Silencer: The silencer slides over an existing flash hider. It is held in place by two bars. It connects snugly onto the front of the gun by the inclusion of an O-ring in the rear cap. To note, QD in the name signifies "Quick-Detach."

The flat section at the bottom slides down and the silencer is slid over the flash hider. The connection fit is impressively tight. It can take a good bit of force to get it all the way inside the flash hider. The piece then has to press back far enough in order for the internal bars to line up with the rear groove on the flash hider. Then, press the sliding section back up and it snaps back into place.

Silencer Rear Cap: There has been occasions where the connection was popped open causing it to loosen when used during close-quarter battles. The reason is that the bottom piece is somewhat large. While this is not too cruicial for the accessory, it would help if it had a smaller bottom piece.

Function and Performance: The ICS M4 QD Silencer does make a difference when it comes to performance. It is not just an accessory for cosmetics.

Even though the gun fire is still audible, the ICS M4 Silencer lowered the sound of a rifle shot to a muffled pop compare to when it is not attached. The nice thing about the change in sound is that it does make it a little harder to hear where the location of the AEG is fired. This is especially good for CQBs.

One thing to note about the ICS M4 Silencer is that it does NOT work with the TM Velocity Reducer. Even though the item can go over the reducer, the silencer cannot clamp down over the back end.

As shown in the image above, the ICS M4 filts great on an M16. Among the examples of specific guns it can fit onto include:

Conclusion: The ICS M4 Silencer does the job. It lowers the sound of the gun fire to a muffled pop and it also has a great overall quality and appearance. This accessory is truly a must have when planning on purchasing a silencer.

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