G&G AK47 RK74 Airsoft Gun AEG Rifle

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G&G AK47 RK74 Airsoft Gun AEG Rifle


G&G AK47 RK74 Airsoft Gun AEG Rifle
- 360 fps (0.2 g BB) / Range 160-180 feet
- Barrel Length: 20 inches / 51 cm
- Magazine Capacity: 600 Rounds
- Internals Completely Upgraded!
- Full Metal Body and Gearbox
- Battery and Charger sold Separately
- Accuracy Proven
- Made in Taiwan

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This RK47 is a very nice rifle complimented by real wood handguards. This is perfect if you like the traditional look and feel of a standard AK47. The function of the gun is unbelievable! Internally, everything is pretty much upgraded, including the barrel, which is a 6.035mm precision barrel. The receiver and barrel are machined to perfection. The bolt and gas piston are extremely realistic and gives you the satisfying "CLACK" of a bolt closing.

G&G Airsoft AEG Rifle Manual

- Internal Upgrades: Brass Gear Box Bushings, Ball Bearing Spring Guide Rod, 6.035mm Precision Inner Barrel, 407 mm Barrel Length, Metal Gear Box, Steel Gears)

- All G&G AEG airsoft rifles are pre-upgraded with precision inner barrel, ONLY USE high precision BBs. Failure to do so will cause jam and possible internal damage resulting in permanent damage and will VOID warranty.

Airsoft Gun Review of the G&G RK 104

The GuayGuay (G&G) RK104 is an airsoft gun replica of the AK-104, a shortened 7.62X39mm assault rifle produced for the Russian military.�The Kalashnikov-designed AK-100 series is an evolutionary improvement on the AK-74 series that currently equips former Warsaw Pact militaries.�G&G has taken a similar approach with their RK104, adding little details to this gun that raises the realism bar for all Airsoft gun AEG Rifles.Below is a detailed view of parts, accesories, and design of these new G&G AK104 airsoft rifles.


Like all of G&G’s guns, the RK104 is an attractive, well put together gun. �nlike G&G’s GR16 series, where the magnesium receivers make the GR16s feel deceptively light, the RK104 has a solid, weighty feel to is, as an AK should feel.�The finishes applied to each part of the gun are well done and appear true to the real gun counterpart.�What should be metal on the real gun is metal on the RK104 AEG.�What should be plastic on the real gun is plastic on the RK104 Airsoft Rifle.�The receiver exhibits very realistic looking riveting like the real gun receiver.�The seams of the gas tube, rear sight block, and front sight post are authentic true to the eye and touch. .

The nicest detail on the gun is the bolt and charging handle.�The G&G RK104 AEG uses a bolt spring and fake bolt/gas piston that is very similar to a real steal AK.�Pulling and releasing this setup gives the bolt a heavy, chunky sound that will make real AK aficionados weep with joy.�However, most airsofters who like to customize their guns will realize that it will be impossible to modify the RK104 into a collapsible or no-stock variant, due to the internal design. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful full stock airsoft weapon. .

Not only does the bolt look real and have the realistic style spring guide. It pulls ALL the way back (just like the real one) and has a sturd

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