Ryan B. from OH 12/24/03
I recently purchase a veritable armory of spring weapons from you, and I must say I am quite impressed. My order was processed within 1 day, and it arrived right when it was scheduled to. The guns are all pretty high-quality springers, and I am glad I found your site to buy from as it is much cheaper than all the other sites on the web, and you have great deals, like the free shipping and free Mini-MP5 I received as part of the Christmas sale. I am looking forward to purchasing my KWA MAC-11 from you guys (hopefully) as soon as New Years Day rolls around. You guys are a great company with a friendly and knowledgeable staff, and I can't wait to do business again. Thank you for your great service and customer support.
John K. from MI 10/22/03
Airsplat is my site to go when I am looking for something , they have not let me down on any of my buys from them, always prompt response and shipping. Good internet company.
Jeff L. from CA 10/09/03
I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated the quick response I received from Lindsey when I placed my order. I was surprised to have ordered my gun on Monday and receive it Tuesday. I live here locally in Glendora and play with about 10 other guys who have purchased their guns at various internet sites. I have spoken to them about the prompt service and the fact that you are a local store and I believe you will have 10 new loyal customers. Again, thank Lindsey for the prompt attention.
Matt C. from NY 10/08/03
I think that you all do a superb job out there and I am very happy that I have been doing business with AirSplat rather than some of the other web retailers. Your customer support and demeanor are always top notch.
Saul A. from CA 09/11/03
Hello, I recently sent in my Glock 19 to be serviced by you guys. I must say that I am impressed with the service you have provided. I got my gun back and the repair and service exceeded my expectations. Keep up the good work.
Mark S. from PA 07/26/03
Everybody at AirSplat rocks!!! No other company brought such great service as you have given me. Raymond, thanks for all the help you have given me. I am always used to sending emails concerning my order but not getting a response until a week later, but not with AirSplat! Within 12 hours I have always gotten a response. My MP5 and extra mag works great. Thanks soooo much for all the support!
Cathy O. from CA 06/24/03
I did not get anybody's names at the warehouse, but everyone was very helpful. One of the guys fixed my son's handgun on the spot and showed him exactly what to do if it happened again. What great customer service Airsplat has. Please pass along our appreciation.
Elizabeth M. from TN 06/10/03
Your air guns haven't failed me yet. And the first thing I do every time, is field test them. Thanks for selling good guns.
Michael S. from CA 06/04/03
I have just received my new KJW-M9 airsoft gun. I am really enjoying it very much. I really like how fast I had received it after I had ordered it and I really appreciated the helpful replies to my e-mails. Raymond in customer service was very helpful and the e-mails were of a friendly type. I had ordered many accessories with my airsoft gun and all of it is of high quality. I am going to place another order, very happy with
Nancy F. from NJ 05/30/03
I can't thank you enough for your superior brand of customer service. This is the first time I have dealt with an internet company where I had a problem and it was so readily resolved. I know I began my original e-mail a little strongly, however from past problems with other companies I know returns have not always been easy. I am very pleased with your service and attention to my situation. I would certainly order from your company again. I too am in customer service and truly appreciate being valued as a customer.
Caryl A from AZ 05/07/03
Hi, i just got my new spring MP5 SD3 along with some accessories delivered to me today, and I can't thank you guys enough for the great service. From the time I clicked "complete order" on my computer screen to the second the ups guy put the package at my front door, it only took 3 days by ground shipping! This is my first airsoft purchase, and I can't say enough about how much i like my new gun. It's fast, accurate, and just plain awesome. "Wow", that's what I said when I took my first shot of the gun, because I never thought it would be that accurate, powerful, and perform that well knowing that it was a spring gun. Once I get good with it, i'm going to save up for a pistol, and you can bet that I'll be coming back to AirSplat when the time comes. Thanks again
Sergio G. from TX 04/23/03
I want to thank you for great service when I ordered a airsoft gun off your phone order hotline. I was a little concerned earlier on because I tried for a week to order my gun and no one was at the other line. Then this last week I called many times and the line was busy. But now I finally got through to an operator, and I want to thank your company for being so friendly. I also appreciate the emails I have received from your technical team responding to my concerns. I think your prompt service and helpful email system, is very efficient. I now know in the future, that I will only purchase airsoft guns at You guys ROCK!
Steven R.from OH 03/14/03
I think your company is great. My MP5 I ordered from you is great too. It has a very good range and good accuracy. I love it!
I just ordered a MP5 Tac Force vest to wear. I think that the vest is my favorite thing I bought from your company. It holds 6 MP5 mags, 3 pistol mags, and it has 2 pouches for extra storage and some secret pockets inside.
I bought all of this stuff so I would look like a U.S. Navy Seal. The MP5 that I got looks just like the ones that the Seal's use. I love AirSplat and will continue to buy cool stuff from your web site.
Colonel Bruce R. from KY 02/09/03
I just received the update to my order. I see that is has been reshipped. I would like to thank all who were involved in making this happen. Your company has shown to me that the art of customer service has not been lost. I myself am in the customer service management field for Broadband Internet. I see mistakes that happen to people all the time that is out of the control of the customer. It at times can be miss-understood by the business. In return the customer looses faith in the company. But that is not the case with me at all. I have one hundred percent confidence in your company. I must admit that I was nervous that I would not ever see my order. But with the Email that I just received, I can see that is not the case at all. I look forward to doing more business with your company in the future. I will also be telling all the other players that I know in Airsoft of the great service that I have received. I will also be telling them of how well this whole matter has been handled.
Jonard S. from CA 12/20/02
Thank you gentlemen for the fast service regarding the mix up. Most companies work real fast when it comes to taking processing an order, but drag their feet when problems arise. I'm glad to see that your company does not do that.
Bill H. from CO 10/14/02
Truly you all are a great company. I have enjoyed purchasing from you and have found your prices more then reasonable. I will be ordering my M16A3 in 2 weeks. Again I can not thank you enough for your appreciation of your customers. I tell everyone at our games about you all. Thank you.
Robert G. from NM 9/27/02
Now that is what I call Customer Service. I really appreciate your prompt and professional response. I have a few friends in the Air Force who have already (and will be) ordering from you guys. I will be sure to inform them that you are a top notch company that places customer satisfaction first.
Thank you again and I looking forward to doing business with you again.
Patrick C. from CA 9/20/02
I received the shipment and the airsoft gun (CA M4A1) is beautiful and works quite well. Looking forward to using it to test my mettle this weekend! Your customer service is outstanding and I will definitely look to for my airsoft needs in the future.
Christopher A. from CO 9/01/02
I just wanted to mail you and thank you for every thing. I have just gotten the M16A1 today that I have ordered from your store. And I must say, you have given me the best treatment an online store has given me. You have nice people answering your messages with questions, the are very helpful, and all ways send responses within two days. Also you have gotten me the best deal I have found anywhere! And I had my order delivered I FIVE days! Very fast, faster then any thing I have ordered. You can count on more orders from me! thanks
Rob B. from OR 8/15/02
No matter if you're an airsoft beginner or an airsoft enthusiast looking for the best deals, this is your site. I've sent out orders as small as only ammunition, and as large as 4 or 5 guns with plenty of accessories, and both were treated with excellent care. I haven't had a problem yet with anything I've purchased from this site.
Julie S. from IA 6/01/02
They gave me a great deal. I ordered a Classic Army MP5 just before they ran out of stock. I waited for almost two weeks before they had it back in inventory and they included a free bag of Airsoft Elite BB's as compensation for the delay. I was so happy. Thanks a lot guys.
Lenny C. from CA 5/14/02
Delivery was blazingly fast. My order was shipped the same day I ordered it! However I must admit at first I was not very happy with my gun. The all Metal M9 I ordered began leaking from the magazine after only 2 days of use. However, when I contacted them, they were very courteous and helpful. And when they had mentioned repairs would take 3-4 weeks, I was disappointed. However, repairs only took 2 DAYS! I sent it out on Wednesday and received it back on Friday! I was so impressed I placed another order. Which was shipped that same day again. Which meant I received it the day after I ordered it. Everything they do is lighting fast. And they have great customer service for a web site. They have definitely earned another customer.
John S. from MN 3/19/02
I have made over $1000 of shopping on the net this past 2 months and I have to commend your company for taking time to inform me of my order's out come... some online stores are just so eager to charge my credit only to call me and say that their stocks are out and asks me to wait a whole month for me to get my money back... Thanks Raymond for informing me.
Eric K. from OH 3/17/02
Wow, thanks for replying to my email and letting me know what's going on, heh not to mention how friendly your email was. It's nice to know there's an online company out there that actually considers its patrons as people rather than faceless credit card numbers. I'll be sure to recommend you guys to my friends. Thanks again!
Douglas M. from CA 3/11/02
First off, let me thank you for your kind and immediate response. I appreciate your positive attitude regarding my situation, and feel more comfortable about making purchases over the Internet knowing that there are knowledgeable, kind, and courteous Customer Service people that are willing to help resolve an issue, regardless of what it might be, and go above and beyond so that the customer walks away from the entire transaction feeling a lot better, and quite possibly, have receive a better understanding of the pro's and con's in an industry that is both new and exciting, but also somewhat limited ( Well.... To A Newbie Anyway ) in definitive knowledge. I hope that whomever you report to ( Supervisor, Manager, etc. ) has a chance to see this response as AirSplat has just won both my respect, but most importantly any and all future business.
Neil P. from AZ 3/9/02
I received my purchase from you and am delighted with the service from you guys. This will not be my last purchase from you.
Don L . From FL 2/13/02
The main reason I shop on the Internet is price. Yes, convenience can be a factor, but generally, if I can buy an item competitively priced at a local shop, I'll opt for that. On the Internet, I look for a site that displays and describes the merchandise accurately. Anytime you purchase something on the Internet, its a gamble. I have learned that if you actually get the item you ordered, you're lucky. Now, if you can get the item shipped to you properly packaged, in a reasonable amount of time - that is amazing. You folks at AirSplat have gone way beyond this. Any question I have had regarding merchandise has been answered promptly. Advice requested has been given equally promptly. I don't want to say too much about the way you've handled any problems or returns, because I don't want to encourage any flakes. What I said at beginning about buying locally, that's because service and rapport have a value beyond the price. What's amazing is that you provide these from across a continent.
Robert P. from CA 2/5/02
I think your site has the best prices and very dependable service. Thanks for being a great site
Charlie I. from CA 1/21/02
The only place to shop for airsoft guns is at Their selection of guns is great and their prices are the lowest that I have found. Trust me, I have done a lot of research on the Internet and this is the only place to go. They were very polite and responsive to my questions and they shipped my order to me very quickly. I recommend them highly!
Jeremy W. from TX 1/16/02
I REALLY appreciate all the work that has been done by your company. Once again I can not express enough of my appreciation for all the fine people that work at and I look forward to making many more purchases from your company.
April R. from CA 12/19/2001
I would like to say that I was very pleased with my order's price and it's speedy delivery time. I am a very satisfied customer. You may use my comments, name, and e-mail address for you site. Thanks.
Frank S. from VA 12/19/2001
AirSplat ROCKS!They are like one of the first airsoft companies I have found that meets the consumers demand and not the corporate demand. Keep it up, and keep those deals coming!!
Tom H. from CA 12/17/2001
Finally, an airsoft dealer who actually wants to do business. Thanks for getting back to me. This airsoft thing has been a headache because all the suppliers suck... except you, that is. Your competitors are idiots. I may end up ordering a gun for myself through you and will make sure I recommend you to everyone. You are a good man and you have got yourself a permanent customer.
Thanks for your help.
Christopher B. from LA 12/12/2001
Please make sure that you put this in or by my name however you are going to use it:AIRSPLAT IS THE BOMB. They have most everything that you would want from airsoft and the customer service is great. I commend the whole staff at AirSplat for helping me out. The next time I buy Airsoft Weapons or Airsoft Accessories it is going to be from AirSplat.
Use that or something to that affect. Again thank your manager very much for what he did for me with Christmas just around the corner as I said before your manager must be in the Christmas spirits. Thanks again and I will talk to you soon again.
Steve W. from CA 12/12/2001
Your efforts are above and beyond the call of duty. I do appreciate your attention to detail and customer service excellence.(Having run a Customer Service department I understand exactly the challenge in dealing with the shipping department and getting their cooperation in such matters.)Thanks again for your help. I do appreciate it.
Gordan L. from Canada 12/1/2001
AirSplat, first of all I'll have to say that was the friendliest e-mail I have ever gotten (not just from airsoft dealers, but overall).
Thank you once again for the speedy yet informative response.
Karen C. from CA 11/13/2001
Thank you, for e-mailing me back, I am very happy to see that I can truly rely on your on-line airsoft store! If I ever need any airsoft supplies or bb's, I know the first and only place I will go,!
Thank you one more time for everything, that's nice that you randomly give away bb's too, great way to let people know you care. Your business has been very good to me, I thank you.
EJ Wan from UK 11/19/2001
Hi, Sorry, I've been a little preoccupied with work for the last few days. I should have emailed you first. I got the parcel on Friday afternoon (thanks for all the extra wadding in the box :)). The gun behaves well; metal slide and barrel kit were easier to fit than anticipated (after reading about problems other people have had). I guess the silver mag is the 'new' one; it behaves impeccably, and so does the black one on American Eagle gas. Took it for a pistol game on Sunday, as promised, lots of fun!Gun feels great, solid as a rock. I am really impressed by how solid it feels. It's a real shame that American laws require the orange muzzle, because with the metal slide, the gun looks 110% whereas with the plastic slide it looks 85%.
Well, the gist of it is that I'm happy :D.
As for feedback, yes, I'd be happy to add a +.
Thanks for following up, adding coupons to the order; hope the business continues well.
Mary Anne C. from CA 10/18/2001
You guys have been AWESOME. Not only did I get my guns fast, I got these coupons and a free bag of BB's!!!And everything was as you promised. You guys have been so helpful with all my questions and I really thank you guys for being so great and understanding.
Ash C. from CA 8/18/2001
Yo! Yo! I've never been happier with any airsoft retailer. You have been totally so friendly and cool. Thank you for the awesome MP5 Package, it was a steal. I love it so much I sleep with it! The coupons were cool too. I told all my friends about you guys. Hey, where do you guys play at?Let's play, I'm gonna take you guys down! :-)Keep up the good work.
Kevin W. from TX 7/21/2001
I love you all!!!Thanks for all the support .You all been so wonderful and gracious. I want everyone to know that you'll are the best and friendliest retailer I've ever dealt with. Our clan is buying everything from AirSplat. You can be sure of that.