Peter S. from NY 12/12/05
I just started playing air soft and I buy everything air soft from you. I have found your products to be well working and fun to use. I would also like to tell you that every person I know gets air soft guns from you. My brother and I are planning on buying much more. I am writing this for my sixth grade English class at West Point Middle School. I chose AirSplat because you are my favorite company.
Isaiah H. rom Kansas 12/06/05
Dear consumer relations specialist, I am writing to express my surprise and happiness of your products. I am in 8th grade and met some people who did airsoft. They quickly became my friends and they invited me to one of their airsoft wars. It was awesome!
A few months later, I purchased a V-Force Mask and a KA-13HK (M92FS) spring airsoft handgun. It is one the best spring guns I have ever seen and it keeps working in perfect condition. My friends also love my gun. I will also most certainly purchase more products from you. Thank you for the wonderful service and products.
Karen S from Arkansas 11/21/05
I am really impressed with your selection, staff, and salesmanship. I love the BE Steyr Military Airsoft Electric Rifle I got from your store. I can take out my friend who has a sniper rifle. I am going to continue shopping here. Thank you, you are the greatest!
Josh T from Missouri 11/15/05
AirSplat is the greatest shop out there. I got very good service and it was fast. All the guns are very well taken care of and packaged well. Communication is top notch. And to add to that, the things I got over $150 were free shipping! I highly recommend buying from this company. I'm a frequent buyer. Thanks airsplat!
Ken from Philippines 10/29/05
I really must thank you for having such a GREAT SELECTION of products, and AWESOME PRICES ! NO ONE will EVER be able to beat your awesome prices! I'm VERY impressed by how fast you shipped the items that i ordered! You have my most sincere gratitude. I shall be ordering from you again!
Corporal Scott from Louisiana 10/27/05
I just need to make a quick comment on your air soft products. Besides the fact that they are incredible training weapons offering realism and safety versus real weapons, they have the habit of bringing on the giggles. When we shoot our fellow officers with this gun (following almost all the safety guidelines, of course), the morale is boosted immensely. The realism offered with these weapons also bring on the seriousness of the life we lead in law enforcement, which is sometimes no laughing matter. The BB's bounce off almost leaving no marks, but you still know you got shot. Keep up the good work with the products and we'll keep the training on-going. We will definitely order from y'all next time.
Tony from New Jersey 10/21/05
"WOW!"... that about sums it up. I have gone to almost every airsoft web site out there is.... even E-bay and still, I have yet to find a web site with rock bottom prices and high quality items under the same tab. Keep up the good work!
Michelle from CA 10/12/05
I find your web site to be the best the internet has to offer! you have made a life customer out of me! Thank you!
Brian from OR 10/07/05
You guys are awesome. I got my product fast, for a great price, and when I had questions they were answered quickly. Keep up the great work. I will buy from you guys again. Thanks a whole bunch!
Sam from CA 9/26/05
I bought a mini electric as my first gun. The trapper and pellets came in perfect condition. Bottom line..... I APROVE OF AIRSPLAT.COM
Kurt from PA 9/14/05
This company has THE BEST staff of customer service I have ever come across, I had questions you had quick answers, I had a problem you solved it for me. You definitely have kept me as a customer, and I'll make sure people around my area know about you! To everyone that works ay Air Splat, keep up the good work. I'll be buying more once I have the money for what I need, THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Russel P. from WI 8/1/05
I found your site to have the best prices. The free shipping was an extra bonus. Thank you, we got a great deal! Will be referring you to friends and neighbors.
Roger W. from NV 6/28/05
This letter was originally to tell you that we received the gun etc. and it looks great. I was impressed at how quickly it arrived. Thanks.
Thanks for giving people a good price for an Airsoft gun and accessories. Your prices were one major reason I first considered buying with you.
Thank you for offering free shipping. What a great thing.
Thanks for being available on the phone and answering my questions.
Did I say thank you? Thank you!
(Full Text)
Jack F. from TX 5/21/05
I must say Airsplat is a great retailer. As many times as I have ordered from them, they have been great! They sell great guns, I got my DPMS A-15 from them and I haven't had any problems until my friend broke it. But that wasn't the gun's fault, great retailer anyway, buy from them.
SGT. STEHSEL from US Army 4/17/05
Travis W. from DE 4/10/05
I just wanted to say that first my order came on time, my gun was the best, the prices were unbelievable and you guys are fast, reliable, and got your stuff together. I thank your whole staff for wonderful support. Thanks again and I look forward to do more business with you in the future. You are true professionals. KEEP IT UP!!
Nick S. from OH 3/30/05
I just wanted to thank you very much for helping me out with the ordering of my airsoft gun. I had recently ordered a spring pistol which was a KWC M-1911 A1 spring airsoft gun. This gun shoots like a dream. It is a lighter gun, that makes it easier to aim with and to hold for long periods of time. Anyway, it is a very powerful gun. With cardboard targets, it usually shoots right through them. I will be able to have a camouflage suit and will blend in with the plants and trees. I hope to do business with you again soon, seeing how I will need a full size rifle. I will need one, because it is very hard to fight in an airsoft battle without a rifle and only a sidearm. Thank you very much and God bless you all.
Anthony D. from GA 3/4/05
I have been receiving products from airsplat for the last year, and I must say I am VERY pleased. Your website has a very nice selection of a nice variety of items. Your customer service is also great compared to places like shortyusa. I was going to order from uncompany, but decided to order from airsplat because they had pretty much everything I needed. I have to complement airsplat. They have extremely good prices, and it is nice knowing there is a company out there that offers low prices. I just ordered a KWA Glock 19. About 105 dollars at airsplat, it was nearly 120 DOLLARS at airsoftatlanta. But thank you again for the great service. Thanks again!
Corey W. from CA 2/24/05

My name is Corey and I am 14 years old. I play airsoft with my friends and it is very fun, I play on the weekend and weekdays. A few weeks ago I purchases a P-90 AEG and a bag of 8,000 BB's. Nothing was wrong with it at all, in fact I love them. I have never owned an AEG before but when I bought the P-90 all of my friends were jealous because all they had were cruddy spring airsoft rifles and pistols. When I first opened the box and saw my gun, I feel instantly in love with it; it was like a god to me. It was the first thing I brought off of your website, I am sure I will go back and buy more later on.
I am glad everything I bought from your site was cheap; in fact it's the cheapest site or airsoft dealer I have ever seen. It's great how you can buy 8K BB's for just $15. I used to shop at Big-5 and the BB's there were getting too expensive. You guys beat them all!

Dustin S. from NE 2/10/05
I just wanted to say this is some of the best service I have ever known of. I got mixed reviews about you. But, I think you have shown to prove them wrong. They must have been something wrong with them. I got an order from you for Christmas, that a family member ordered, and they were very happy that it arrived on time, and everything was there. I am working with my team to promote more airsoft to new people, and your store has/is a big help! THANKS A LOT! Keep up the good work!
Dave C. from AZ 2/04/05
I just wanted to express how happy I am with your technical support department. I recently had a problem with a malfunction in one of the airsoft guns that I purchased and your technical support representative, Mark, was extremely helpful, polite, well-informed, supportive, and responsive. I have rarely dealt with a technical service group and had such a positive experience. I can tell you now that all my future airsoft purchases are going to go to you guys. Keep up the good work. You guys are awesome!!!
Omar F.from WA 1/28/05
Let me just say that I have been to many MANY airsoft sites out there and I have to say that yours is the only one I can count on to have what I want. No one has prices like you and the selection. It seems to me like you take your business very seriously, which is awesome and sometimes hard to find now adays. When I ordered my super 9 it came very quickly there were no hassles what so ever!!! You guys are fast, reliable, and got your stuff together!!! KEEP IT UP!!
Brian D. from CA 1/24/05
I thank your whole staff for wonderful support on my purchase. Everything I ordered was shipped and arrived quickly. Everything was in mint contrition. A special thanks goes to Mark from technical support for all his help. I am very pleased with my order and I have already refereed you guys (and girls) to my friends, two of whom, should be placing orders very soon. In the future I will be making purchases (as soon as I get my next paycheck!). A very reliable store/site. Thanks again.
Jason M. from FL 1/21/05
I purchased an HFC L85A1 last Friday and I just got it today and I am very pleased! You have fast shipping and the rifle was top notch! Thanks guys, I am going to recommend you to all my friends!
Merrill R. from TX 1/18/05
I've been ordering from a competitive retailer in Hong Kong for the past 4 years thinking that they offered the best global prices for airsoft hobby items. I am happy to say that you folks have restored my faith in sensibly priced airsoft equipment from my own side of the ocean. I have already and will continue to direct my teammates to your site for all their airsoft needs!
Lucy S. from KY 1/15/05
Once again another great order. I will continue to order from you as this great service continues. Thanks so much!
Robert R. from TX 1/10/05
Thank you for your service and support. I am very pleased with your company. A truly satisfied customer.
Barb T. from ND 12/30/04
Wow! This company is really great, I'm glad I could contact you and get ahold of you to solve my problems. I've done business with companies before that don't even know what they are doing sometimes, and very unorganized. Thank you so much for your wonderful customer support. Once again thanks for the great customer service! I like doing business with companies like this.
Ronald W. from GA 12/22/04
I just wanted to say that I just received my order from you guys on December 20th and I am very happy with what I received. The rifles are very cool and I am pleased with your service. Thanks again and I look forward to do more business with you in the future. You are true professionals.
Wilson H. from WY 12/10/04
I have been playing airsoft for about four years now. I've bought many different guns from many different companies/websites and AirSplat is by far the best. The customer service is fast and dependable and my packages don't take weeks to arrive. I suggested this site to a few of my friends who now buy their gear from AirSplat. Thanks AirSplat for your wonderful service and support.
Ryan B. from IA 11/21/04
Thank you very much I recently bought 2 mini airsoft guns from you and they are wonderful. The shipping was great also I'm planning on buying 2 more soon. Thank you for your wonderful services.
Mark H. from AR 11/08/04
Your service is great and I love that you get to the problem as soon as possible unlike Shorty. Ya'll are the lowest price & best service web site ever.
Oh and I want to compliment Lindsey on her great work & getting back to me on my order in less then an hour please respond to this email b/c shortys let me down last time.
Kreuger J. from OR 10/28/04
I like your web site it is easy to use and fun for the boys. I order one for my 13 year old boy and he loves it.
Jeff F. from CA 10/18/04
Holy cow! 24 hours from my placing my order and I'm in my backyard plinking cans, when you ask for express shipping at AirSplat, you get EXPRESS SHIPPING. I even called and added stuff to my order with no delay. Reasonable pricing, GREAT customer service. All i can say is "Holy Cow!"
Justin D. from ME 10/05/04
I just bought a tactical vest and a V-Force helmet from you on Sunday and received it today, Friday. I have waited all week for this. My mom could hardly believe how happy I was to receive this product from you. I referred all of my Airsoft'ing friends to you, and I will never stop buying from you guys. You processed my order overnight and it shipped the next day. I look forward to buying my first rifle from you. Thank you so much for your excellent service.
Andrew L. from MT 9/27/04
I have been keeping up with your website for a while now and I am impressed by your prices and what I hear of your reliability. Thank you for the great service you offered me as well.
Glen S. from CA 9/20/04
Hey you guys are great I have ordered from you about 5 times and all times its been good. I'm going to tell my team about you.
Pat C. from AZ 9/12/04
I just wanted to thank you for providing a great airsoft service! I use your site more than any other one! Thanks!
Powell V. from NC 9/05/04
I would just like to thank you and the people at Airsplat for the great service that you have given me. I will strongly recommend you to my fellow airsoft players in the Fresno/Madera area. Looking forward to doing business with you in the near future.
Matt K. from NE 8/17/04
I am very satisfied with the quality of Super 9 airsoft rifle. It is a very nice weapon and I have recommended it to a few of my friends. The accuracy of the gun is quite amazing. Thank you. Also the gun is one of the best I have used it quite a while.
Jay R. from FL 8/13/04
I commend all of you at AirSplat for providing such a great service to the airsoft community. Our entire team orders from AirSplat. The best thing is even when we have problems your Technical Support Department is there to help, whether it be a small question or have our gun exchanged.
Matt M. from CA 7/01/04
You employee, Lindsey, in the Order Processing Department, has gone above and beyond what I would consider the norm. I sent your order department an email enquiring where my order was. Lindsey got back to me within a 1/2 hour telling me where my order was, and when it would be shipped out. I had enquired the same at Shorty, and they never got back to me.
So, I say Lindsey did an exemplary job and helped me out a lot. Due to her, I look forward to using Airsplat for all my airsoft needs, over Shortyusa
Pat K. from MI 6/24/04
GREAT PRODUCT!!! Got here quick... Just like your policy said. I'm telling all my buds to order from you.
Kyle G. from DE 6/24/04
Thank you. I would like to compliment you on your service. It has been the best internet buying experience yet. You kept in contact and made it very easy. And I received my package ahead of schedule! Thank you so much. I will recommend you to my friends.
Roberta P. from WA 6/18/04
Quick and excellent service, great pricing, and a wide variety of well made products. What more can one say? Thank you AirSplat for making this fun pastime affordable and so easy to acquire for our boys. We have done a great deal of research shopping for Air Soft products and you are the best.
Brandon C. from CA 4/14/04
Thank you very much for your great service. I really have enjoyed doing business with your company. Not only are your products very reliable, but your prices are very good as well. Also, your customer service is top notch. Thanks again!
Daniel B. from AL 4/13/04
I am a customer that is very pleased with your service and I just wanted to say that I ordered a gun from and I had UPS ground and it took two and a half weeks to get here and they charged us when they said we hadn't even placed an order. I'm never ordering from them again. But when I found out about your website I ordered a gun the day before yesterday and it is right on time with shipping and it processed in a matter of 5 hours. So I just wanted to say thank you for being on top of everything and just being prompt with your service. Thank you very much for all you have done.
Kyle G. from CA 3/25/04
I ordered a mini electric gun and a spring pistol along with the accessory package.
I opted for three day shipping on a Sunday. A box arrives on Wednesday with not a single missing piece.
Everything was in top shape; any new person to this hobby can easily figure out how to use the products with the simple instructions.
All in all, I’d say that has the best service and the best deals on top quality products!!!!
Marcus J. from PA 2/27/04
Yo, I just recently purchased some of your products . Let me tell you it was great, I'm teaching my 2 sons, ages 9 & 7, how to shoot and mostly gun safety. They love it almost as much as I do. Even my daughter wants to learn how to shoot and she is only 6. I think your company and myself are gonna do a lot of business, thank you for an awesome experience
Mary C. from TN 2/9/04 was very awesome, I was very satisfied with my purchase. I will tell all my airsoft buddies about the site and I am sure you will have some new customers. Irate the site a 9.5 out of 10. I just wanted to thank the helpful staff at
and when ever Ii need anything for my airsoft guns, i will be sure to buy it from you.
Aaron K. from NM 2/1/04 and their staff has been the best bunch of people I've ever done business with. They were punctual, honest, and very well priced. Thank you, from all of us at Tactical Airsoft Games and Field.
Clifford B. from AZ 1/16/04
Just a short note to thank Christina and Kent for helping me with a series of problems that arose after my purchase of an airsplat gun for my son. My son's MP5SD5 stopped working on the day he received it. With much consternation I contacted your company, spoke with Christina and addressed the problem. I was very upset. Christina's calm, sympathetic and concerned
attitude calmed me down and assured me that your company would stand by its product. She spent a great deal of time with me tracking down the solution to the problem. The solution involved connecting me with Kent, who also spent much time with me in order to understand the problems. He took charge and instructed me on how to return the problem gun, assuring me that he would personally see to it that the problems were solved. My purpose in writing is to commend the two individuals, Kent and Christina. They saved and reinforced my relationship with your company. I commend you for having the insight to hire and employ such individuals.
Daniel T. from HI 1/10/04
Thank you very much! I am happy to see a company that actually does something about their feedback. I would like to say thank you very much because this is very generous. I have already told many people about your website and will continue to support your website by telling more people about it, and buying from you as well. In fact in the past hour i have just convinced my friend to buy from your website (he is planning to buy from you as soon as he gets the money). I will continue to buy from airsplat because it provides, at a much lower price, the same equipment that other websites and retail stores sell. Thank you again.