h1 class="category">CUSTOMER FEEDBACK 2006-2007
Jeff P. from IA 12/13/07
First off, THANK YOU! My life would not be able to complete without you. I wish all other retailers were like you. It's rare to find an online company who ships so fast and prices are so cheap, let alone another airsoft store. Great job and keep it coming!
Michael R. from CA 10/24/07
I love AirSplat! They are the best. I've ordered a dozen times from them and never had a problem that couldn't be fixed. They are always professional, helpful, friendly, and always ready to help. This website has it together!
Brett S. from NH 10/12/07
I just received my shipment of Airsplat goodies. You have a great company, great products, and super prices. Thank you.
George B. from KY 9/27/07
Great Prices, best anywhere! My son loves it and is a happy camper! : )
Good communication throughout the order process. Extremely fast shipping. Easy transaction. Would buy again.
Nick S. from UT 8/13/07
Best customer service in the industry! I play a lot and buy from many different companies, but you are my favorite! Your service is unbeatable and shipping is blink-of-the-eye fast. 10 for 10!
Jessica D. from TX 7/10/07
I spent a lot of time shopping around comparing and you have the best prices. To top it off, your phone representatives are polite, professional, and helpful. Ordering was easy and shipping was fast! Thank you.
Melissa E. from CO 6/21/07
Thank you AirSplat for the great service. My son is a happy camper and will enjoy the rest of the summer out of my hair because of yourgreat service and products. THANK YOU!
Robert F. from CT 5/30/07
I would like to thank you for your wonderful service. I have ordered all of my airsoft guns from you including a Classic Army AEG and most recently a WE Tech 1911. I originally had a problem with the gun and requested to send it back. Your support department quickly responded and I was able to send back the gun and quickly received the new gun. I thank you for your FIVE STAR service and look forward to doing more business with you in the future.
Your Very Satisfied Customer
Garret F. from GA 5/17/07
Airsplat has been the company I have been dealing with for the past two years. I have liked what I've got, even if there was an issue, they handled it just like that. Thank you
Scott B. from CA 5/5/07
Just wanted to say my order arrived in perfect condition and on time! My AE MP5 chronoed in at 388fps and 402fps out of the box! It is truly the best deals out there for metal airsoft guns. And your customer service representatives are so nice and helpful. Can't wait to place another order with you guys! You rock! Keep up the awesome service.
Anthony Z. from IL 4/25/07
I've place over 8 orders with you! Thank you for fixing my order my last order! I am so pleased with your customer service! I can't thank you enough!! I will most definitely keep shopping with AirSplat simply because of your problem solving abilities! Your customers service and problem solving service was most impressive! Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you! Thank you!
Justin M. from NJ 4/12/07
Thank you AirSplat for the best service I could have hoped for. The package I ordered on Wednesday arrived on Monday! Everything is perfect. The shipping is fast and the prices were better than anywhere I looked. Thank you so much, you guys have been terrific.
Nela T. from FL 4/4/07
I am speechless and cannot thank you enough for the high caliber customer service. I have never dealt with an online retailer where problems were so easily resolved. I began my original e-mail quite harshly due to my poor previous experiences. I am very pleased the service and the speed to which my case was handled. I certainly order from your company again.
Matt R. from GA 3/26/07
I have not had a whole lot of luck with airsoft purchases over the web in the last few years. Most of what I have received is junk and then I receive terrible customer service when I need to communicate with the company or heaven forbid, return an item. That has not been the case with Airsplat. I am extremely pleased with the guns I have received and have had great service when I have had to contact you. Keep up the great work. It's refreshing to finally find an airsoft retailer that wants to keep my business. I will heartily recommend you to my friends.
Vy T. from CA 3/3/07
You guys have been the most pleasant and professional airsoft company I have dealt with. Hands down, the quickest to respond and ship orders. Thank you for everything. I had given up on a decent airsoft store until I came across you guys. You have my business for life.
Robert R. from WA 2/15/07
Our entire family thanks you for the great service and support you have offered us. It's one thing to offer the lowest prices, but another have the support and service behind it. Thank you for your help in resolving our problems, both our son's are as happy as can be.
Andy R. from TX 1/25/07
Airsoft Rocks! And AirSplat rocks! I've ordered 5 times from you, everything was perfect. Had minor hiccup in one, but was resolved by your talented and friendly customer service. Thanks again, YOU ROCK!
Eli T. from CA 1/5/07
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your service. Your company is very professional and stands by your products. It is very much like a breath of fresh air to find such a company who cares about their customers. Once again, thank you for your courtesy, kindness, and professionality.
Nick L. from NV 11/18/06
I received my package in perfect condition with nothing missing yesterday and I wanted to thank sales and the order processing department for getting my order out quickly, I also very much appreciate that you replied so quickly to my earlier message. Everything in my package is in perfect working order and I wanted to again thank you very much for being so professional while handling my order. This wont be the last time I'll being buying through airsplat.com, you guys have excellent service thank you again.
Jerry R. from OR 10/12/06
I have made two purchases from Airsplat and I have since then become much more involved in airsoft. You also had excellent shipping and products as well as customer service. The guns and supplies I bought arrived in perfect condition and worked very well (you did much better than two other sites I ordered from, shortyusa and speedytoys) I wanted to say that I am very satisfied with everything.
Mary W. from TX 9/25/06
I wanted to personally thank you know I was very impressed with your service and products. We have dealt with other companies and you are the best, hands down. Everyone along the way was very professional, updates were quick and on time, delivery was early, and prices were unbeatable. Thank you and keep up the good work.
Roger P. from CA 9/10/06
Thank you for the great service and products. I can understand why you are the largest airsoft store in the nation, you have the service and products to back up such a statement. Thank you and I look forward to buying from you again and again.
Chris G. from OH 8/21/06
I bought an AEG from you guys and it ended up breaking within its 30 day warranty. So I sent it back, thinking that I wouldn't see it for about a month and half. But to my surprise it came back two weeks later! I appreciate your fast service. Thanks AirSplat!
Melanie W. from LA 8/1/06
AirSplat is amazing!! The guns are awesome quality! Awesome prices!! And to top it off, the staff is sooo helpful! This website is great, the company is very professional and is now my number one spot for airsoft supplies!! Your customer service is fast, efficient, and courteous!!! Thank you!! Thank you!!
Fernando V. from CT 7/7/06
You people are straight unbelievable. You have guns cheaper than all other sites. Shorty used to be my site but now I'm gonna only buy from you.
Manuel R. from NY 6/25/06
This is one fine product that is well worth it's price. I bought 5 airsoft guns from AirSplat and the Mini-Uzi is the best one. It looks and feels like the real thing. It is loud, powerful, and makes a sweet, metallic sound as it fires. I got about 70 shots (auto and semi-auto combined) from one CO2 cartridges.
I have told all my friends who are interested in buying quality Airsoft guns, as I'm sure they will be very happy with their purchases also.
Ethan S. from PA 6/10/06
I would like to personally thank everyone at AirSplat for making my shopping experience the BEST thing ever I've worked with several online companies and AirSplat is by far the BEST I've ordered from before. There was no problems and I was completely impressed. I bothered customer service multiple times for questions and they answered them all courteously and quickly. I even made an additional order and it shipped out less than 24 hours. You guys are the BEST! I would like to thank each and every one of you. I already recommended every person on my airsoft team and school to you guys. Thank you for the awesome guns I'm going play with for a long time. Thanks for the great service. Keep up the good work guys!
Regina E. from WA 5/22/06
I would just like to take the time to thank you for your excellent service. Thanks for taking the time to help out your customers. Often, companies do not respond to the customer's questions, but that is obviously not the case with AirSplat.
I recently had a question about an order, so I emailed you to find out what was going on. Soon after, I received a friendly and helpful email in response, that quickly cleared up all problems. Your customer service is fast and helpful.
As for your products, you offer an amazing inventory, that allows us as the buyer to find exactly what we need.
Your shipping is also fast and reliable. I will definitely order from AirSplat again, and look forward to the day. Again, thank you. I would especially like to thank Randy, from the order processing department, for his fast, polite, and helpful response to my email. Until next time.
Fares Z. from DC 5/15/06

This is to express our appreciation for your excellent response and for standing by your product. We received a free replacement for the defective product, no questions asked. This was a classy response to our initial disappointment with the product. My son is delighted with the replacement and we are both very grateful. We will not hesitate to do more business with your company.
Chief Investment Officer
International Finance Group

Jack L. from NY 5/8/06
I have received my new air soft gun and am beyond satisfied with it. I would just like to thank you and say that i would not hesitate to buy from your company again.
Christopher P. from MO 5/1/06
I have been buying airsoft guns from you for the last year. I like having to just go online on your website with all the guns on it and not have to drive 45 minutes to the mall. I have bought a total of four guns and a laser from you. I love your guns and play wars with my friend all the time. I tell all my friends about AirSplat and what great guns and excellent service you have. Thank you.
Ted & Dave B. from MN 4/21/06
Dear manager or owner of airsplat, I want you to know what a pleasure it is to do business with you. You always respond to questions, ship quick, fix problems and have great prices... Thank you, Ted & Andrew
Paul R. from OR 4/10/06
First off I would like to personally thank you for the personal tech support offering solutions to fix the magazines DIY. Thank you. When I read your instructions on lubing the seals, a little light bulb illuminated over my head. The valving of these gas guns is similar to the Co2 and high end Pre Charged Pneumatic air rifles I own, shoot, and have modified. As for any and all future air-soft needs, I will definitely be purchasing through Air Splat. It is this kind of customer service that will keep customers coming back time and again.
Ty L from BA 3/19/06
I just thought I would send an email and notify you about how satisfied I am with your business. This was the first product I ordered from your company and I am tremendously happy with it. I had a bad experience ordering over ebay last week and so I decided to order from you guys which was a great choice. Thank you for your service and I will for sure be ordering other products from your company in the future.
Rich C from MN 3/1/06
I must say you all are the best there is! I've ordered from you twice now and both times were the best there is, I love the products I have bought from you and will continue to buy more from you .I made the mistake of ordering from another company the day before i ordered from you and i still haven't received my package from them "another 2 weeks before they ship it" .I received my package from airsplat today. So hats off to all of you there at AirSplat keep up the good work and I'll keep doing business with you for all my future orders thanks again.
Matt P. from CO 2/26/ 06
AirSplat is one of the most reliable companies. I have bought guns from Shorty, Shogun, Atlanta, and you. You have the best selection and best prices, by far. I recently purchased the M87SOS. WOW!! What a powerful gun. It got here really fast. I ordered it on Sunday and it got here on thursday. Once again, thank you for all the great service and great prices. I continue to order from you for a long time.
Brandon F from ID 2/21/06
AirSplat staff, thank you for being so nice and understanding. Thank you for helping me with my purchase. From now on, I'm only shopping at AirSplat for my air soft guns. You guys have the best prices and customer service.
Michael W from AZ 2/17/06
I placed an order with AirSplat last month and experienced some difficulties with the merchandise, but that's not why I am writing. I know that working by mail/internet order can have it's disadvantages as orders get confused and such. But I want to let you guys know that I very much appreciate all you've done to make things right with me. Your phone reps and your support staff have been very helpful and understanding. All has been remedied and in the future I would not hesitate to give you my business again. Thanks for a good experience!
Tim W from MA 2/13/06
We received excellent service from AirSplat and highly recommend them for their integrity of service. They are fast in shipping, have great prices, and a strong retailer to trust your money with.
Evan E from OR 2/8/06
I cannot express how cool you guys are for sponsoring the event and putting the CA M24 up for raffle. Thanks again. I ordered my first AEG from you guys and our whole team, the Alpine Kommandos bought almost all of their equipment from you guys. you are awesome. I can always count on you guys getting me my gear before a game. On behalf of our team and the airsoft community of oregon/washington, thank you very much!
Ryan C from CA 1/24/06
Well, I wanted to say, the day i wrote that e-mail, i heard the doorbell ring and there my order was. Ii have to say wow, i am VERY satisfied with my purchase, I'm sorry to have doubted you guys. I bought a co2 Sigma last time from you guys and experienced the same service and satisfaction. Please continue being a great company.
Kyle L. from NV 1/17/06
I just wanted to thank you for the service you have given me and my team. I recently ordered a lot of products from you guys and got it within a couple days. I was impressed. Thank you for your service, as well as guns for the rest of our team.
Kyle S . from AR 1/04/06
I want to tell you how great your products are. The BE HK XM8 Electric Assault Rifle I just bought is awesome. It is very sturdy and a great buy for $60. I received my order in excellent time and want to thank you. AirSplat is the best place to buy guns from because of your prices and service.