Krous Family from WA 12/21/09
I just want to tell you what an incredibly pleasant experience we have had in ordering from your company. It's not often in this day and age when people not only exemplify customer service, but actually follow through. The gun has been as outstanding as the experience we have received so far from all of you. Thanks so much! Happy Holidays to everyone.
Debgie B. from CA 12/4/09
You all deserve a bonus! I had a problem with a red dot scope i ordered with my Well R6E and he was super nice and explained exactly what I needed to do. He was a great help! Thank you!
Carlos F. from OR 11/6/09
I have been VERY frustrated calling other airsoft companies for a week trying to get a battery charger for my airsoft rifle. They either are unhelpful and suggest making new purchases, or will tell me that I have to purchase a gun. I got my weapon and they told me I have to buy the gun to get the charger! How ridiculous.
The customer service exceeded my expectations and because of this amazing customer support I will be making my purchases through AirSplat ONLY!!!!!
I would like to give full recognition for being informative, knowledgeable about the products and giving me options. They were able to anticipate any issues I may have with charging my battery by asking the right questions.
In my opinion… we need more customer service like this around the world!
Stacey J from MA 11/1/09
Thank you airsplat for helping me expedite this process and for returning my e-mails quickly. Once again thank you bro, this is my first time ordering anything online and your service rocks! God bless you and may you and the company have continued success! Sincerely The J Family
Col Andrew S. from IN 10/19/09
I would like to take a moment to say that I have had nothing but a good experience with the quality of merchandise that I have purchased from the Airsplat Team. I always review every piece of equipment that I buy very thoroughly and I have found that Team Airsplat's website always has the best and most accurate descriptions of its airsoft guns and accessories. I have never wanted or needed to return an item to Airsplat. And their prices are always the most reasonable.
I speak for both myself and the Team when I say we can always count on Airsplat for fast and reliable service and shipping. And that's what I personally like the most. On a scale of 1 to 5, I rate the Airsoft Team and their site with a SOLID 5 out of 5 and I recommend not just to my team, but to every serious airsofter that they checkout the airsplat site. I know that Team Chivalry and myself have been better equipped, and have more fun, and spend less time and money fixing faults in our equipment since we have been using Airsplat. From my teem to yours. We all appreciate your business.
Alan E. from NJ 9/17/09
I would just like to complement AirSplat and their employees. When i received my order it wasn't quite what I wanted and it had a few problems so I sent an email and they quickly got back to me and got my RMA process started. I sent in the gun and about a week later I got the new one. They are extremely helpful and very eager to help their customers. I would recommend AirSplat to anyone that is looking for any airsoft equipment.
Rosesanna C from CA 8/21/09
Delivery speed : 3 days
Order accuracy : 100%
Customer Service : Had no problems
Overall satisfaction : Great service and products
I bought a JG G36C and a bag of Airsoft Elite Precision 0.20 gram BBs
The JG G36C is a solid gun, very little complaints from there and would recommend the JG G36 series to any beginner to semi intermediate airsofters because of how well it works stock.
Andrew B from HI 7/1/09
I was ABSOLUTELY all around impressed with your website and what it had to offer.Now I would also love to add that not only is your website already cheaper than ANY other, and I have bought ALOT of stuff from other websites, BUT, I always get charged ridiculous amounts for shipping and it takes WEEKS to get to me. I paid $3.30 for shipping on your website and I ordered it on 6/24/2009 and got a knock on my door on 6/26/2009, WOW!! Unbelievable. The product showed up packaged with care and all the products were just like described and some BETTER. I ordered two throat mics (awesome by the way), one pair of boots, (awesome fit and look) and one Dboys SCAR in black (came in original packaging and looked, felt, and was all around GREAT.) Not only am I completely in love with the customer service, shipping and handling of your website, I'm completely in love with the website. I have already told 10 people I play with out here about your site and plan to tell 100 others.
Great job, please please keep up the good work... Customer for life,
Michael J. from AB 5/19/09
Great experience. Your prices are unbelievable. I've heard many positive things online and from friends. It's great to now be one of those who can attest to that. Thank you for the great service.
David E. from WA 4/22/09
My son was very adamant about buying from AirSplat. Apparently all his friends bought from you. I admit, I was hesitant to go along with the hype. But after having dealt with your company, I now understand why you have so many loyal followers. You weren't kidding when you say Nation's Largest, you're like an Amazon of airsoft, or WalMart. Prices are unbelievable once you start comparing. Throw in the free shipping and it's a no-brainer. Keep up the great work!
Joseph G from WY 3/5/09
Everyone on my block loves AirSplat! We have a team and we only buy from AirSplat! You guys are the best! We compare prices and shipping all the time and every time you are the best priced and fastest shipping.
Ryan K. from CO 2/28/09
You have great information on your site. After spending hours on your site just reading about airsoft I felt that I had the most trust in your company.
Jessica F. from FL 2/11/09
THANK YOU! You have made my son's spring break. He was so excited to buy an airsoft gun and I told him to do his research. Everyone kept saying AirSplat, so we placed our order earlier this week. I'm so impressed with how quickly the order was shipped out and how professionally you have handled the order. A+!!
Michael R. from TX 1/20/09
I got my gun today and I love it! Thank you for shipping it so quickly and having the best service. Your prices are the best and I tell all my friends about AirSplat. Keep up the good work.
Page M from CA 12/10/08
I just want to say thanks for great customer service! I was getting jerked around by UPS, who told me my shipment was lost this morning.
Your customer service personnel set up a 3-way call in which UPS changed their story when she questioned them about a tracking entry that didn't make sense to her. Suddenly my shipment was on a truck en route to me.
As frustrated as I was, your customer service rep was kind, helpful, and professional to me, and very efficient and professional with UPS.
I will be a repeat customer! Customer Service is at least 50% of good business. Oh, the items I ordered are great too, and the price was cheap.
Dave M from NY 12/01/08
I wanted to tell you how pleased I have been with your customer service. There was a problem in the web ordering in which the shipping changed from UPS ground to UPS overnight air. You corrected this problem for me quickly and with professionalism and I appreciate that. Web dealers can sometimes be very difficult to deal with. You are the exception.
Neil P from PA 11/15/08
That's what Customer Service is all about. I really appreciate your prompt and professional response. I will be sure to inform all my friends that you are an excellent company that takes care of business the right way.
Thank you again and I looking forward to doing business with you again.
Joseph M. from TX 10/24/08
Great vendor! I buy stuff from them on a regular basis for the past couple of years. Along from several other online and store front shops. Overall, I must say they are the most consistently best! They ship super fast, on par with big box retailers like Target, WalMart, Amazon, etc. Prices are the cheapest anywhere and they have a 110% price match guarantee. I used that feature once, worked great. In any case, in about 12 orders, one one of them had a back order and was shipped out the following week. But they were very good about sending me email updates.
Vince K from OH 9/22/08
Thank you so much for the fast shipping and great response times to my emails. I will be coming back soon. I'm with you guys all the way!!!
Ryan K from VA 8/13/08
I love you guys! Everywhere is out of stock and you guys have everything in stock! It's great. I had 3 other orders with other companies that didn't ship, but you shipped it out the same day! You guys are the best! Thank you for getting my order out so quickly and professionally.
Kevin G. from OH 7/03/08
I just want to say thanks for everything!! You guys really know what yall are doing when it comes to airsoft!! I'm telling everyone I know to buy from yall cuz you guys are by far the best people to buy from and I thank yall for that!!!!
Ryan W. from CA 7/03/08
The best smell in the world is that of a brand new AEG right out of the package, from I received my package right on time, and was pleasantly surprised. I put the battery of my JG G36C AEG right on the charger. This gun is very powerful and extremely sturdy. It also has STEEL GEARS, which provide a nice sounding operation. Thanks Airsplat, you are the best.
Joey F. from UT 6/24/08
I would like to thank all the airsplat emplyees's they have helped me with every question i asked. The guns i bought were actually better than expected. BETTER than any other airsoft store i have ever bought from. I will only buy from for any airsoft equipment that i need.
Caine H. from CA 6/15/08
I have been a customer of AirSplat for over a year now and have never regretted it. I recently ordered a BE Styer Aug electric, and I am very happy with it. All my friends are jealous and they told me that it looked like the real thing. I have used it every single time I've gone airsofting with my friends and it's been a blast. I had the AC/DC charger break, but my dad contacted you and got a new one in 4 days, which is awesome, because or original order arrived in 2 days. You guys rock, keep up the good work. Thank you.
Jeff B. from MO 6/5/08
I just want to comment on how happy I am after my latest airsplat transaction. Everything I asked for came on time which seems like a lot to ask for with many of the other online airsoft manufacturers out there. I really appreciate your services and I'll be sure to use Airsplat for all of my airsoft purchases. Thanks again!
Christian R from NV 5/15/08
The airsoft gun I ordered was backordered, but 2 days later you got some back in stock and shipped it immediately! It arrived fast and for a great price! My mom didn't want to pay $110 for the gun and she had worries something would go wrong, but all went well without a hitch. Thank you again! I'll be back, for sure!
Bryan G from MO 5/5/08
I have dealt with a lot of the airsoft dealers on the internet and have found that none compare to the level of all around quality of Airsplat. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your attention to the details including customer service which is beyond what I am used to. Thank you Airsplat, for your efforts, you have earned a loyal customer.
Jennifer J. from FL 4/24/08
This is a great store. I love the gun, small and powerful. Also very cheap! The shipping was incredibly fast. I was expecting 5 days, like on eBay, it was only 2 days. Thank you so much for the item. I put the AirSpalt sticker on gun, don't stop giving them out. :-)
Daryl J from UT 4/18/08
You guys are awesome! You answer all of my emails and the shipping is extremely fast. I ordered a rifle with standard shipping on tuesday and got it thursday. I love this company, I have turned to this company for almost all of my airsoft needs. I am on a professional team as a designated marksman (soon to be sniper) and I find most of what I need on AirSplat.
As close to perfect service as you get, Keep it up Airsplat.
Mattchew C. from TN 4/4/08
This is Matthew (member name: cplmatt) of Smyrna, TN. I want to thank you and your company for awesome service and timing
Dave D from SD 3/28/08
First off let me say that your customer service is astounding! I reccomend you guys to anyone asking me where a good place to buy an airsoft gun.
I recently ordered the Well R-4 from you guys. The gun was a dream come true. I shot it, I loved it, I slept with it.
Thanks again for your outstanding work.
Julie M. from OH 3/21/08
I've been ordering from since I discovered airsoft. I've tried a few other sites like airsoftgi and redwolf. I've had to wait up to 3 buisiness days from airsoftgi just to ship the stuff. I would just like to thank all you at airsplat for making ordering stuff from the other side of the country much easier. Your prices are the lowest i can find. I've never received a faulty product, and your processing is super fast, and of course you always have the new products and your customer service is wonderful. Your a&k m249s are about 100 dollars cheaper than anywhere else,
Kirk R from TX 2/15/08

I would like to pass on my sincerest thanks and would also like to apologize for the tone of the email as I was out of line in laying all of my anxiety and anger at your feet, my brother was on his last mission into Baghdad.
I take back everything that I said about the airsoft industry as you have shown that you are more than capable of addressing the customer's concerns with prompt, efficient service in a manner that leaves the customer wanting for nothing. I can assure you that I will continue to do business with you in the future.
Thank you so much again, both for making my week and making my brother's return home that much more enjoyable.