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Hey Tammy, Mario and the rest of the Airsplat crew,

I'm compelled to tell you my son's story.

My son, John, is 16 years old. When he was much younger, he was hit by encephalitis, which attacked his brain. In a short period of time, he was unable to walk and was admitted to the hospital. He was unable to balance himself at all. He was nauseated. It was like he had bed spins, like somebody who has had too much alcohol. If we tried to make him sit up, he would get really sick right away. I stayed in the hospital with him for 13 straight days, and a leading brain surgeon I know told me that there would be some residual effect for the rest of his life.

When he was starting to feel better and could sit up and he started walking again, we took him home, but he was exceedingly afraid of everything for quite a while - years. He couldn't seem to be able to figure out what was happening to him. He was afraid to do anything dangerous. He wouldn't even run. Walking was taking up all of his concentration because he had a hard time balancing himself, and he was very afraid of falling. He would pull on the sides of his eyes and blink like he was trying to focus. He was too young to articulate what was happening to his eyes.
Then another piece of hard-hitting news: he had a hole in his heart about 1/2" in diameter between two chambers. He might live to be 40, then suddenly die of a heart attack.

We looked at all the options, then decided it would be best if they performed open heart surgery to sew the hole shut. That would allow him to live much longer and it would give him a lot more oxygen than he was getting before. The position and size of that hole was causing him to be oxygen-deprived, basically.

He went into surgery with no signs of fear. I couldn't believe his courage. I was scared out of my mind because there was my only son, and they were going to open his chest like a clamshell, stop his heart for 30 or 40 minutes, cut it open and sew it shut.
He made it through that just fine, never complained and returned to his regular self in no time.
I try to do things with him now, and I've hoped that he would find something, some sport, where he could do something physical. He's such a video game kid. He has never been involved in an organized sport. Encephalitis hurt his balance, etc. and so we didn't push him into sports where he would only get his head knocked off.

Finally he let me know what he wanted. After a time of looking at paintball guns, he discovered Airsoft guns. I thought that this might be a great sport for him. We started doing our homework. He told me he wanted an M4A1, and we went from there. He talked to kids at school, got on forums online, we researched things online and asked questions, visited Airsoft stores and courses. We were about to do it.

Then he got a couple of bad grades at school again. I told him that when he gets his grades up, we'll talk about an Airsoft gun.

I committed to start helping him again every day. We worked hard almost every day last semester. Now he can tell you the surface area of a sphere and how many gallons of paint it would take to cover it. He got better grades after we both stepped up together, and it gave me more time with my son, which is priceless.

He worked so hard. He's such a good boy. He never says any cuss words, he's never been in a fight, he goes to church every Sunday, he's never stolen anything, never skipped school, never been in trouble. I haven't done enough for him! He's a great kid!
I told him that he worked very hard, and that he would be rewarded. I gave him $500 toward the Airsoft gun. He picked the gun of his dreams, the all metal ICS M4A1 with retractable stock, along with the M120 upgrade kit. Right now he's visiting relatives for a couple more weeks. He won't see the gun until the 27th.

Now, John and I can enjoy some of those exclusively father/son times together in the outdoors. I can teach him gun safety and how to take care of something. He'll gain some manual dexterity and learn how to work on mechanical things. He'll get some exercise. He'll compete with others in a physical realm. This will be a good thing for him. I'm so glad that this sport came along for him to run into it at the right time.

One reason Airsoft is cool is because you don't have to be the biggest, tallest, strongest or fastest. A guy like John can do it and do well at it.

This letter was originally to tell you that we received the gun etc. and it looks great. I was impressed at how quickly it arrived. Thanks.

Thanks for giving people a good price for an Airsoft gun and accessories. Your prices were one major reason I first considered buying with you.

Thank you for offering free shipping. What a great thing.

Thanks for being available on the phone and answering my questions.

Did I say thank you? Thank you!

Roger W.

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