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I enjoy your selections and very happy with my first purchase
- April 8, 2014 - Bizrate

Had almost everything I was looking for to update my arsenal!
By Michael W.. - May 1, 2014 - Shopper Approved

My experience so far has been 110% very impressed!
By Timothy H.. - May 1, 2014 - Shopper Approved

Awesome products and the best prices, will always order from airsplat!
By Ethan S. - April 29, 2014 - Shopper Approved

Easy to find what I need. Even found a manual for a old airsoft pistol I have!
By Scott R.- April 25, 2014 - Shopper Apprioved

Score: 4.6 / 5 - 343 Google reviews

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Daniel Barreras 2 weeks ago

I have gone to them at least a dozen times both for personal purchases, gifts, or for planning events. Their prices are exceptional, and their selection is unmatched. I recommend to all my friends.

Chad Hager 2 weeks ago

Awesome company, shipped promptly and safely. Overall good service.

Steven Lopez 2 weeks ago

I had a great experience at airsplat, I would recommend this to all airsofters and paintballs. they have great customer service, great deals, also great monthly sales

Customer Testimonials

Charlie P. from WA 4/25/14
Gotta hand it to AirSplat Seattle, they have really helped out the airsoft community up here in a big way. Looking forward to helping out with events and flying your banner at battles!
Rachel W. 4/20/14
This message is for Airsplat customer service rep who helped me out with my RMA for my son. You were so helpful and I will definitely be coming back to you for business!
Jerome L. from CA 4/3/14
Airsplat is awesome. Great service at their Los Angeles store. Way better than other retailers in the area as they greet you, talk to you and help you out right away. No customer numbers, no cold shoulders, no elitism. Airsplat you have my business.
Petyr L. from RI 3/23/14
I was curious about AirSplats Elite Membership, so I called their store to inquire. The rep was extremely helpful and set me up with an account. So far we have been coming back to AirSplat for our extra 10% off and free shipping deal. I really have not seen any other loyalty type programs with airsoft companies. This one trumps them all!
Derek L. 3/22/14
AirSplat knows whats up. Airsoft guns for cheap and sales all the time. More airsoft = more players out there in the community! You have my support!
Yolanda P. from CA 3/10/14
Holy Crap! I love Airsplat! I went into their store and was completely amazed on their personal and professional customer service. The rep was so nice and helpful with my airsoft purchase and questions. My son had some problems with his gun and the airsoft techs helped us out so much! It was not a impersonal "oh here is your fixed gun", the tech explained what was wrong and how to fix if it ever happened again. This was also a 10 minute fix that would have been a 2-3 day wait at other airsoft stores! Thanks to you and all your help!
Juan L. 2/22/14
I had just some troubleshooting questions and came into the store to have them give me some advice. Their techs are extremely nice and knowledgable. They even hooked me up with a new spring and barrel!
Mikell D. from Toronto Canada 2/15/14
AirSplat is my place to shop for my orders. Canada doesn't have a lot of airsoft out here so i get all my stuff at AirSplat!
Darrell P. from CA 2/6/14
AirSplat is awesome and you should shop here. I recommend to everyone. Best guarantees, warrantees, sales, giveaways!
Randy P. from WA 1/23/14
AirSplat is legit! Why order from the other competitors when you can save big with AirSplat! I recommend to everyone!
Sarah N. from OK 1/11/14
Thank you to AirSplat for making my son really happy on Christmas! You have great deals and I saved a bunch of money!
Daniel T from CA 1/3/14
AirSplat is AWESOME! Thanks for all the $1 guns for the what the buck sale! HAHA!!
Robert G. from OR 12/28/13
I got 35% off my son's airsoft gun and arrived on time for Christmas. No issues at all. Definitely shopping at AirSplat soon!
Timothy L. from CA 12/15/13
Everyone at AirSplat is awesome. I got some help from someone on their Facebook and got everything squared away. I then got a call to see if I was happy with my purchase and they were really nice! Good job AirSplat! Real customer service.
Casey T. from NV 12/5/13
I drove out to AirSplat's LA store and was treated like royalty. I told them I drove from Nevada to see the store and they hooked me up with an AirSPlat T-Shirt and Hat!
Jaleel O. from OK


AirSplat did it again. 35% off on their black friday sale. I am extremely happy with my order. I got me my m4 for really cheap!
Marie T. from AK 11/12/13
Just got my order and I am extremely happy with delivery and the product. I even got a free airsplat shirt!
Daniel P. from CA 11/10/13
AIRSPLAT is AWESOME! I went to their store and was treated so nice. They have everything you need and their customer service reps are airsofters themselves that are really knowledgable. Go to thier LA store!
Jonathan Q. 10/23/13
WOW! AirSplat is BEAST! I just got 30% off my order for a Christmas present for my nephew. Not sure how many retailers go deep like that! So awesome!
Michael T. 10/15/13
Installment plan! AirSplat has the best service! I was able to purchase my new Echo1 M16 with their new payment plan. It was really easy and their sales representative at the LA store was super helpfull and got me set up really quick.
Darryn T. from CA 9/16/13
Just want to say that I had a great time at the AirSplat Los Angeles grand opening event. I won a sweet Lancer Tactical vest and scored a bunch of BBs and green gas! Congratulations on the store opening, the set up that you have is awesome!
Brenden W. from TX 9/2/13
I recently joined AirSplat's Elite program and I am not disappointed. I bought an M4 that was on sale from the Guns of Grand Theft Auto and I got 30% off! Not only that, their customer service was extremely helpful!
Isaac T. from WA 8/20/13
I recently attented the Seattle store sale event and WOW! Everyone at the store was so nice and helpful! It was a great time meeting airsofters in the community. Thank you AirSplat for throwing these awesome events!
Geoffrey R. from AL 8/7/13
AirSplat! You guys are awesome! I love your videos and Thor! I subscribe to your YouTube channel and Blog! So much going on like sales, promotions, jackpot boxes - I love it!
Wiley P. 7/23/13
This message is for AirSplat's repair department. Thank you so much for fixing my AK! Not only did you repair my airsoft gun, you cleaned up my gearbox, sent me a nice note, and got it back to me SUPER fast! You guys are the best!
Isaac T. 7/17/13
AirSplat's price match is awesome. I have always been a loyal customer to AirSplat and when I found a slightly cheaper gun somewhere else, they immediately matched their price! Not only that, they were extremely helpful through the process and hooked me up with an AirSplat t-shirt and waterbottle! I just wanted to let everyone know that AirSplat is the best and people should know how great they are!
Cayden R. 7/12/13
I visited the AirSplat store in Los Angeles and wanted to check out some of their product and buy some BBs for an upcoming airsoft outing. I was really surprised by the customer service and the willingness to help me out. I ended up buying a new M9 and a couple of bags of 0.20g BBs. Thank you AirSplat for showing interest in your customers and going the extra mile in helping me out!
Cindy W. 7/1/13
I recently ordered a couple of spare magazines for my G17 and I was completely surprized that AirSplat threw in some free patches, stickers and bracelets! I called AirSplat's customer service to thank them and they were really nice! The following week they sent me a FREE bag of BBs! Thank you so much AirSplat!
Eduardo P. 6/26/13
The AirSplat ELITE Program is GREAT! I recently joined the program and ordered a new Echo1 Timberwolf and AirSplat gave me a total of 25% off my order! Thanks AirSplat!
Lance L. 6/14/13
I want to comment and give a pat on the back to a couple of gentlemen who have been so helpful to me and my sons. One of my sons is learning to become a tech and both AirSplat's tech and customer service representatives have been more than patient with him. Just wanted to say thanks again and we will be back very soon!
Gregory L. 6/4/13
I had some trouble with my 1911 airsoft pistol and I contacted AirSplat through thier Facebook page. They helped me out with fixing my gun and they even went out of their way to send me a care package full of cool stuff. Thanks for the customer service!
Quinn M. 5/27/13
AirSplat is the BEST! I just got my Elite Membership and I saved HUGE on my airsoft guns and it was free shipping. I really don't think anyone else is doing what AirSplat is doing. Keep up the good work and I will definitely recommend you guys to everyone!
Everett L. from OR 5/1/13
I recently had my airsoft gun upgraded by AirSplat and I was expecting to get charged like other airsoft retailers. I got my gun back in great condition and it was ALL FREE! Keep up the great service! you guys rock!
Joseph C. from 4/2/13
Dear AirSplat, Im 13 and my mom bought some aeg's from your online website and they are phenomenal. Just wanted to say keep up the good work you guys are doing GREAT!
Oliver T. from IL 3/23/13
WOAH! Let me just say that AirSplat is AWESOME! I had an issue with my AK magazine that I purchased and I called to get replaced. AirSplat took the time to help me out and even sent me a free care package full of goods!
Brody P. from WA 2/15/13
I have tried many airsoft retailers and I have to say that you guys are the best by far. I have visited many airsoft retailers and I never get the same outstanding service as I do with AirSplat. Customer service, selection, warranties, returns, shipping - All are above and beyond my expectations!
Timothy W. from CA 1/28/13
AirSplat is awesome! I went to a local event and I met some people from AirSplat who were completely friendly. They gave away some free AirSplat patches, BBs, waterbottles, and a bunch of other stuff. They coulnd't have been more friendly. I recommend AirSplat to everyone. Really nice people!!
Nick T. from AZ 1/18/13
I ordered some upgrade parts, and a new AEG and I made my order by phone. Their customer service was really helpful and informed me of a free AEG upgrade service that I qualified for. They took care of the rest. I got my gun in no time and I didn't need to do any upgrade work myself. It was already done! My AEG works great and I recommend AirSplat to all my friends!
Alex D. from TN 12/15/12
This is the BEST airsoft place ever to buy from! They have everything you want and more! Everyone should buy from here and really a minigun OMG! Buying that!!!
Justine S. from WA 12/9/12
Great website filled with tons of information, a beginner can really understand how to get into this sport, and great questions and answers. I definitely recommend to any level of airsoft player!
Glenn M. from CA 12/6/12
I just want to say KUDOS on the Jackpot Box! I received it in short order after placing the order, it arrived in good shape, and I was really expecting to get the Beretta Storm (odds were in favor of that), but instead got the ICS AK47. The order was for my son's Christmas present, and I just have to say thanks, that really exceeded my expectations! After a good look through the workings of it, I'm extremely pleased with the purchase. I went ahead and made a second order today for a Deep Fire M4. We'll be looking forward to hitting the field with these in a month or so. And I will definitely be looking for another jackpot to order, the next time I'm in the market for another gun. It was a lot of fun for me to open it (surprised, to be sure) and know that it was a really good deal for me, and knowing my kid will get a lot of quality use out of it… You guys are awesome!
Bryant M. from FL 11/26/12
I had been placing an order and put in wrong promo code, but your service rep, Abi, was very courteous and helped straighten out something that was actually my mistake. I've been very impressed with your quality of products, usefulness of your reviews, and your service. I mainly use your products for adjunct to live firearms training, and for safe force on force training, and have been pleased in the past as well as now. I will use you again, and will recommend you to others. Thanks!
Mark S. from WA 11/2/12
Dear Airsplat, I just wanted to let you know that although I didn't go to your grand opening in Seattle, however, I went there last week and bought a G&G M4 Carbine and the young lady working there treated me with GREAT customer service! Since then I've been back twice, once to buy BBs and to leave my AU 3G for an inner barrel upgrade. Again, I was treated with top notch customer service from your staff there. They're VERY friendly and helpful! There are a couple of other places that sell airsoft products in Tacoma, but their customer service is attrocious and their prices of their airsoft guns are 100% over inflated. I'm glad you guys decided to set up shop here in Seattle and I can speak for many airsoft enthusiasts up here in the Northwest. I will be visiting your store on a monthly basis. Thanks again, Airsplat!
Dean G. from DE 10/12/12
I writing pertaining to my last order I have placed in the past with your company has been OUTSTANDING!!! Your company IS the only one to have the product that I have been purchasing from you from day one since searching what I was looking for. Your website came up and BINGO there was what I was looking for. I did look at other links but your website ONLY carried what I wanted. To say would I recommend other-well my friend ask me to order for them. That's why I have a large quantity in all my orders. So in conclusion I will love to keep doing business with your company and I hope you'll never run out of supply or discontinue the product that I have been ordering from you. Thank you so kindly and having to suit my request in google search for the product I was specially looking for!
Rick E. from MI 9/7/12
I particularly liked the Airsoft University Feature of your website. It is very informative, with much valuable information. Perfect for teaching my grandson the ropes of "Airsoft". I also appreciated the very fast service and delivery of my order, (It was a gift for my grandsons birthday). The Play field and arena locator is another feature that I really found useful. It helped my daughter and I find airsoft play fields/arenas to take my grandson to. We found some fields in the area where they live that we were previously unaware of. Thank you for being such a great company all around!
Trena C. from WV 8/25/12
Your customer service is wonderful! I always dread having to return something and AirSplat made it hassle free! It was the easiest return/exchange I have ever had. And trust me…I shop a lot! You guys are the best hands down in this industry!
Tristan E. from OH 8/10/12
You can absolutely get props for dirt cheap prices. Shipment came on time, customer service was exceptional! My shipping address didn't match my billing address and they were able to help me find an alternate way to make the order by recommending me the visa gift card to make my order!
John S. from FL 7/20/12
I must say that AirSplat is one of the top sellers in airsoft, no other competition! They have the best customer service, products, and prices, I will definitely return to make more purchases and refer my friends and family. Thank you AirSplat for being the best!
Kyle R. from CA 7/5/12
This is the only website I purchase my Airsoft equipment. Airsplat is number one in my book! I have bought four weapons on AirSplat and all I can say is great delivery and wonderful customer service! No company can beat the price of AirSplat's guns and accessories! Also I just want to say thank you!
Clint W. from IL 6/29/12
I heard a lot of good things about AirSplat's customer service and airsoft selection. So I gave them a try and I was very impressed! I have found my new airsoft gear supplier! Very reliable and on time with shipping! 
Ian R. from PA 6/15/12
Awesome website to find rare airsoft items that other retail sites don't carry. I've bought from AirSplat before and the product is top quality! Prices are incredibly low for almost every item!  
Terry L. from TX 5/10/12
AirSplat is the greatest online website for sure! I have bought other airsoft items from this website and this is the only site I will go to for the highest quality airsoft guns and equipment! I recommend them to anyone! Anyone from beginner to expert!
Sgt. John L. from CA 4/30/12
The officers and enlisted cadre of Recruiting Task Force South wish to sincerely thank you and AirSplat for your kind assistance in helping our unit secure the AirSplat M249 SAW for our recruiting outreach. AirSplat is well-known for its support of our military, both through its training products and contributions. Kenneth Wu and his company respect the opportunities that have been afforded him, and you put forth the extra effort to give back when a situation arises. We are grateful for your support.
Jacob B. from MN 4/25/12
I recently bought a airsoft gun off your website and I just wanted to say that I was very pleased with shipping. My airsoft gun was recommended from my friend who had it himself, so I was extremely excited to get it.  
Stephanie C. from CA 4/20/12
The donation you sent for our school auction was more than we had anticipated. The student who sent you the letter, Moises M., was beaming ear to ear when your package arrive. All of the boys at our school are on their best behavior and turning in the most amazing, high quality work in order to earn tickets to purchase them at our auction. Thank you all for the support and genorosity.
Casey S. from NV 4/12/12
I requested a managers email to toss support Dept. 3 and 4, ( Jack and Vincent ) a kudos! These Gentleman were on top of my requests and provided me a seamless, excellent customer service that I have not experienced in a long time. I work part time with a VIP protection service and train these agents in Krav Maga and, firearms training. This coming Friday will be Airsoft training. My KJW Glock broke and very quickly upgraded to the KSC/KWA Glock 19 and I feel this will fit in my system. I more than likely will be ordering more of these models from you all soon... Thanks again, you guys ROCK!!!!  
Richard A. from OH 4/2/12
I am a sixth grade student at Swanton Middle School. I am writing to you because your weapons and equipment are amazing. Your products are surprisingly affordable and they don't cost as much as the other companies like Crossman and Hobbytron, but yours is by far the best out of them all. Your website is fascinating because you have a variety of things that have a cost from 99 cents to 1000 dollars which is pretty cool. I've actually bought some of your equipment like face masks and stuff. I'm trying to buy one of your spring m99 snow wolf. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
Carsten P. from CA 3/5/12
Thank you for all of your great products. I just recently bought a AK Dragunov SVD airsoft gun from AirSplat. I have bought from Airsplat before and I will keep coming back because of the great service and shipping. I got my friend a nice gun and I recommended AirSplat to him for airsoft guns. He loves the new gun and we use them all the time. Thank you for all you have done! 
Chris L. from CA 2/04/12
Airsplat is VERY HELPFUL when it comes to knowledge and expertise in airsoft guns and accessories. I am fairly new to the sport and the culture, so purchasing a gun and some supplies was difficult. I spoke to Airsplat's customer service and they were very helpful and didn't treat me like a newbie. I was able to get the gun and supplies I needed and now I am addicted to airsoft and Airsplat! 
Kevin R. from TX 1/15/12
I was a very hesitant person about ordering/shopping online. I have had fraud in the past and it was horrible. I don't make many online purchases but Airsplat knows what they are doing! Adding to my cart and the buying process was really easy and my items came REALLY FAST! Thank you Airsplat for restoring my faith in humanity and online shopping!
Jon V. from IL 12/7/11
Thank you Airsplat for PUTTING THE CUSTOMER FIRST and helping out with tech questions and gun reviews. I am a college student and money can be tight, so I like to look for good deals and know what I am buying first. I don't need to search the internet for hours to find good reviews on airsoft guns. I can just go to the website or your Airsplatcom Youtube channel to find quality videos about airsoft
Charlie W. from PA 11/21/11
I must say, I was a bit skeptical of AirSplat after my gun stopped working a few days after I got it. Luckily I was able to get through to you guys on the phone with very minimal wait time. Larry was really helpful in directing me to your support department. A few emails later, I had my RMA number and the gun was in the mail. I was really surprised at the turnaround time. I was just beginning to miss my airsoft gun when I sent my email to see what was going on. To my surprise, a few minutes later, I got an email back stating that the gun was fixed and even had a tracking number. I only waited another two days before the gun arrived back at my house. The gun was shooting even better than when I first got it! Apparently your techs not only fixed the problem, but gave the gun a full maintenance and tune up. GREAT SERVICE! Thank you so much for making a normally painful return process into an easy and worry free experience!
Doug from OH 11/7/11
Thanks for sending the promotional package for my Airsoft booth. It was a great success. You gave me so many packs of airsoft bb's with your sticker in them that I couldn't give them all away. So I took the rest to my boys soccer game the next morning and placed a sign on the bucket that said "FREE airsoft BB's from AirSplat" . 3/4 of that bucket were gone in one hour. I still had about 100 packs left so I gave them away last night, at the door, for Halloween. I asked the boys in costume if they wanted candy or BB's. I gave away 50 more packs. I'm taking the rest to Youth Group on Wednesday. Thanks to you I'm The Man now and you are the Only company for airsoft stuff. My booth at the Harvest Festival had the longest lines. Only one gun didn't make it through. My old HFC M92 full auto pistol, which I see you don't sell any more, darn. (I guess I'll just order the standard one). Not bad since I had 7 of my guns out all night. The next morning at the soccer game, a parent saw me putting the bb's out and asked "if they were left over from last night". He said his boy had him on the internet that morning before the game looking at guns on the AirSplat Website!!. Awesome! 
Jesse from VT 9/29/11
Thanks AirSplat for making the exchange of my gas blowback pistol such a breeze! You guys always quickly responded to my emails, had great phone support, and exchanged my pistol in less than 2 weeks from the day that I shipped it back! Now that's awesome customer support. Evike didnt even want to respond to anything when I wanted an exchange! Thanks!
Jerome V from CT 9/24/11
Ordered on Monday, got here friday afternoon with Standard UPS shipping, the FASTEST shipping time I've ever seen from any airsoft supplier. Package was an aeg, green gas, and two bag of bb's all came nicely wrapped, sealed, and safe. Kudos to using recycled paper for the packing material, keeping conscious and trying not to make too much of a mess with the environment. Definitely going to be a return customer 
Kristen K from NE 9/3/11
Thank you guys for making my fiancee's birthday perfect! He was a former Marine, and I had no idea what to get him other than the fact that he was getting into airsoft. I spoke to a very knowledgeable rep named paul, and he helped me put together the right items for his gift. He was floored when he opened it up. Who knew airsoft is to marines like diamonds are to a girl. You guys are awesome!
Ohm U. from CO 8/10/11
I just wanted to compliment AirSplat about my recent order. I purchased a G&G m16, goggles, and some BBs; a relatively large order. You shipped it within 24 hours, as advertised, and I even got early delivery on a Friday instead of Monday! This is in contrast to AirsoftGI who took over 3 days to just process my order, and 2 business days to ship to my location... all for a box of m16 magazines. Your shipping and handling has been the fastest I've seen over Evike and AirsoftGI. With your competitive prices and continued consistency of shipping/handling, I'm going to purchase my future airsoft orders from AirSplat! Thank you so much, and I'm looking forward to buying from you in the future!  
Beverly C. from MI 8/3/2011
Vanessa solved our very difficult ordering problem. after trying me times to place an order, she finally solved the problem and we are looking forward to receiving our order and placing another, hopefully she will be the one who we deal with next time. Please let Vanessa know that we are very grateful to her for all of her help.
Ryan T. from CA 7/25/11 7/25/2011
I ordered a vest and hydration pack from you folks, as well as a new classic Army M15 AEG, along with all the fixings to mod it out. Everything came lightning fast, I ordered on a Monday and it came Wednesday perfectly packaged and sealed. Very Satisfied with the results! thanks guys, will be ordering again.
Joan L. from CO 7/11/11 7/11/2088
Thank you so much for helping make my grandson's birthday special. I had no idea what all this airsoft stuff was about, but talking to your Service person Ramone really educated me about what was an appropriate gift for him. You should have seen the look on his face when he opened the box! I'll be coming back to your site for Christmas for him and my other grandkids.
Manny C. from AZ 5/28/2011
AirSplat rocks! I only buy my stuff from you guys and tell all my friends about you. I got my two KJW M9's and a bunch of mags last year, this year I saved enough for my first WE SCAR Gas Blowback! I can't wait to get it in the mail. I always check your facebook page for your contests or crazy sales, although I havent won yet, its fun to try right? Hope you guys have another green gas sale!
Bobbie C. from TN 5/06/2011
Hey there, I just wanted to let you know about Sam and his giveaway prize. He is absolutely LOVING the Airsoft Gun he won by filling out your Survey. He went to the local airsoft "battlefield" and kicked some butt this past Saturday! The kids, as well as many adults that play, were jealous. Many of them had heard of him winning it through facebook I guess so it was neat for them so see Sam with the gun. Thanks again, you truly made my son very very blessed.  
Anthony C. from CA 4/20/2011
Just giving a call out over here from Red Bluff Youth Airsoft Group. Just wanted to say thanks. The kids thought all the pistols, patches, posters and ammo were awesome! They're excited to get started. Just wanted to let you know how much the kids are enjoying this. It's crazy. Thanks Again! 
Craig T. From WA 4/13/2011
Thank you thank you thank you AirSplat! I used my birthday money to get the new Echo 1 Full Metal Electric because you guys were the cheapest, it's amazing!! I already played with it in two weekend games, and everyone kept asking how much it was. When I told them the price, they didnt believe me! I'm going to be saving up my summer job money for my next gun from you!!
Marcus F. from MI 3/17/2011
Wow, all I can say is top notch service from your customer support crew! I've been playing airsoft for over half a decade and i can say, calling you guys for some information, I was noticeably impressed by the level of expertise you had. Usually when I call or email other airsoft stores, they really dont know what I'm talking about, and I end up educating THEM! But you were able to help me put together the perfect order for my next loadout. Shipping was fast! I ordered on Monday and got it Friday of the same week! You've earned a repeat customer. 
Robert L. (age 13) from CT 2/10/2011
I really want to thank AirSplat for sending me a new airsoft battery and airsoft bb's. I really appreciate it because now I can play airsoft again. Prior to you sending me a new battery my old one could not hold a charge and I could not play. You guys are the best! You went out of your way to make sure I got a working airsoft gun!I can't wait to go playing airsoft with my friends. Thank you, thank you, so, so much! You really helped me out!
Jordan B. from OH 1/5/2011
This year for Christmas I recieved a WELL R7 M4 AEG. I love it! I've gotten into airsoft the past few years and I was glad to finally get a decent dependable AEG instead of springers, and low grade AEG's from other stores. I dont trust any other Airsoft Store except AirSplat, you always have the best prices and your customer service is awesome! I also enjoy your YouTube videos!
Ramona P. from WA 12/20/10

What a great company! I have 4 grandsons and airsoft guns were the request for Christmas. Shipment made it out super fast, but when they arrived there was a gun missing.  Frantically, I called and explained the problem.  We talked about the problem and decided that the gun had not gotten into the box. The people working on the issue were so understanding and instead of blaming UPS or some outside influence, took the responsibility entirely on their shoulders.  They were determined to get it to me before Christmas day and expedited the shipment to us free of charge! I cannot thank AirSplat management and employees enough . I will see nothing but happy, excited faces as all four boys open their packages and see their new AirSplat guns!!!

Britney B. from CA 11/30/10
My son just turned 13 and I promised him that I would buy him an airsoft that he wanted for his birthday. We finally found what he wanted and saw that it was from Airsplat I'm surprised we didn't find this place sooner! The prices are lower than anywhere else we've looked and your the only place to have 24hr shipping. I'll be sure to let the other parents know about this place. I am honestly very impressed with the speed of shipping and the low price of all the products on your site.
Reagan F. from FL 10/30/10
My husband is obsessed with this sport. I can't believe how expensive these things are! Luckily with a little help from google, I came across this site. You guys have the downright lowest prices on the internet. And you weren't joking about the only place to have warranty. Thank GOD for that too, the gun came with some missing parts but you guys were able to send a replacement just in time for my husband's birthday. I'll be sure to let him know where I got him his new toys so he can keep coming back for more (as I'm sure he will!).
Jason B. from WA 10/10/10
After hearing all the bad things about Airsplat, I'm glad I took the chance. My order arrived within 4 days after I placed it. Everywhere else usually takes about a week or more. I was actually able to play on the same weekend I placed the order all thanks to the super fast shipping of you guys. I really appreciate it! Plus, the BBs turned out to be very nice. Probably one of the best BBs I've used to date. Thanks Airsplat, for your fast shipping and lowest prices.
Gerald P. from AZ 9/6/10
YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! I liked the what that the website is set up. Navigating your way around the site is not difficult at all. Pretty clear and enjoyable. I suggest airsplat all the time to my friends and people I meet when talking about airsoft stuff. :-) One of the things that has impressed me most about you guys, is that you are very prompt on getting the product to the customer. That means a lot to the customer, and it shows that you do NOT put the customer on the "back burner" so to speak, but rather you ship it out as soon as you possibly can. I have ordered airsoft products from other websites, and others took much to long for the small amount of things that I ordered. I did not feel respected or on their priority list at all. I was not happy with their service. But you guys... on the other hand... have been  very prompt on getting me the products I ordered. I respect that, and have since suggested you to many different people and friends. So thank you for putting your customers first, and treating them the way that they should be treated... with promptness, and respect. :-) 
Brenda L. from CA 8/29/10
I would like to thank you for sponsoring the big event and appreciate all your support. We had a ton of fun. The MP's doing guard duty was just the iceing on the cake. I know the 2 Vietnam Vets that were on hand really did enjoy it as well.. I could see them smileing ear to ear while in the old troop transport. It's great that you give back to the community like that and makes me want to order from you guys again.
Davy F. from UT 8/05/10
I've been playing airsoft on and off for years and somehow I keep ending up at AirSplat. You just have the best prices, fastest shipping, and you make airsofting so much easier. I especially love their super fast FREE shipping. I place the order, go on with my life and 3 days later it arrives on my door step. I just wanted to thank you for your help and service. Airsoft wouldn't be what it is today with you a company like Airsplat, I know I wouldn't be.
Cherrie C. from MT 7/16/10
I visited the warehouse in Arcadia as I was planning a trip to show my family where I grew up. I was impressed with the politeness and how informed the employees I dealt with were.  I will be sure to let fellow air soft players of your store and how pleased I was with the staff, on a scale of 5, you get 6!  Thank you AirSplat Team.
Mary G from MS 6/03/10
I writing to you about my orders and the customer service that I received. Your man, Josh, in customer service saved the day for me and deserves a raise!
My original order that was to have been a 2 day ship, went slow mail to a P.O. box( the billing address- not the address that I gave in the order.) These guns were used in a low budget film and had to arrive by a certain date. I spoke with Josh and explained the problem and we sorted out how the change of address happened. He personally walked my second order through your system and got it out in record time. You saved the day and the order came just in time.
I would give AirSplat a 10 out of 5.
Brenda T from CA 5/20/10
Thank you for your help and assistance with our account and current order through Amazon. Both John and Josh were helpful and understanding. I appreciate the great customer service and look forward to ordering my boys more airsoft products through your company.
Anthony F from AR 4/2/10
My brand new JG G36-2 came a day early than scheduled, I'm sure it was because my order got processed so quickly from you guys.
I am IMPRESSED with the Mid-Level AEG. It is solid, even for having a plastic-composite body. It has a nice weight to it, giving it a real-steel feel , without the price of an all metal.
For the price of the gun, it is phenominal!
I took the gun over to show some of my fellow players who have custom M4's and have been playing a good number of years. They were all impressed!
I'd reccomend the gun to anyone, especially a for a First AEG for players new to the game, MilSim, and CQB.
Thank you all so very much for offering what you do at the prices you do. I've been telling my friends to order from AirSplat now.
You guys have my undying grattitude for the service, selection, prices, and help that you've given me.
Just wanted to say thanks, and tell you guys you have another satisified and loyal customer.
Police Lieutenant Joe M. from IL 2/21/10
In response to your survey, I would not change anything. I believe I spoke to John who took my order and made sure I received it the next day as it was needed for Police training. I liked the personal service I received as John called me back after my order was placed and advised me that my change in shipping address was approved by my bank and that I would have my product the next day. I would give your company a 5 out of 5 and recommend you to all my friends and fellow police officers.
Aaron H from VA 1/19/10
I just wanted to say that you all are the best company that I have ever spoken too in regards towards my airsoft needs and questions. I have been calling quite a bit because I have no clue on any good brands whatsoever and you guys have seriously put me in the best direction and your help is appreciated. To me you guys all are basically friends and I enjoy talking to all of you, you all make airsoft shopping a fun experience :). The help is awesome, I have heard that all of your guns are quality stuff and the customer service is all out awesome. Keep up the awesome work. Again I thank you and help and I look forward to buying again!
Denis V from TX 1/17/10
Thank you for the all the help you've offered us. I have 4 boys. Airsoft is a big hit with them and all their friends. It is such a big hit that it is being introduced into our church camp. It has given us an opportunity to show kids that church can be fun and lives get saved.
Great job Airsplat.
Jesus Saves....and so does Airsplat!!!
Todd G. from IL 1/7/10
I generally do not send these emails, but I must make an exception. I purchased an AK 47 about 3 months ago. We had a number of problems. Each time the problem was resolved. The agent that assisted me the last two times was Jonathan, he is a keeper. He patiently analyzed my problem (fuse burning issue) and sent me a replacement motor. Not being very technically equipped, Jon encouraged me though the whole process. He said that if I had a problem, give him a call and he would walk me through it. Having Jon to fall back on, it gave me the confidence to do the install myself. Needless to say, the AK is as good as new!
Today, I called and spoke with Jonathan. I told him that my son lost the butt cover from the AK 47. He said no problem, he would have a replacement sent today, AT NO COST!
To Jonathan and all AirSplat peoples, keep up the excellent work.
Any company can sell a product. A superior company supports their product.