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LBX Armatus Carrier Modular Panel

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Airsplat's Sponsored Teams

PRAT Airsoft

Private Recon Assault Team (P.R.A.T.)

Team P.R.A.T began in the Winter of 2007 with only a handful of members; Fish, Vinnie, and Franky. Pacific Rim Airsoft had grown large enough to consider a sponsorship for a local team and the enthusiastic "Fish" being a dedicated player and friends with owner Jason, Pacific Rim Airsoft Team - P.R.A.T. was born. Later the founding fathers of P.R.A.T. began adding more players to form what is known as one of the most respected and feared teams in the Pacific Northwest today. After Pacific Rim Airsoft was forced to shut its doors the team name was changed to Private Reconnaissance Assault Team. Many of these players who started P.R.A.T. are still very dedicated to the team because in our eyes this is not just a game, this is a brotherhood or a fraternity of the highest caliber, honorable, men and women in the sport. On February, 3rd 2010 one of our members was taken from us when a driver was under the influence of prescription medications and passed out at the wheel. His wife knew how much this team meant to him and how much Chapo meant to us, when time came for his funeral the P.R.A.T brothers were asked to perform a seven gun salute in his honor.

Today, P.R.A.T has grown exponentially! Members from early on have been forced to relocate due to a failing economy but stay true to their brothers and start chapters in their states with the blessing of the senior leadership. Because of this dedication we are now established in three states: Washington, Colorado, and Nevada. With over 30 active members P.R.A.T. is the most active team in the PNW and one of the top contenders on the West Coast.

Our vision for P.R.A.T. is to maintain our station as THE team to be based off of, not only locally but internationally. We play with honor and dedication and because of this, teams from states in which we have not yet had the pleasure to attend events talk about us. Locally the members host four games per week at our field in Maple Valley, we also attend events in Roy, Mount Vernon, Kent, and Rochester on a monthly basis. In Washington alone we attend over 75 events a year along with the larger OPs in Oregon and Spokane.

With the support of Airsplat we believe P.R.A.T. can make an even greater impact on the airsoft community both locally and nationally exhibiting what brotherhood and honor is all about.

Joe Cline "Reaper"
Jeremy Valentine "Boulder"
Josh Anderson "D-Day"
Michael Byrd "Rat"
Jesse Diepeveen "Porn"
Sabrina Gray "Peaches/Bubbles"
Corey Cooper "Coop/Cooper"
Ethan Norman "Ghost"
Cody Norman "Termite"
Tim Sarrels "Fish"
Fernando Cuenca "Treehugger"
Robert DeWitt "Frost"
Aron DeWitt "Spoon"
Andrew Wilson "AP"
PJ Tiemann "PJ"
Ryan Randolph "Toast"
Richard Pike "Redneck"
Bill Ayers "Big Bill"
Brett "Smokesmore"
Chris Baker "Guts"
Daniel Collinsworth "Demo"
Robert Zieroth "Shutter"
Cody Streeter "Streeter"
Daniel Relethford
Edwin Lago "Wiggy"
Jeff Linderman "Rico"
Kyle Byers "Half-Pint"
Michael Goldstein "Robo"
Mycal Lewis "Dex"
Peter Sydolski-Tesch "Outlaw" (Skeleton Crew)
Timothy Reel "Timmeye"
Vincent Woodcock "Vinnie"
Michael Sherer "Barracuda"
Danny "Munkey"

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