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MilSim - Airsoft & Paintball

MilSim Airsoft & Paintball (
  • What is MilSim
  • Who plays MilSim
  • Where to play MilSim
  • What’s required to play MilSim
  • What types of MilSim are there
    • Reenactment
    • Simulation
Airsoft vs. Paintball MilSim:
  • Differences between Airsoft & Paintball MilSim (Scenario Paintball)
  • General rules to play MilSim
    • Airsoft equipments, field regulations & equipment restrictions
    • Paintball equipments, field regulations & equipment restrictions
What is MilSim?
MilSim is simply an abbreviation for “Military Simulation” and is usually conducted by civilians for entertainment and competition purposes which simulate military scenarios, reenactment of military operations and tactics. There are 3 forms of “MilSim” by popularity: Airsoft games, paintball games and video games.

Who plays MilSim?
Check out our tactical gear page for examples of milsim gear.
Players are divided into teams with different objectives such as capture the flag, elimination of OpFor (Opposing Force), VIP/Convoy Protection and several other variations.
Most players on the team generally should have unique roles such as point man, rear guard or sniper as well as AOR (Area of Responsibility) for each team member.

Where to play MilSim?
Majority of MilSim takes place in privately owned large open fields due to the amount of players involved. Some are even held in MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) sites where active military training or exercise takes place.

What’s required to play MilSim?
An open field with permission from owner, game objectives and rules, field regulations, airsoft guns or paintball guns/markers, enough BBs or paintballs to last throughout the entire game. Some form of face protection is mandatory on any MilSim game. Other essentials include: hydration packs (most games can last up to 24 to 48 hours), night vision equipment, flashlight & light sticks (for night games), ration (food or MRE “Meals Ready to Eat”), 2-way radio for comm, compressed air or CO2 refills for paintball guns/markers.

What types of MilSim are there?
  • Reenactment: This type of MilSim focuses on an event in history and emphasizes on the authenticity of the actual event and provides the most accurate representation of the time period and outcomes of the event.
  • Simulation: Simulation MilSim focuses on certain time period where the particular situation MAY HAVE taken place in history. It might also include fictional characters, groups and political situation.
Airsoft vs. Paintball MilSim:
  • Differences between Airsoft & Paintball MilSim
Paintball MilSim:
MilSim Paintball, also known as woodsball usually takes place in large & open natural environment. The degree of realism involved is dependent on the nature of events. Paintball players often select an event from military history in different eras and reenact as much realism from those times as possible.
Airsoft MilSim:
Airsoft MilSim can also take place in large & open environment. It can be a reenactment of past events from history or fictitious outcome of actual events.
The major difference between the two MilSim is the equipment used. Airsoft guns are used more often than paintball guns/markers due to the extreme similarities in appearance to real firearms with no modifications. Paintball guns on the other hand would require modifications to be considered as a replica due to the “hopper” or “gas tank” attached to the exterior of the guns or markers.

General rules to play MilSim

Airsoft & Paintball equipments, field regulations & equipment restrictions:
Most fields have strict restrictions on velocity of all Airsoft guns or Paintball markers/guns to eliminate serious injuries to players. Full auto Airsoft Guns or Paintball markers/guns are usually limited to shoot no further than 400 fps and spring powered sniper rifles at 500 fps.
Fields will also require all players to wear eye protection or full face masks rated by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Z87.1-2003 or greater. It is encouraged for players to wear full paintball style face masks for greater protection again injuries to the face, teeth, and ears.
Some fields require the use of biodegradable BBs only for Airsoft MilSim games for environmental friendliness.

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