Deep Fire M26A1 Airsoft Gas Grenade

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Deep Fire M26A1 Airsoft Grenade Grenades
- Airsoft Gas Reusable Hand Grenade
- First of it's kind! Great realism and practical use
- Fills with Green Gas and Airsoft BB
- Explodes afer pin is pulled and handle flies off. Just like real grenade!
- A must have just for kicks and for added realism
- Comes with Extra set of orange and green shells.

The M26A1 are filled with BBs then filled with gas, and then the grenades are ready for action. Simply pull the pin out, throw it at your target, then after a few seconds the grenade explodes open, spraying the load of BBs accompanied by a reassuringly loud "bang" sound. The shell plates are blown clear away from the core of the grenade, creating a fragmentation effect in addition to the flying BBs! For safety reasons, the shells are made from soft plastic that are safe to use. These shells can also be purchased separately (at a later time after initial launch). You will be able to purchase M26A1 type shells, which will fit either of these grenades you see here. Basically both use the same innovative gas core.

The M26 grenade is in many ways an upgrade of the MK2. Similar in shape, but missing the ribbing of the fragmentation grenade. This is the Deep Fire M26 Gas Grenade which realistically replicates the real-deal, although not as deadly as the real one obviously. However, it is certainly designed with maximum fun in mind. Simply fill it with gas from the fill-valve in the bottom of the grenade, fill it with BBs and you're ready to rock! Pull the pin out, and throw it towards a target of your choice and a few seconds later - Bang! As all the BBs are ejected out with a nice bang.

The Deep Fire grenade is easy to maintain, and can be disassembled quickly and easily. We've had the chance tp test it and are confident that this is one quality product that is enjoyable to use. The shell is made from durable ABS plastic, that takes the knocks it takes with ease. Extra shells are available in both M26 and MK2 style. Fill with BBs or baby powder, or both for maximum effect!

Locate the target, pull the pin, throw the grenade, and take cover…the basic steps to throwing a grenade. There’s only one problem…this is airsoft, not real life. The solution: make grenades…but for airsoft, and that’s exactly what the guys over at Deep Fire did. Why review the Deep Fire airsoft grenades and not some of the other brands out there? Two main reasons: one, Deep Fire airsoft grenades are reusable which means that you don’t have to buy another supply of grenade shells, which really is a big attraction to me. Two, this particular Deep Fire beauty was supplied, once again, to us, free, from AirSplat ( Before the review, how about a short history lesson on the M26 and the M26A1.

“The M26A1 Grenade series is in many ways an upgrade in basic principle of the Mk II, a similarly shaped, but not visibly ribbed, fragmentation grenade. The

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