CYMA M14 Sniper Rifle Airsoft AEG OD

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CYMA M14 Sniper Rifle Airsoft AEG OD


CYMA M14 Sniper Rifle Airsoft AEG OD CM32OD
- Velocity: 350 FPS (0.2 g BB) / Range 160-180 Feet
- Barrel Length: 15 inches / 39 cm
- Magazine Capacity: 400 Rounds
- Metal Receiver and Barrel
- ABS/Nylon OD Stock
- Integrated Top Scope Rail
- Battery and Charger Included (Large)

CYMA CM032 M14 Full Photo Review

My newest designated marksman review is for the newest ACM M14's, this time made by CYMA, who are following up their hugely successful CM031 AK74, CM030 G18C electric pistol, and their excellent Thompson with what appears to be the best ACM M14 to hit the market. Now, I realize that's a big statement to make, especially with the Kart EBR coming out as well. But this one has some interesting features that I think you'll probably appreciate. So, let's go ahead and take a look at this new China M14...


As always, let me provide you with a brief table of contents so that you know what you're looking at.

Table of Contents

First Impressions
Real Steel History
Appearance/Feel/Build Quality
Accessories and Modifications
Pros & Cons
Video Review
The Final Word


First Impressions

I have to say that I'm really very pleased with how this gun looks. The faux wood is very good; I'm really impressed with how good China faux wood looks. Unlike the Kart, it's not shiny, and looks much more realistic. In fact, the overall finish of the gun is much better than the Kart or the AGM; more on this later. It comes in a nice big M14 box, although I should mention that it comes with a China charger also. Fortunately I have tons of chargers, so that's not going to be a problem. Okay, so here's what you get:


The CM032 comes with the usual accessories, including a sling, absurdly long barrel clearing rod, manual, battery, charger. Nothing really special here, so I'm going to move on to discuss the real steel history.

Real Steel History

The M14 is the heir of the legendary M1 Garand. The famous WWII rifle unfortunately had several problems. Its eight round stripper clips could not be easily refilled during combat, it was large, heavy, and unwieldy, and the 30-06 ammunition was too bulky for soldiers to carry as much as might prove necessary. Various attempts were made to fix these problems, including the T20, T37, T44, T44E4 and E5, culminating in the M14. The M14 was designed to replace the M1 Garand, the M1 Carbine, the M3 Grease Gun, and the Browning Automatic Rifle. Yes, that's right, it was supposed to be a battle rifle, a carbine, a submachine gun, and a heavy squad support rifle.

While Springfield Armory is, in the airsoft world, the most well-known producer of M14's, it was also produced by Thompson-Ramo-Woodridge (TRW Inc), Harrington and Richardson Arms Co (H&R), and Winchester-Western Arms Division of Olin Mathieson (Winchester). Approximately 1,380,000 M14's were produced, but production stopped due to problems encountered in Vietnam. The gun was too long and heavy to be effectively used as a battle rifle

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