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WE MP9 Big Bird Airsoft GBB Gas Gun BLUE

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DyTac Combat Series M4 CQBR RIS 10.5 Bk

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WE Bulldog Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun Black

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AirSplat AirSoft “Custom Build Out” Contest $500 Prize!

Calling all Airsofters! Here’s your chance to show the world your top of the line, upgraded, field ready, bb shooting airsoft machine gun! We’re holding a competition where you showcase your best airsoft gun.
Rules Below

Contestant #1: Bryan Edwards

RPK Buildout
External Upgrades
-Inokatsu RPK
-X-Fire 1 piece RPK outer barrel
-King Arms Forward Rail and gas tube
-MAGPUL XTM Rail covers
-CYMA AK104 Font sight post
-Custom External extended (Fiberglass)
-EKP Russian AK red dot (Kobra sight
-King Arms SR-47 pistol Grip
-Tango down vertical short foregrip
-Custom made Rear PRS Stock
-G&P Quick detach Multi-Purpose Bipod
-RAS/RIS Mount
Internal Upgrades:|
SHS 16:1 Gears
Guarder High Revolution motor
Modify shims and bushings
Combat Squad Blue polycarb Piston
Custom 16g flat wiring from UK
Contestant #2: Dale-Ruhd

VFC M4 E series

External Upgrades
- Magpul MOE handguard DE w/rails
- Magpul AFG BlK
- Magpul UBR Stock DE
- Magpul MIAD Grip DE
- Magpul MBUS flipup sights Blk
- Metal LED Flashlight
- QD sling mount
- G&G Socom suppressor
- Magpul PMags 120 rounds DE
- Magpul PMag with fake shells DE
- Magpul BAD Lever
- Acog red/green dot scope
Internal Upgrades
- 6.01 Tightbore
- Prometheus Neo Strike hop up unit
- PSC hop up nub
- Deans Plug
- 11.1 1200 mah lipo

Contestant #3: Gerard Bajamundi

SR-25 DMR :
External Upgrades:
-JBU Barrel Extension
-Madbull JP Rifle Conversion Kit (MED)
-Madbull JP Rifle Upper Receiver for CA M15 Old Type (TAN)
-Magpul ACM MBUS Back Up Sights (Dark Earth)
-NC Star High Profile See-Through Ring Mounts w/ RIS
-Magpul PTS M16 P-Mag 70rds Short Mid Cap Mag
-Magpul PTS MOE Grip for M4/M16 (Black)
-Bar-10 Illuminated x3-9 Scope
-Classic Army Harris Bipod w/ RIS Mount
-14mm Clockwise to Counter Clockwise Thread Adaptor
Internals Upgrades
Systema Magnum Motor (Long)
-Echo 1 M16 Wire Set
-Aim Monster Infinity Torque Up Gear Set w/ Piston
-Modify Bore-Up Cylinder Set for M16
-Polar Star SCS Hop-Up Bucking
-Systema Energy M140 Oil Tempered Wire Spring
-PDI 6.01mm Inner Barrel (509mm)
Contestant #4: Mike O'donnell

Homemade Mini-gun

External Upgrades:
-PVC and steel construction.
Internal Upgrades:
-Version 3 gearbox 7mm
-Shortstroked piston 3 teeth
-Reshimmed according to the height of the motors pinion gear.
-Matrix 3000 magnum short style
motor with neomydium magnets.
-Rotating barrels powered by cordless 18v drill motor.
-20,000 bb capacity ammo box
-Modified auto winding hicap mag powered
by a 3.7 volt motor running off a 3.7
volt lithium ion 18650 battery
-Laser pressure switch controls a mosfet rated
at 65 continuous amps for firing operation.
-Angle of engagement on the piston has
been corrected and fires at 21 rounds
per second on standard factory JG gearset.

Contestant #5: George Melan

Systema Magpul AK

External Upgrades:
- G&P Metal Body kitupper receiver
-G&P Metal lower receiver
-G&P Metal selector switch
-G&P Metal retractable stock tube
-G&P Metal and pistol grip
- Action AK to M4 front adaptor
- Magpul MOE CTR stock
- Magpul MOE front hand guard.
- NcStar Acog Scope.
Internal Upgrades :
- Systema Full Tune Up Kit AK.
-Systema Gear Set,
-None Bore Up Cylinder and Cylinder Head,
-Piston Head, Air Nozzle,
-Spring Guide,
- Metal Bushings and Shims.
- Matrix 115 spring.
- Systema Area 1000 Steel Piston Head- King Arms POE Piston.
- Systema Short Turbo Motor.
- Prometheus 455mm Inner Barrel.
- Madbull Shark Bucking pack.

Contestant #6: Derek La

STAUG (Stealthy Tactical Aug):
External Upgrades:
-Complete body switch with a Classic Army AUG A1
-AUG body
-Charging handle
-Foldable foregrip
-Additional rubber dust cover
-2-6x28 Tri-Rail Scope with Illuminated Green and Red Sight
-Kings Arms Silencer
-Memory Foam all around the gearbox
Internal upgrades:
-Systema Magnum Motor
-Systema Helical Gears
-Systema Air Nozzle
-Systema AUG Cylinder Head
-Systema Area1000 Duracon Piston Head
-Matrix Red Piston
-#14 Expanded O-Ring
-Guarder sp120 spring
-Prometheus 550 mm 6.03 mm Tightbore Barrel
-G&P Metal Hop-Up Chamber
-Systema Bucking
-Shredder’s Concave Spacer
-Electrical upgrades/changes
-AB Mosfet
-9.6v 1600 mah G&P battery
-Dean connectors

Grand prize will be a $500 dollar gift certificate to use at
2nd Place will receive a $250 dollar gift certificate to use at
3rd Place will receive Airsplat Care Package + Goodies + BB’s for a year!

Here’s how to enter:
Submit your entry to, along with a full write up in bullet point form. The write up should include as much information as possible. All entries must contain the following 3 elements:

List of external/internal upgrades. Include approximately when and where the parts were purchased, what parts were used, the date that the parts were installed, how long the build-out took to complete and how the build-out improved the performance of the gun, custom modifications, etc.
Submit 10-12 photos of your airsoft gun (show it off as best you can!)
Include a link to a five minute Youtube video you’ve made highlighting your airsoft gun. You choose to showcase it however you want: in actual field play, a mini-movie, an advertisement, whatever floats your boat!

Submission deadline is 12:00AM March 15th, 2011
. We will then post entries at for fans to vote on. Pictures will also be posted on Facebook. Final winner will be determined by votes and our 5 judge panel. We will judge entries based on style, originality, creativity, and technical skill in upgrading your airsoft gun.

(Disclaimers: All entries must be the original work of the submitter. All entrants, by submitting, agree to let Airsplat use, reproduce, and disseminate their media in any way of their choosing.)

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