Burst Wizard 3 MIL SIM Mosfet Tamiya L

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Burst Wizard 3 MIL SIM Mosfet Tamiya L


Burst Wizard King Kong 3 MIL SIM Mosfet Large Tamiya Plug
- Programmable 1 to 9 Round Burst
- Able to Resume Full Auto Without Reprogramming
- Zero Loss of Trigger Response, Power Loss, or ROF Reduction
- Plug and Play or Hardwire Capable
- Programmable Rate of Fire
- Sniper Rifle Delay Mode
- Magazine Capacity Counter for Simulated Reload
- Precocking Function to Reduce Response Time
- Multi-Burst Mode for 3 Rounds of X-Rounds Burst with 1 Trigger Pull

Burst Wizard has created the most affordable MilSim Mosfet available on the market to date. With features like adjustable rate of fire, easily programmable burst fire, and a simulated reload cut off, you can get Polar Star type performance and versatility for One Tenth of the cost.

Quick Programming Guide:
- Toggle Precocking
- Burst Count
- Resume Full Auto Delay
- Lipo Battery Protection
- ROF Adjustment
- Multi-Burst
- Sensitivity
- Sniper Delay
- Mag Change Delay
- Precocking
- Custom Burst Timing
- Announce Rate of Fire
- Tap Burst Feature
- Reset to Factory Default
- Feature Comparison to Other Mosfet Units

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