When you shop at Airsplat, you can rest assured you have our AirSplat 8 Unbeatables at your back to make sure you have the best customer experience before and after you recieve your item. We are the Nation's Largest Airsoft Retailer and you should expect nothing less than the best service and products in the industry. With these 8 Unbeatables, it's a combination far surpassing anyone in the industry and a home run for you, the customer.

AirSplat Unbeatable Guarantee #1
Airsoft Free Shipping
We are the first in the industry to offer FREE shipping. Over the years we've noticed 90% of our orders are over $149 dollars. With that in mind, we want to make it so our customers are spending the most of their money on our great airsoft guns and gear, not shipping fees. With our special coupon code "ILUVAS" all orders over $149 ship free! That's the best priced free shipping minimum in the airsoft business, 365 days a year. For more details regarding our Shipping Policy.
*USA Customers Only. Total weight must be less than 10 lbs.

AirSplat Unbeatable Guarantee #2
Lowest Airsoft Prices on the Market
We can promise you the lowest prices on the market here at! We're always working to be the most competitively priced Airsoft retailer around and our prices beat the competitors' by a long shot! We're always working with suppliers and manfuactuers to bring the newest and best products out and giving them to you the customer at an affordable price.

AirSplat Unbeatable Guarantee #3
AirSplat's No Sales Tax Guarantee
Seems like Tax is an on going topic and issue for everyone. Like with Sales Tax, taxes only seem to be ever increasing and more of a burden on all citizens. Here at AirSplat we are commited to helping our loyal customers and giving back to them. The good news for all you AirSplat shoppers is: NO SALES TAX!* No coupon code required! That makes us the only airsoft retailer to offer NO SALES TAX NATIONWIDE! That means no matter where you live within the United States (excluding Washington and California), you will not have to pay any sales tax. Now you'll not only save on shipping thanks to AirSplat, but you will also be saving money you would've spent on taxes. In same states sales tax is as high at 10%, it could be the difference in getting that extra bag of BB's you wanted. We at AirSplat understand that this tax increase can put people in a financial burden and we want to help in as many ways possible!
*Excludes Washington and California Customers

AirSplat Unbeatable Guarantee #4
Airsoft BB Guarantee
Buying low cost Airsoft BBs such as some sitting on the shelves of general sporting goods stores or reusing your BB's, will only cause damage to the gearbox components and might burn a hole in your wallet from costly repairs. Why take the risk when you can use our precision made premium AirSplat Airsoft BBs that guarantee to maximize the performance of your gun with tighter grouping and higher FPS. Our BBs are perfectly spherical, seamless & high polished for all Airsoft spring, gas & electric guns. We use the same technology for our BB's as ball bearing manufacturers, this is an extremely precise method, only capable of a few manufacturers in the world! They're made with such high standards that we GUARANTEE their performance & function in your airsoft guns or your money back. If your airsoft gun is jammed as a result of using NEW AirSplat BBs, we will refund your purchase price of the BBs. AirSplats BB guarantee gives you the comfort you need while using a top of the line product.

AirSplat Unbeatable Guarantee #5
Airsoft Free Upgrade Guarantee
Upgrading your airsoft gun can be overwhelming and costly. Disassembling and installing new parts to your airsoft gun can be difficult and sometimes you just want to grab your new gun or accessories and go! AirSplat is here to help with our new FREE Upgrade Service! Whether or not you have bought your airsoft gun from AirSplat, purchase more than $80 worth of upgrade parts and your service is FREE!

AirSplat Unbeatable Guarantee #6
Airsoft Tune Up Guarantee
Disassembling, cleaning, re-greasing, and adjusting the hop-up can be confusing for beginner and experienced airsofters alike. AirSplat is here to help with our new FREE Tune Up Service! Any item purchased at AirSplat qualifies for a FREE tune up service for a whole year! A priceless deal only offered by AirSplat! If you happen to not buy your airsoft gun from AirSplat, send it or bring it in and we will tune it up for a small fee!

AirSplat Unbeatable Guarantee #7
Airsoft Friendliest Airsoft Customer Service
Our AirSplat customer service representatives offer the friendliest service in the industry! You won't receive service this friendly anywhere else!

AirSplat Unbeatable Guarantee #8
AirSplat Warranty Policy
AirSplat offers a 5-Day Manufacturer Warranty on your product. You must contact us no later than 5 days from the date of receipt of your product for this guarantee to take effect.